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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, May 28, 2014

7:50 am || Departs White House
9:15 am || Arrives Stewart Air Base; Newburgh, New York
10:00 am || Delivers commencement address;
United States Military Academy at West Point, New York
1:05 pm || Departs Newburgh, New York
2:20 pm || Arrives White House
4:00 pm || Meets with Treasury Secretary Lew

All times Eastern
Live stream of Obama West Point appearance at 10:00 am

13 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, May 28, 2014”

  1. In passing some time today I heard a snippet of him talking about 21st century wars– how wars are fought and won in the 21st century. No signing ceremonies etc. etc. I think it was in ref. to his grand plan for Afghanistan. I expect he will be doing more 21st century war stuff at WP.

    Because as Rachel of Trayvon fame, “we be new school. you be old school”

    So now we have put it out there that we are in the 21st century regarding war and fighting (drones drone drones) blah blah blah. I am sure all the terrorists are in fear of the 21st century United States led by decisive Obama.

    War is as old as man, not much of substance changes. Note to Obama: Man plans, God laughs.

    1. grace, I had no idea you knew the old Yiddish quote –
      “Man plans, G-d laughs”. Oy, it went mainstream. LOL

      Obama of Never Never Land is hell bent in believing that talk and cheap talk, at that, will solve the world’s ills.

  2. Didn’t he meet with Lew just a little while ago? Is he looking to get more funds in his personal account? Or are they coming up with next quarter’s pretend growth figures?

    1. Does he really think all these visits at the military will make the VA issue go away from the news?
      Yes he did get an early start, mark that in the History Books.
      However, we will not get a picture of him going back to sleep on the plane.
      I have gone on a couple of trips in the past. Left the house at 3:00 am, brushed my teeth and walked to the car and went back to sleep for a couple of hours.

  3. Oh no, that early start time is going to be tough on him and he might be too exhausted for the “concussion summit” at the WH the next day. It would be such a shame if he were too tired to hang out and take selfies with the pro athletes who are invited.

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