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Obama’s “Incompetence” and Us

CNN’s John King reported Sunday that some Democrats are privately “scathing” in their assessment of President Obama, calling him “detached” and “incompetent.”

King has always been, despite some recent mistakes, first and foremost a good reporter. He picks up the phone and talks to people around town. I used to hear him doing exactly this when I sat around the corner from the CNN booth at the White House, although to my deep regret he usually closed the glass door and all I could pick up was mumbling. And unlike plenty of talking heads, he knows what he’s talking about when he opens his mouth.

So I’m sure what he’s saying is true. Beyond Obama worship, the first instinct of Democrats is self-preservation. And they will need an at least marginally effective president over the next three years to self-preserve.

But unfortunately, so does the country.

Obama arms foldedI don’t know if he’s exactly bored with the presidency, but I don’t think Obama is passionate about it, and the job is too intense and demanding for passion to be absent. I believe Obama cares about issues, but that he lacks commitment and consistency.

Republicans think Obama doesn’t talk them. I don’t think he talks to Democrats either. Not in the sustained manner required to build and maintain relationships. Relationships are how stuff gets done in Washington.

And so lacking a connection to him, Democrats are turning on him.

Relationships have never been Obama’s strength. His calling card has been to inspire, including staffers who do build relationships, and so did it for him. But this is no longer enough. Obama is absent.

And when there was an election to be won, Obama was more motivated to countermand his own character.

All this is fine, as far as Republicans go. They don’t need Obama to succeed with his program. Though, it’s true, there are certainly some bipartisan issues – like reforming the VA – where presidential involvement might help.

But Obama is disengaged with world leaders and world affairs as well. And this is dangerous for everyone.

To take one example, the most profound issue of our time is the possibility that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons. It’s not just an issue for Israel. An Iranian bomb will endanger the United States and prompt a worldwide nuclear weapons race and broad new avenues for proliferation to some very dangerous people. This won’t wait for a new president.

The only way an Iran can be prevented from obtaining a nuclear weapon is through either crippling sanctions or, more likely – much more likely – a devastating military attack. I don’t think Obama has the stomach for a war with Iran.

This is a man who has always been defined by the next big challenge. After being reelected, what’s the next big challenge? Putting together his presidential library, I guess.

And so he goes golfing.

According to John King:

Forget for a moment that Republican outrage. More and more Democrats in key 2014 races are calling for the president to get a spine, they say, and fire his Veterans Affairs secretary.

And what more and more Democrats are saying privately is scathing, calling the president and his team detached, flat footed, even incompetent.

What strikes me, what Democrats are saying privately in the wakes of the problems, they see a president who doesn’t want to take command, doesn’t want to act fast — raising the competence question. Some Democrats who believe in government [are saying] this White House doesn’t appear to have its hand on the lever.

Listing various complaints about the competence of the White House, Politico’s Maggie Haberman adds, “All of this adds up to somebody who just doesn’t seem at all involved.”

54 thoughts on “Obama’s “Incompetence” and Us”

  1. All this talk about Obama being “bored” is baloney. As if being the chief executive officer of the the most influential country on the planet is sooooo beneath his intellect. Nope. He’s LAZY! And his entire life’s resume reflects that.

  2. “detached” “incompetent” “absent” “uncommitted”
    Would you buy “unqualified” “lazy” “spoiled”?
    Has anyone ever figured out who’s running him?

    1. Exactly what I have always wondered. He was ‘created’ by some very secret group to do their bidding to severely change our great country into a third world cesspool.
      I will always remember congressmen & senators who were against the ACA, coming out of the White House looking as though their very lives & family were threatened, and they suddenly thought ocare was the best thing since sliced bread.

      1. Also prior to the 2008 pres election, there is a video of 0bama stating, ” I’m about to become the president of the USA”.
        Confidence is one thing. Saying this is a certain fact shows there is much behind the scenes that the People need to know.

  3. So very true Carol, he is lazy, and always has been. Some people speak of Obama postponing elections to stay on for another term. Never happen, he can’t wait to do what ever he wants. Can’t come soon enough for me.

  4. I believe after this election that Obama will become so detached from being President that this inactions will become so bad an uncommon marriage of Republicans and Democrats will have to unite to somehow run the country. He will in essence will become the hostage taker of US Government. Meet his demands or nothing will move forward.

    1. It’s too bad the R’s and D’s will not unite to throw his lazy, incompetent rear end out of office. He is mentally unstable (to put it mildly) – unpredictable, and vengeful.

      1. After seeing the X Men movie this weekend, I am starting to wonder if he is a mutant or not?

        What would be a good Mutant name for him?

        Lethargic? Indifferent? Manifesto?

        Sorry, Mooch is the perfect mutant name for Michelle!

  5. Incompetence R Us. One thing that puzzles me, though, is why Putin is so helpful to the Iranians in developing the bomb. They’re right on his doorstep and he has big problems with Islamic terrorism already. Is this a weak spot in Putin the Great’s armor: is he being short-sighted in his efforts to show up Obama?

    1. Many nations speak with their pocketbooks instead of self preservation. Germany, France, Russia, China all have provided weapons, and knowledge to the Iranians over the years (and Iraq before that).

  6. Well, a big boo-hoo for the Dems who have just figured out what we knew 6 years ago.
    They sat there whining about the Repubs being the party of NO or racists or terrorists or anti-Americans because they wouldn’t go along with all the radical programs or laws, then discovered that the voters like the party of NO, don’t want them messing with more stuff, and wish they’d all go on a long, long vacation from DC.

    So, suck it up Dems; your leader, your standard bearer, your chief fund-raiser is a dud that most of America doesn’t like and wishes would spend all of his remaining term worrying about his library.
    Oh, he’s no help to your re-election…awww. Boo-hoo.

    To the rest of the world that depends on us providing them with military support, our money, and our trade…well, we’re sorry, you’ll have to figure out what to do until and unless the voters elect someone who really cares.
    Iranian bomb? how about some of the foreign leaders step up and take charge since the US is led by a nimcompoop and their future depends on action there, too.

  7. The American people were so negligent in failing to critically evaluate Obama and so bigoted in their rejection of the TEA Party (this includes the mainstream RINO Republicans) that any calamity that results from Obama’s Presidency will be poetic justice. If the end result is a nuclear 9-11, just think of it as evolution in action.

    1. Elections have consequences, but honestly too many voters are simply sheep who vote for whomever their masters tell them to. This was a coordinated effort by teh progressives – combining rock the vote/get out the vote movements with a shiny package of OBAMA! glorification. While the voters ultimately made it happen, it really displays the extreme danger of Presidential Marketing’s effect on democracy, and when you have one side holding ALL the power.

  8. You know how we sometimes wonder why the “good” Muslim people don’t condemn the terror caused by their radical wing of Islam ? It’s fear of retaliation and death.

    This sounds like that, the Dems fear criticizing The Won for fear of blackmail, audit or some other Chicago political thug type payback.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why Dems are speaking off the record. If they would only put their country before their loyalty to Party and their feckless leader.

  9. Actually, Keith, I think that relationships are how stuff gets done anywhere!

    Obama is so self-absorbed that he doesn’t feel the need to build or maintain relationships. He seems to feel that the entire world revolves around him, and he doesn’t really care what others think, especially since he’s not running for anything.

    Most telling, he ignores what the majority of Americans think or want and makes it sound like his beliefs are in the mainstream.

    Hopefully, the next 2 1/2 years go by very quickly and with minimal further damage to our country.

    1. You’re right, Michael, relationships are how stuff gets done. There again, it’s not that Obama doesn’t feel the need to build relationships; it’s that relationships are WORK!

      I’d be willing to bet that Michelle complains about this behind closed doors too. Now when is that next tee time?

  10. Similar sentiments in a Wash Times story today. The worm is turning–maybe. Kirsten Powers on Fox said the other night she is disappointed and didn’t even vote the second time around–she knew DC would go Dem anyhow. Still…the man only has Jemhu left–and that gal with the men’s shirts–forget her name. Maybe that Leslie–haven’t seen her lately.

  11. President Obama has accomplished more in his 5 years, to benefit the average citizens of this country (and 1% as well) than any of the TWO BUSHES from the GOP, combined. John King of CNN is obviously a Republican whose opinion of the President reflects Fox News-he is listening with a biased ear and calling it objective reporting. Take his reports with a grain of salt. Dems may be getting exhausted of having to fight so many “fabricated scandals” the GOP creates. President Obama continues to move forward regardless of the push-back he’s been getting by the continuous propaganda machine aimed at diminishing his legacy.

      1. Maybe she’s one of Jesse Lee’s assistants. Or, maybe she’s with Media Matters. Or, Talking Points Memo.

        Same difference.

      2. I don’t know what to make of that original comment…Fewer people in the workforce, more dread and misery and stupid racist arguments, wishy-washy foreign policy that is getting us disrespected and pecked at, personally, my time is now taken up with these largely ineffective but somehow needed comments, I have less money, my kid is minimum wage…so my question would be…how am I better off? I can think of one way–when I get sick, I think, I am not checking out until this guy does! He is keeping me alive!

        1. Star, I know I’m not better off. STudents racking up even higher college debt with little options for paying it off aren’t “doing better”. My health insurance is astronomically higher, but worse. Food prices are higher. Gas is going up. Electricity prices are up. The world is in turmoil.

    1. Are you serious, Mariana Lennon? The Obamacare act already has cost us a lot of money. Obama deducted money from
      Medicare and we are paying a lot more now. My doctor has
      billled us for extra charges due to Obamacare. Where have you been?

    2. see, Keith, this is why you need a “like” button. this comment is a great example of tongue-in-cheek sarcasm. I especially like the part where she suggests that CNN’s John King is secretly a Fox News-watcher. yep, that’s probably it!

      masterful job, Mariana. have you considered writing comedy for a living?

  12. It’s not exactly news that he’s incompetent, but it’s nice that they’re catching up with us. You’d think they would have realized he was merely a Chicago Dem/media creation when they’d seen he hadn’t accomplished a single thing in his life prior to becoming president, outside of winning a few (dirty) elections.

  13. He doesn’t have to be engaged. He has set up an entire Admnistration of corrupt crony bureaucrats and administrators all using this country as a petri dish for their communal social welfare power grab.

    Once the world got over it’s Barry crush, he moved on to golf. Where no one talks back and you can cheat with abandon.

  14. So sad the Democrats are just waking up to this now. Were they hoping against hope all this time that Obama would get with the program? Or are Democrats just plain too wrapped up in party loyalty and their own political skins to actually do what’s best for the country?

    1. One word,…. elections.
      They are out to keep their job,…nothing more.
      Once re-elected, they will re-embrace the POTUS.

  15. Give the guy a break. Who wouldn’t rather reading glorious speeches off a teleprompter than a clueless captain of a sinking ship? Hope and steam ran out long ago. Better to pass the time embracing the perks of the presidency than dealing with pesky problems. Any effort in doing so only brings greater shame and embarrassment. It’s so much easier with Valerie Jarrett and the Muslim Brotherhood at the helm.

  16. Obama doesn’t have “the stomach for a war” with Iran”? that’s putting it mildly. he doesn’t even have the stomach for “crippling sanctions”!

  17. 1.stock market is at an all-time high! Great for 1 percent.
    2.millions receiving health care for first time and lives are being saved.
    3.bush’s wars ended; or about to end. No new wars started.(because we
    have no foot soldiers left to send them out to be massacred. Drones have been
    used in their stead.
    GOP refuses to increase wages. GOP can’t accept the
    Deficit has been significantly reduced and don’t fund Veteran
    Programs.GOP fabricates scandals– spending YOUR precious
    Tax dollars investigating (like dogs chasing their tails). GOP refuses
    to change laws that hike interest on student loans. I know you’ll have a field day
    on these. I received this Blog in error and have
    I unsubscribed. I am not affiliated or being paid by
    any group. I am a 74 year old proud American who
    does research independent of the media. I even believe
    In climate change and evolution.

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