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The Obama Morning News || May 28, 2014

Obama seeks to recast U.S. foreign policy . . . Associated Press
Obama, who speaks at West Point today,  is seeking to recast U.S. foreign policy as an endeavor aimed at building international consensus and avoiding unilateral overreach.

King: Obama’s timetable helps Taliban . . . Newsmax
 Obama made a “big mistake” in announcing a timeline for U.S. troops to withdraw from Afghanistan, says Rep. Peter King.

Issa threatens to subpoena WH political office . . . The Blaze
“The American people have a right to know if their tax dollars are being spent to support congressional campaigns during the 2014 midterm elections in violation of federal law,” Issa wrote.

EPA to unilaterally push cap and trade . . . Daily Caller
Despite being soundly rejected a few years ago, cap-and-trade will soon get its U.S. encore — but not in Congress.

State Dept. warns Americans to leave Libya . . . Newsmax
The State Department told U.S. citizens in Libya to leave the country immediately, warning that the security situation remained “unpredictable and unstable.”

Obama delays deportation policy changes . . . Reuters
Obama asked his administration to hold off on making any changes to the nation’s deportation policy until the end of the summer in order to allow Congress time to pass immigration legislation.

Holder says he won’t jail reporters . . . USA Today
In what could have implications for a high-stakes leak prosecution, Attorney General Eric Holder promised Tuesday that “no reporter” would be jailed for doing his or her work.

State apologizes for backing Islamist . . . Free Beacon
The State Department’s Counter Terrorism (CT) Bureau apologized for promoting a controversial Muslim scholar whose organization has reportedly backed Hamas and endorsed a fatwa authorizing the murder of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

WH probes outing of CIA official . . . Fox News
The White House has launched an internal probe after its press office inadvertently outed the top CIA official in Afghanistan

Snowden: I was a spy for America . . . Newsmax
Says he has worked undercover overseas for the Central Intelligence Agency and for the National Security Agency. 

Cruz: I’m no Rand Paul on Israel . . . The Hill
Sen. Ted Cruz is making it clear he and Sen. Rand Paul have different policies on Israel.

George W. Bush has knee surgery . . . Politico
The former president underwent knee replacement surgery in Chicago this weekend.

The return of Romney . . . National Journal
The GOP’s losing candidate in 2012 is helping elect like-minded Republicans in 2014.

9 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || May 28, 2014”

  1. State apologized? Oh, come on. They’re not sorry they posted this. They’re sorry they got caught.

    This administration doesn’t vet anyone. He backed a fatwa in 2004 calling for the deaths of our soldiers in Iraq. In 2009, he issued a fatwa refusing to normalize relations with Israel. He publicly backs Hamas. He wants to ban criticism of Islam in this nation.

    Wait a second. Maybe they knew what he stands for but thought they could continue to promote him. After all, he visited the White House just last year.

  2. Obama, who speaks at West Point today, is seeking to recast U.S. foreign policy as an endeavor aimed at building international consensus and avoiding unilateral overreach. SNIP

    To save ya’ll the time of reading this one, I’ll summarize: he’s cutting off what few balls we have left.

    1. Thanks MM for the summary. The mere thought of watching Barry address, (lecture ) West Point cadets makes my head pound. You saved me a couple of aspirins with a Maloxx chaser.

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