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Obama: George Washington is Old Hat

Uhh, is it a good idea to be quibbling with George Washington while speaking at West Point?

Addressing the graduating class of the United States Military Academy, President Obama today lumped George Washington in with modern isolationists and quite clearly said the general’s thinking no longer applies:

At least since George Washington served as Commander-in-Chief, there have been those who warned against foreign entanglements that do not touch directly on our security or economic wellbeing. Today, according to self-described realists, conflicts in Syria or Ukraine or the Central African Republic are not ours to solve. And not surprisingly, after costly wars and continuing challenges here at home, that view is shared by many Americans.

A different view from interventionists from the left and right says that we ignore these conflicts at our own peril; that America’s willingness to apply force around the world is the ultimate safeguard against chaos, and America’s failure to act in the face of Syrian brutality or Russian provocations not only violates our conscience, but invites escalating aggression in the future.

And each side can point to history to support its claims. But I believe neither view fully speaks to the demands of this moment.

Don’t listen to that George Washington fellow. He knew the deal in the 18th Century, but this is the Obama Century.

Excuse me?
Excuse me?

The current president also had some choice words for those who think he’s overseeing the decline of the United States, which, he is: You are engaged in partisan politics.

In fact, by most measures, America has rarely been stronger relative to the rest of the world.  Those who argue otherwise — who suggest that America is in decline, or has seen its global leadership slip away — are either misreading history or engaged in partisan politics.

Can’t we let the GOP bashing stop at the military academy’s edge?

58 thoughts on “Obama: George Washington is Old Hat”

  1. This incompetent boob thinks that he can lecture to the cadets who probably have more knowledge of history than he does is disgusting.
    This piss ant thinks that he can stand there and attempt to indoctrinate these troops on their graduation day ???
    He couldn’t get through basic training in the Army, let alone graduate from West Point.
    The more of this speech I hear, the more I despise this Marxist a$$hole.

    He is telling the West Point grads that we suck as a Country.
    It never ends does it ?
    They never get tired of demeaning this Country do they ?
    They never quit using the Saul Alinsky principles to attack this Country and anyone that opposes their agenda.

    RANT OFF !

    1. AMEN!!!
      -Has this ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ ever?! read a book about “USA military history”…???

      (*I need to log-off & drink heavily just from trying to read these stories/comments* :-(

    2. AFVET I pulled this up earlier, read, took deep breath read it again and just could not comment. As you stated he should speak well of this Country. Yes reconize if somthing needs to be improved but pull us together not insult this Country!!!
      Rambles that people have been misreading History.
      I just caught a glimpse of him making that comment, and watched the eyes of the Cadets.
      I still want to know who is feeding him all of this.

  2. I was praying that the cadets would stand up, turn their backs and stay standing the entire speech. Then I remembered that they had character and class and I was praying for something that would never happen at West Point.
    How they sat there and took that garbage their Commander in Chief just spewed all over them is a testament to the fact that they truly are the best of the best.

    1. Geoff…
      I dont have much respect for the “US Officer Corps” (epecially West Point & Annapolis grads)
      I was in the USN enlisted and the Academy (USNA) ‘punks’ were always a bit stuck-up and biased…

      -These guys/gals will become Officers who are suck ups to the current political regime…

          1. ’69 to ’73 MSgt.
            I wish at times that I should have stayed in for awhile
            I came out a buck, and would have made staff the next year,….oh well….

          1. None taken grace,…what do you mean ?
            The academies produce commissioned officers.
            We slugs came up through the ranks and eventually became non-commissioned officers.

          2. I was talking more loosely about the pc brass, the strange changes regarding chaplains, the gender issues. It just seems to be that command has been weakening, something that looks like “purges” going on , individual I over team.

            There is no I in Team. The military is not civilian life, government life or private life. It is the military.

            And without bias or prejudice things like flying a rainbow flag at an out base in Afghanistan indicate a change that weakens rather than strengthens.

      1. One might start to think potential Presidents should be subject to an American history exam, as well as an evaluation of their mental health, before being allowed to run for office. Barry wouldn’t have passed either.

    1. I’m not sure what his “doctrine” is. He wants to put down libertarians and hawks at the same time. How is that possible? What’s the mean between those two? Obviously, in some situations we need to be aggressive but there are cases where we shouldn’t get involved. What is in America’s interest to creep gradually into the Syrian civil war? On the other hand, there is a lot at stake in letting Iran get the bomb. (These are all rhetorical questions.)

      1. I have no idea. What sticks in my mind is that the other day he made some comment about how the 21st century war and I assume foreign and world relations are different from all that has come before. And that we would act accordingly.

        I think the direction of America’s best interest has left the stage.

        Honestly I think he is flailing and we are getting bits and pieces. There is no cohesion — or focus — beyond — communal 21st century whole earth climate change is the enemy and if we are extend our goodness our enemies will be changed. I honestly don’t know.

        This is a ship dangerously listing — Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Africa, Europe — everything he touches with his 21st century magic wand. And Kerry and Hagel just make it so much worse.

        So, I choose to resort to Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend’s summation. You be old school. We be new school.

        1. The fact that a 30 year old Obama van driver, Tommy Vietor was in the situation room the night of the Benghazi attacks and Obama was AWOL says all we need to know about this pathetic excuse of an administration.

          1. Our troops are embedded in a conflict now very similar to the situation in Vietnam.
            The troops have a hard time determining where the enemy is.
            You never know if the woman is a bomb or a victim.
            You never know that the Afghanistan Army troop that we have trained is going to shoot you.
            Either bomb it into glass,…or get the hell out.

          2. Sept. 12, 2001…

            The USA should have gone all 11th Century AD “Crusader” in Afghanistan…

            ~Kill them all, Let Allah sort them out.

      2. How about rescuing the Marine that is in jail in Mexico ????
        One guy,…just across the border, no airplanes going across the globe.
        How long would you think that Reagan would allow this situation to exist ?
        It has been 58 days in jail for this man who made a wrong turn in unfamiliar surroundings.

        1. Yes! And what makes me doubly angry is Mexico is unfairly trying ONE of our Marines who made an honest mistake while Obama is setting free THOUSANDS of Mexican citizens who are here illegally and committing real crimes.

          1. Same time some of the people holding him I bet get a cut from all the drugs. Yes I know another topic (drugs).
            We have millions of their people making all kind of deliberate turns into our Country. Than as stated, O releases thousands.

  3. Being a wannabe US Vet & “wannabe History/Military scholar” I can not stand hearing Obama talking about US ‘military’ or ‘national security’ or ‘foreign affairs’…

    ~Hearing/Seeing Obama at West Point (on Fox News; with that biased, punk-b#tch Shep Smith) I am going to puke :-\

  4. “And each side can point to history to support its claims. But I believe neither view fully speaks to the demands of this moment.”

    The foundation of Obama’s world: “I am smarter than everybody.”

    1. No he is not smarter, his cadre of advisers manipulate him.
      We have been told that he is smarter, that does not make him so.
      He is a puppet.
      He disappears whenever things get hot in Washington, only to re-appear when the heat goes down.
      He blames anybody he can to take the heat off of the administration mainly because if they get too deep, he could be exposed as inept, or possibly involved.
      Two and a half years is a long time when the opposition is on to your tactics.

      1. Obama and his cadre of advisers (_insert list of curse words here to describe Obama advisers_) have NO RESPECT or UNDERSTANDING of the US Military

        1. Depends on who gets into office, Langley.
          A conservative that thinks that we need a strong military force or a libertarian that feels that the one that is in place is adequate or a liberal that continues the destroy the one that we have today.
          There were strict requirements for recruitment when I went in.
          Now, it seems that the sexual orientation does not matter.
          That is unfair to the troops that do not agree with that and yet are forced to barrack with them.

          Freedom of speech is restricted in the military, you know that and so do I, but it will be up to the brass to sort this out.

  5. This one is easy. Wasn’t it George Washington who said so famously,”Father,I cannot tell a lie?” I rest my case.

    This imposter-in-chief doesn’t know how to tell the truth. He has been scamming people all his life. I,for one,do not think he is intelligent.. Just a jiver. What’s he hiding-er- make that how many things is he hiding?

  6. I am not sure why the West Point admin invited Obama.

    If it is a formality that they offer the Commencement Address to the CiC, Obama should have had the good sense to decline.

    But nobody has accused Obama of good sense

  7. Obama has led America FORWARD into a new era of communist-totalitarian “hope” which is a 180-degree direction from what the General and first President of the United States of America fought to establish.

    Is this Obama symbolically stating that the USA is now the USSA?

    Inequality is fundamental to the aspects of freedom. Anyone who works hard can have greater rewards. If your hard work gets you nowhere, then you live in a communist or totalitarian regime. We must embrace inequality because it is FREEDOM. It doesn’t matter what gender, race, or skin color someone might be, inequality is everyone’s best-est friend: at least, to anyone with thick enough skin to endeavor to take self-responsibility, work harder and smarter, and do a greater good to the marketplace than the next guy.

    Obama is anathema to Freedom, most especially when he speaks of the illusory ideal of “inequality” which isn’t a vice, it’s a total, absolute, complete virtue.

    If Obama leaves office at the end of this term, I can only hope that the next president will embrace American ideals, including freedom-based ones. And we shall soon call Obama “Old Hat.”

  8. ”The time is at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.”
    George Washington

    God Bless our Military

  9. We live in the BHO Reparation Administration. Period.
    Our Congress is more concerned w/ forcing a private biz man to change the name of his football team than preventing the wholesale takeover of the American health system. Our DOJ when not involved in criminal activities themselves picks and choses who to prosecute based on politics and race. American culture is by default a liberal fantasy land. These cadets are charged w/ protecting something but I’ll be damned if I know what it is.

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  11. Quibbling with George…We The People should have been informed by our media, our representatives as to Who Obama was and is…I for one want to see his records, his real birth certificate, his grades his Soc Sec #, his Selective Service card…Why is it ok to hide this mans identity and recorded….the Israeli Science and Technology had the questions our politicians and media were too chickenshit to ask and demand…Why wouldn’t West Point dis him…this is the man that has sent 79% of those that were lost in Iraq and Afghanistan to their deaths…These young men KNOW Obama is NOT to be trusted???What’s wrong with the grow ups in this country who have their head in the sand—those men’s lives matter–Can you tolerate this fraud any longer? Can America suffer this fraud any longer??

    Israel Science and Technology

    Arab-Israeli Conflict – Articles
    Background check on Barack Hussein Obama
    This tells the story in a way that makes you realize just who voters could be “hiring” on Nov. 4th.

    Received this from someone who was in Government Security and also Corporate Security. He said, ‘Those of you that have worked in industries that require high level security clearances can understand the probable rejection of this Candidate.’

    Imagine for a few moments that you are the Human Resources Director of a major multi-billion dollar corporation. You are sitting in your office when you receive a phone call from the Chairman of the Board of Directors. He tells you that the board is considering a candidate for a high-level executive position. He advises you to complete a thorough background investigation and have it to him within 10 days.

    You immediately call the Private Detective Agency you have used for years and give them the name and address of the prospective candidate, along with the deadline for a high level security clearance. Your next move is to call your assistant to your office, giving him/her the candidate’s personal information along with instructions to ‘do your standard beginning background checks.’

    Preliminary findings begin landing in your fax machine on the third day.

    1. Your candidate has used more than one name.

    2. His original birth certificate is unavailable, and he was mentored during his youth by a high level communist in Hawaii, Frank Marshall Davis. You receive a 3 page ‘dossier’ on Frank Marshall Davis.

    3. You also learn the candidate was proctored into an elite Eastern private university by a middle eastern Muslim. You receive a short dossier on Khalid al-Mansour.

    4.You learn the candidate has terrorist organization ‘Nations of Islam’ employees on his current staff, and one of his advisers is a member of the global terrorist group ‘Muslim Brotherhood.’

    5. On day four, you receive in the mail from the security agency two books the candidate has written. You read both books, highlighting the anti-American, anti-white racist passages. You note the admissions of drug use.

    6. You also receive in the packet a copy of the bitter anti-white thesis his wife wrote as a college undergraduate.

    7. You receive a 4 page fax on the candidate’s relative, Raila Odinga, who is connected with brutal Muslim politics in Africa, and background information on the candidate’s estranged father who was part of Kenya’s most corrupt regime.

    8. The fifth day brings to your special delivery mail: The complete background on Bill Ayers; his association with your candidate, his FBI criminal record, and a copy of the book ‘Rules for Radicals’ written by communist Saul Alinsky.

    9. You are advised your candidate used tactics from ‘Rules for Radicals’ at his previous employment.

    10. You are advised the candidate’s wife used an excerpt from this book during a recent speech.

    11. You receive by fax, a background on A.C.O.R.N. and an alert: This group is being watched by the U.S. Department of Justice and other state and local law enforcement agencies.

    12. You learn that by Muslim Law, Muslims consider the candidate to be a Muslim for Life.

    13. You learn your candidate is endorsed by every Muslim terrorist organization on Earth; because he holds Muslim beliefs.

    14. His friend, Louis Farrakhan, is head of Nation of Islam. You learn that the candidate’s Christian pastor met with global terrorist Mohmmar Gaddafi in Libya, along with their mutual friend and anti-American Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan has also identified Obama as The MESSIAH.

    15. You receive printed transcripts of his pastor’s anti-White, anti-American ‘sermons’ and are advised your candidate has been close personal friends with this ‘pastor’ for two decades.

    16. Your candidate has referred to this radical pastor as his ‘personal spiritual advisor,’ and in fact, the title of one of your candidates memoirs was inspired by a line from this pastor’s ‘sermons.’

    17. In your fax machine on the sixth morning is a file on one Tony Rezko; his friendship, associations and business transactions with your candidate, as well as high level ‘people’ of middle eastern origin, and his federal conviction. You will spend most of day seven compiling a file on the candidate, The Obama File, complete with footnotes and cross references.

    18. Additional information is arriving regarding the candidate’s friends and acquaintances during college, and you learn that he did not run with a mainstream crowd, but chose radicals and communist agitators for his social group.

    19. The morning of the eighth day has arrived and you and your assistant have placed a small mountain of background information into manageable ‘piles’ including: photographs of the candidate’s family in Africa, he and George Soros (including a brief file on the Soros ‘Open Society Institute’), photos of the candidate and Louis Farrakhan and anti-Israeli Arafat advisor Edward Said.

    20. You begin to outline and write your ‘Summary Evaluation’ to the Chairman of the Board of Directors: This candidate has a tissue thin work experience resume. He has not managed large groups of personnel, departments, material, or P&L statements. This candidate’s own writing exhibits a character of deep-seeded anger and resentment towards people of the Caucasian race over the issue of slavery. His emotional gravitas is centered upon his African heritage, and his belief that the white man is responsible for global poverty and unequal sharing of wealth.

    21. The candidate’s personal associations since childhood have been mostly with radical African Americans, Muslims, and communists; those who harbor anger towards The United States of America. Particularly disturbing is his lengthy relationship with Bill Ayers, an unrepentant Weatherman radical who bombed government buildings and abdicated the overthrow of the United States.

    22. Given the current global situation of nearly twelve thousand Muslim acts of terrorism since 9-11, it is disturbing to find his close associations with Muslim groups ‘‘

    23. You have highlighted passages in both books and find one particularly disturbing: ‘Should the political winds shift in an ugly direction I will side with the Muslims.’

    24. The candidate has surrounded himself with anti-American grievance mongers, and appears to manipulate ‘typical white people’ by appealing to their guilt about slavery. He is a socialist, and totally disenfranchised from the history of ‘root America .’

    25. The candidate refuses to discuss his years at Columbia University , although he lived off campus and made few friends. He will not release his application to the State Bar notes which raises questions on several issues including the use of drugs and lying on his application about it’s use..

    26. Very little is available about his experience with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a foundation that spent $100 million with no discernible benefit for the schools and students that it was putatively designed to help.

    27. It is therefore your strongest recommendation this candidate not be considered for any position within the corporation. WITH THIS RECORD, HE SHOULDN’T EVEN BE CLEARED FOR ‘UNCLASSIFIED’. SO HOW CAN HE POSSIBLY BE COMMANDER IN CHIEF?

    Other resources:

    The Obama Timeline: 1961-2008

    Copyright © 1999-2014 Israel Science and Technology Directory.

  12. Wow, your reading comprehension skills suck. I suggest you reread the part where he mentions George Washington. Try to locate exactly where he was quibbling, lumping, or suggesting his way of thinking no longer applies. You can’t.

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