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Video || Obama Peeved by Reporter’s Question

Look how pissy we are!

Don’t worry, Mr. President. Two and a half years and you won’t have to talk to anyone at all, unless you open up your paid appearances for questions.

While fiddling around at the White House Science Fair, President Obama Tuesday was asked today by pool reporter Alexis Simendinger of RealClearPolitics about reports he will send U.S. military trainers to aid Syrian rebels.

“I’m sorry, we’re doing a science fair,” he informed Simendinger, growling, “C’mon. C’mon.”

I mean, THE NERVE OF HER! Asking about the situation in Syria, where at least 160,000 people have died, during the science fair. The science fair! It is supposedly one of Obama’s favorite, bestest annual White House things. How could she!

She could, because Alexis decided that her duties as a reporter outweighed stuffy White House protocol and our president’s excitement over marshmallow catapults.

Which doesn’t surprise me. Alexis, unlike so many of the frivolous dabblers and showboats around Washington, takes her journalism seriously. She holds the distinction of being the only journalist I’ve ever seen appear on TV and refuse to answer a question, reminding her interlocutor that she was a straight-up reporter who doesn’t offer political opinions.

OMG, maybe she wasn’t invited back!! Most reporters would give their left kidney to avoid being removed from a TV producer’s call list.

It occurs to me, I’ve worked with Alexis for 16 years at the White House and I have absolutely no idea what her politics are. That’s pretty unique in Washington.

24 thoughts on “Video || Obama Peeved by Reporter’s Question”

  1. Think about this:

    A Science Fair (in the White House) is no place to ask questions about a new foreign policy.


    The memorial ceremony of Mandela is the perfect place to take and send a yuck and a smiling selfie.

  2. How dare she?!! Question the President without permission…off with her head!
    How dare Michelle Obama complain about Congress changing a law she thinks she owns! She claimed ‘we’ worked so hard to get this school menu changed for the children and now Congress (read Repubs) want to modify the law…outrage!
    Surrounding herself with experts in nutrition who obviously don’t have day jobs and are willing to fly into DC to make her happy, she held a meeting today to complain about the upcoming relaxing of the requirements for the lunch program.

    Did we somehow become a different kind of government that allows the President to be affronted by a cheeky questioner, and his wife to call a Congressional perogative “unacceptable”?
    Someone should point out to the Obamas that we don’t give crowns to the temporary President and his wife.

    1. Someone should also point out to MOTUS she has a title and few responsibilities. Dictating school lunch programs is not on her menu.

      I wonder if Alexis will be placed on the No Fly List, receive extra help from TSA at checkpoints, and be summoned for a audit. I guess you could say she did cross one of BO’s ever changing “red lines”.

  3. already commented on this, but it’s a rare occasion for everyone to witness up close and personal the size and scope of Obama’s malignant narcissism, i.e. his super-sized ego, and vastly over-rated sense of self-importance. He also has a mean streak a mile long.

    Funny, how an 11 sec exchange can reveal everything you need to know about a person. This is NOT a nice man.

    There’s an old expression: Be nice to the people you meet on the way up; you might meet them on the way down.
    Boy, oh boy…l hope Obama meets Ms. Simindinger on the way down! Soon!

  4. Can you imagine if it was the other way around?

    Obama walks into a research room…

    Obama: So how you doing guy/gal?


    Obama (whispering to an aide) Find out if we are giving them funding and cut them off….like today!

  5. Geez, you guys, give Obama a break! I mean, you would feel a little cranky and pissy too if you had to drag yourself out of bed extra early for an 11:15 am science fair. /sarc
    (See Obama’s schedule below. Thanks to Keith!)

    Last week, a talent show. This week, a science fair. Next week…

  6. Obama certainly loves the fun stuff involved with being president: science fairs, golfing wherever he likes, spending millions to travel to fund raisers and vacations, hanging out with Hollywood stars and rappers, inviting sports teams to the White House.

    Unfortunately, that’s not why he was elected Chief Executive of the United States and Commanderl in Chief of the Armed Forces.

    He doesn’t like most of the stuff that comes with that part of the job…so he just chooses to be disinterested or push it aside…and the entire country suffers.

    How many times has it grievously hurt this country?

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