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Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 29, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:10 am || Delivers remarks at the White House Healthy Kids & Safe Sports Concussion Summit; East Room
2:55 pm || Participates in a clinic as part of the Concussion Summit; South Lawn

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

30 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 29, 2014”

  1. Wow…the country is crashing around him, and all this guy can do for a whole day is worry about concussions in sports?

    It’s definitely an important issue, but not sure if it requires a full day of presidential attention.

    Of course, with this guy, his priorities are in a bizarro world.

  2. I think I need to attend this Concussion Summit. I’ve had a headache for about five years now…to be precise, five years, four months, 29 days. Sure feels like I’ve been bashed over the head with ten thousand pages of policies or something.

  3. Yet again,my kid has a MUCH busier schedule for the day.

    I wonder which professional athletes will be invited there to take selfies with the Preezy. Also, how much money is he going to announce will be dedicated to this:

    On Thursday, the President will host a summit at the White House on youth sports safety and concussions, where he will be joined by stakeholders, including young athletes, parents, coaches, experts, professional athletes, and military servicemembers. At the White House Healthy Kids and Safe Sports Concussion Summit, the President will announce new commitments by both the public and private sectors to raise awareness about how to identify, treat and prevent concussions, and conduct additional research in the field of sports-related concussions that will help us better address these problems.


    This might be an issue of concern, but it does not warrant attention at the federal level or of the POTUS who surely should be dealing with more important national matters.

    1. Will there be attention given to concussion treatment of vets using the VA?

      Or is this about the children? The little ones, that the vets, swear to defend with their lives.

  4. Holy cow! Sorry to go off course here…but my jaw just fell on the floor! I can’t believe my eyes!

    Special Report (which I am watching on the DVR) has a clip of Obama CHEWING GUM (Nicorette?) at West Point today,.,,while shaking hands with the cadets!!! He looks surly and madder than h*ll…probably b/c he received such an icy reception from the cadets. In fact, he looks like he is sneering at the two cadets shown on the news clip.
    (Will try to find the video)

    1. I noticed him doing that somewhere else very recently too, so tacky! I forget where but it was up front and disgusting….
      Go concussion day! Wth

    2. I feel kinda sorry for those Cadets/now 2ndLts who will serve-take orders from Obama as “CINC”.
      I hope those shiny new officers really know how much Obama hates-despises the US Military.

      1. Their reaction to his speech tells me that they realize it.
        Problem is that they will be taking orders from the remainder of the upper ranks that Obama has deemed acceptable to serve.

  5. Uhm, HELLO? What Kind of bizarro world do these folks live in. My kids school (small town, certainly not on the cutting edge of anything) have very strict protocol regarding concussions. we even have some sort of concussion test for any child who participates in sports where concussions are more common- EVERY kid had to take it.

    So, why exactly do we need the president to bring attention to this? President time-wasters and his enablers.

    1. Yes–and they already have the research. Early onset dementia, fog, confusion, even kids must not go to class or even use their phone for weeks after a bad hit…It mounts up over time. We need to quit bashing our heads. How this is the president’s area, I have no idea–and more money, more studies, is a joke.

      1. I just heard a clip from the speech that he gave, and he told them that he had played football and was subjected to hits that could have caused a concussion,………..OK.
        Now he’s a football player !

      1. Did a search to make sure I spelled ‘choom’ right and found this sad news… guess I missed it in the news back when it happened..

        “President Obama’s high school pot dealer who he thanked in his yearbook for the ‘good times’ was beaten to death by his lover after a series of fights over flatulence and drugs, MailOnline can reveal today.

        Raymond Boyer, known as ‘Gay Ray’ to Obama and his marijuana smoking ‘Choom Gang’, was bludgeoned to death with a hammer seven years after he sold the future president and his friends drugs.”

  6. Yes there is concern for concussions, there is also 50 billion other things to be concerned with in life. “I would like him to take time getting to the bottom of: “The List”.
    The List keeps growing, latest VA Scandel.
    Tomorrow he may spend his time on the risk of the Swings at all parks.
    Many times as a kid I would swing as high as I could and fly off and land on the ground.
    The international leaders were all up extra early needing to review and study what he was up to today. sarc

  7. If you are really worried about cumulative damage from hits the head (no helmets totally protect), then no more boxing, football, even hockey. Is he going there? The HS football player gets hundreds of hits that make his brain slosh around, loosening connections. Otherwise, all this is lip service.

  8. Hillary had lunch with bho today. That’s not listed. Whenever he eats with Biden, that’s posted. How can we believe any published schedules anymore. I don’t believe anything that comes out of this administration, at all, anywhere, anytime about any thing.

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