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The Obama Morning News || May 27, 2014

WH mistakenly IDs Afghanistan CIA chief . . . Washington Post
His name was on a list for news organizations of officials meeting with Obama on his Afghan trip.

Blunder may put entire CIA unit at risk . . . Newsmax
Experts say the huge blunder could affect operations in that country — even target the entire unit for assassination by the Taliban.

IRS to fine for Obamacare dumping . . . Newsmax
Employers who give money to their workers to help pay for insurance through Obamacare could face an excise tax of $100 a day, up to a grand sum of $36,500 per year per employee affected.

Agency: Employee ratings “discrimination” . . . Daily Caller
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced on Monday that it will now award all employees the highest rating regardless of performance reviews.

Even Obama’s liberal base bailing . . . Washington Times
Nearly halfway through his ballyhooed “year of action,” President Obama isn’t getting much traction.

Push to privatize VA gaining traction . . . Examiner
Congressional lawmakers and President Obama are turning to privatization to help veterans who are stuck on long waiting lists at medical facilities run by the VA.

VA official stayed despite lying . . . Washington Times
The VA has kept a high-ranking senior executive in charge of a more than $1 billion network of hospitals and clinics despite learning she had falsely claimed to have a master’s degree.

Obama takes swipe at Putin . . . Politico
In a statement, the president refers to “Russia’s occupation and attempted annexation of Crimea.”

Cruz blames Palestinians for peace talk fail . . . Jerusalem Post
Cruz visits Knesset, says US shouldn’t dictate settlement policy, expresses concern Obama will “seek loopholes” for US to fund Hamas.

Hillary leaves the left cold . . . The Hill
Progressives don’t want to be stuck with a standard-bearer they see as too centrist.

11 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || May 27, 2014”

  1. Why did the press need a list of people Obama was “meeting with” (aka, photo opping with, as seen in many press releases and the gaggle of media)? I think it’s dangerous to the families at home to know EXACTLY who’s over there anyhow. What’s to prevent some radical Islamist for hunting them down and getting even?

    I thought he was there to “surprise” the troops ! Obviously this was no surprise and probably planned for weeks. Someone mentioned he had the troops up very late too for his speech and hugs and stuff.

    1. Nothing he does is spontaneous or unscripted, ever. Even his “surprise” stop at the Little League game was planned. He’s as phony as a $3 bill and he could care less about the troops, or the traffic jams he causes, he only cares about himself and his photo ops.

    2. So the agency that’s supposed to be overseeing the entire consumer financial market can’t even manage itself? Well that sure instills confidence in me.

    3. Good question. It takes a stick of dynamite and a court order to find out who MrO is “meeting with” in the WhiteHouse, and even that doesn’t always work.

      Of course, one wonders why he met with these people at all, when he doesn’t even meet with this cabinet.
      PR<look I'm in charge and working hard? dunno.

  2. This design is steller! You most certainly know how to keep a reader entertained.
    Between your wit and yoour videos, Iwas almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Fantastic job.
    I really loved what you had to say,and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

  3. Push to privatize VA

    Isn’t it ironic? The VA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the U.S. govt., aka Single Payer in its truest form. A perfect argument as to why Obamacare should be declared a national disaster and repealed ASAP.
    The red flags are everywhere. Obamacare architect, Dr. Zeke, already let the cat out of the bag: “Insurance companies will be going away.” Wake up Amerika!

  4. Heap of smell the CFPB — smells of Comrade Elizabeth Warren and Obama’s “recess” appointee Cordray — nothing good for consumers coming out of this .

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      Maybe I can catch it next time. We know there will be a next time.:)

      1. HA! Right on time. Here is the error message. Compression not suppression. Once person’s “ism” is another’s “ssion” I always say.

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