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Michelle: Republicans “Playing Politics” with Kids’ Health

Really? Is every move in opposition to an Obama – him or now, her – a cynical political power grab driven by corporate interests?

How disappointing Tuesday to hear First Lady Michelle Obama rip a page out of her husband’s worn and tired menu of insults and charge that Republicans oppose her school lunch program because they care mainly about politics and far less than Obama about something good – in this case, kids.

“The last thing that we can afford to do right now is play politics with our kids’ health, especially when we’re finally starting to see some progress on this issue,” Michelle told a group of pro-Michelle foodies at the White House Tuesday.

Michelle declared:

Unfortunately, despite these successes, we’re now seeing efforts in Congress to roll back these new standards and undo the hard work that all of you, all of us have done on behalf of our kids.  And this is unacceptable.  It’s unacceptable to me not just as First Lady, but as a mother.

Well, beyond making “our kids” hungry, the new standards are putting the lunch ladies out of business. What Republicans want to do is merely to provide to school districts that are losing money a one-year waiver from the imposition of the latest tranche of one-lunch-fits-all requirements – including that foods be 100-percent whole grain.

Not only is it expensive for schools to meet the requirements, but kids are brown-bagging so they’ll have something to eat. Business is down and the lunch ladies are running scared!

Michelle’s use of her husband’s tactics didn’t stop at accusations of bad faith.

She threw in some misleading information, for example:

And the stakes just couldn’t be higher on this issue.  Because one in three children in this country are still overweight or obese, and one in three are on track to develop diabetes in their lifetimes. Those are real statistics.

First of all, the stakes could be higher. We’re not talking nuclear proliferation here. And secondly on track to develop diabetes? Surely you mean at risk, Mrs. Obama, unless a third of the country is going to be diabetic.

She also threw in a little megalomania and Big – really Big – Government agenda stuff.

And I know this work isn’t easy.  Transforming the health of an entire generation is no small task.  But we have to be willing to fight the hard fight now.

Michelle Obama, transforming the health of an entire generation. Now that’s a legacy.

And she’ll use the government to do it. And they get insulted when you call them socialists.

39 thoughts on “Michelle: Republicans “Playing Politics” with Kids’ Health”

  1. No wonder a CNN anchor (Carol?) Costello thought that Moochelle herself had signed her food program into law. It’s supposed to be her legacy just as Obamacare is his.

  2. Didn’t she just “polticize” her lunch program by saying the Republicans are “politicizing” her lunch program ?

    Whatever happened to PTA’s ? Didn’t they used to be the strong arm group between the kids and the school’s admin ?

      1. my husband is a scjool board president. it is volunteer…no pay. There are no paid school boards that I know of in AZ. Our Food Specialist is amazing, and is very creative, but less kids are eating lunch through the programs,,,even the kids that get free and reduced price lunch and breakfasts through the government programs. The food is not palatable, and lets face it…most kids will starve rather than eat sour tomato paste on the their food, or dried up rock hard chicken chunks.

  3. She can’t have it both ways; a private citizen who’s comings and goings are to be private and not publicized or photographed, or she’s a intregal part of the Obama administration who’s wants and programs should not be abridged by Congress.
    She forgets (or doesn’t understand) the only reason she gets to fly about on AF1, live in splendor at the WhiteHouse, and has her face on magazine covers is that she is married to the man who was elected the POTUS.
    She isn’t there by means of her accomplishments, she wasn’t appointed or hired by any government agency to lead anything, nor is she given access and authority over anything that Congress chooses to do.

    1. She needs to go get a job of her own.
      Take up gardening.
      Read a book.
      Anything but tell people what their children will eat.
      As several people have stated this food is being thown in the garbage!
      Her children do not have the same menu as she is shoving down all the other children’s mouth.

  4. Last I checked the people complaining the loudest about the lousy healthy lunches that ‘all kids leave behind’ are the kitchen workers (union) and the school administrators (union). Hardly a Republican among them. Michelle needs to talk to the ladies at the cafeterias where food is bring thrown away. THEN, she might begin to understand this isn’t a Republican issue.

    1. Yes New Yorker.
      I have read many pieces that the food waste is appalling.
      The school buys the food,….US,…… they are throwing our money in the trash.

        1. Ah but since her support of the military’s veterans is too hot to speak about she will trot out the lunch program. Smoke and mirrors…wait forget about that VA think look at the school lunch program.

    2. That would be a reasonable thing to do, but we’re talking about a progressive liberal Dem here who insists that what she wants others must obey. She knows better than all of us what is good and healthy.
      We must obey or starve.

      Gee, just like the health insurance fiasco; your health insurance is substandard so you must buy the policy I have here, or die. Or get fined. They know best and we must obey.


      1. Two lowly little nobodies from nowhere, and we’re expected to ‘obey’? Maybe we ARE a nation of cowards. We should have run them out of town on a rail – years ago.

    3. that implies that she WANTS to understand that. she doesn’t. “Republicans hate children and black people” is the mantra of the Left. expect it to get worse before it gets better, since there’s an election coming up.

  5. Lets see what the Obama daughters eat in their private school menu!

    May 28, 2014

    Snack: Locally Baked Muffins

    Mixed Greens with Avocado & Grapefruit Salad
    Housemade Chicken Fingers
    Breaded Eggplant w/ Marinara
    Steamed Fresh Vegetables
    Organic Sweet Potato Fries

    May 28, 2014

    Spring Vegetable Soup
    Classic Caesar Salad
    Deviled Egg Salad
    All Natural Meatball Subs
    Spinach Ricotta Phyllo Bake
    Roasted Eggplant, Zucchini and Tomato

  6. I can just imagine the conversation:

    Michelle: “I don’t understand! I’ve got the full force of government ready to do my bidding, school districts that will fall all over themselves the minute we start throwing around any mention of federal funding, the entire mainstream media ready to hype this like it’s the greatest idea since the iPad, and people still won’t obey me! Why?!”

    Department of Agriculture flack: “Apparently, Madam First Lady, the kids don’t like it.”

  7. How dare those 3rd and 4th graders play politics by refusing the so-called good for you lunches? How dare they brown bag it, when a far superior lunch is prepared for their little political tummies? How dare they stand in the way of transforming the entire health of a nation? Rolling back the new standards? Little political animals are starting early, aren’t they?

  8. What’s next from ‘Her Witchiness’? The ‘food police patrol’ in every cafeteria, nationwide?
    Will the IRS impose a penalty for kids who refuse to eat their kale chips?
    Will parents be forced to send their kids to bed without any dinner if they don’t eat their peas?

    One Obama is utterly unacceptable. But two of them? Your worst nightmare come true.

  9. Never mind that the children won’t eat the food and the school food budgets are now grossly out of whack. Most of her imperial food gets thrown in the trash can. As long as The Queen can have her way and leave her legacy, that is the important thing.
    Barack & Michelle – a twofer of incompetence, narcissism, greed, half-truths, lies and damned lies.

  10. Maybe her and her husband should set an example. The White House should only serve meals based school lunch menus. Hmm that will never happen.

  11. also this may be old news but this is “all for the good of the nation”( that is a direct quote from Obama admin)., that is why the government also wants to have complete access to our electronic medical records (big surprise) and force our kids to eat what the “government” wants “for the good of the nation”. We are fast becoming more than socialist nation we are fast allowing our nation to turn into a nation of unthinking minions. To my knowledge even Venezuela, Cuba and Russia don’t have rules on how much salt allowed in food, or what size soda a business person is allowed to sell….sickening!!!!

    1. Speaking of access to medical records, I got another exhaustive questionnaire from my Medicare Advantage plan…and there was no place to identify yourself–name, address, etc. It said in the cover letter–no need to put your name–this is coded so we know who filled it in–is that creepy or what? I tossed it as I always do. I also turned down my “talking physical” where they ask you if you are abused or own guns. What’s that…what the? Black helos! Aieee.

  12. Michelle Obama, hypocrite extraordinaire!

    French Fries and fat cakes for U.S. First Lady in Botswana

    “Paula Deen said Michelle Obama “would not stop eating during commercial breaks” when she was on “Paula’s Party” TV show”

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  14. Seriously folks can anyone name an original thought or a single real accomplishment that this Affirmative Action, functional illiterate (read her Princeton Thesis, pure race hate gibberish), failed attorney who was forced to surrender her law license to avoid disbarement, has ever achieved in her life? Just one is all I ask.

  15. I think I mention this before but as a high school teacher who is also a health nut, I can say without a doubt Michelle has made school lunches 1000% worse, not better. Instead of scaling back a bit and finding a nice middle ground where kids eat healthy but fun meals, she went over board with crap that no kid wants to heat. And since I work at a upper middle class high school, the Freshmen-Sophomores will bring more crap from home while the upperclassmen will go out to lunch even more and eat fast food junk.

    Oh and our athletics are going to welt away. No way are these calorie restrictions enough for them.

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