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Video || Sharpton vs. the Teleprompter, Vol. 2

Just a little morning fun from one of President Obama’s closest allies and advisors in the media, Al Sharpton.

In case you missed it, here is volume one.

H/T to the Washington Free Beacon’s David Rutz, who watches a lot of Al Sharpton so we don’t have to.

21 thoughts on “Video || Sharpton vs. the Teleprompter, Vol. 2”

  1. Watching and listening to Al (Rev of No Church) Sharpton as he exposes his lack of reading ability, his inablility to form whole sentences makes his featured show on MSNBC suspect as a crude and cruel racist statement.

    Assuming that the honchos who run this cable fun-fest look to put people on the air who have a command of English, or are at least able to read a teleprompter, there can be no other explanation for his employment there other than they use this guy as an inside joke to show that Af-Ams are stupid.

      1. He is sure outclassed on MoJoe when he’s on. MoJoe, even tho I don’t agree with some people (Mika, Barnicle, dopey Donny, etc) at least is entertaining and usually interesting. It stands apart from the rest of MSNBC.

    1. ahh, nostalgic times. I got lost just now watching Johnny Fever, Barney Miller, Andy Kaufman on the Dating Game…. back to the real world now. Thanks for the link.

      1. Agree.
        I would rather watch those shows on prime time TV (reruns), rather than all these variety shows, contest, etc.
        Now as Artcat said, back to the real world.

  2. That was like watching a cross-eyed seal trying to balance a ball on its nose. Making a strong effort but finding little success.

  3. My Army buddies from the South would call anyone who talked like Sharpton, ” mush mouth “.
    WKRP…” I swear, I thought turkeys could fly…”

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