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Obama “Close to” Ordering Military to Train Syrian Rebels

After a policy based on trying to somehow negotiate with Syrian President Bashar Assad failed to prevent 160,000 deaths and the establishment of a new terrorist breeding ground, President Obama is on the cusp of ordering the military to begin training any “good guys” we can find among the Syrian rebels.

From the Wall Street Journal:

President Barack Obama is close to authorizing a mission led by the U.S. military to train moderate Syrian rebels to fight the regime of Bashar al-Assad and al Qaeda-linked groups, a move that would expand Washington’s role in the conflict, U.S. officials said.

A new military training program, if implemented, would supplement a small train-and-equip program led by the Central Intelligence Agency which Mr. Obama authorized a year ago.

U.S. officials said the new military program would represent a significant expansion of Washington’s public efforts. U.S. officials don’t discuss the CIA’s limited training program because it is covert.

Obama plans to “signal” the new training effort when he delivers the commencement address at West Point Wednesday.

42 thoughts on “Obama “Close to” Ordering Military to Train Syrian Rebels”

  1. So if I understand correctly Dictator Obama is now going to arm and train “moderate” islamic rebels over in Syria? Can anyone point out to me a moderate group of islamic rebels/terrorists? Has this country gone completely mad to the point where we are giving aid and comfort to the islamic savages who attacked the World Trade Center twice, attacked the USS Cole, murdered our brave Miltary heros at Fort Hood, who set bombs off at the Boston Marathon and who murderd four of our people at Benghazi, who have killed and wounded thousands of our Soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan? Is this what we have sunk to as a nation?

    This is insane beyond belief and is Treason. God save us from the democrat party communists who have seized control of our government.

    1. IIRC, in the beginning, there were some reasonable* rebels. But, they’ve been run off, marginalized and/or killed.

      *They weren’t aligned with AQ.

    2. The radical Islamics want to kill us, and the ” moderate ” Islamics want the radical Islamics to kill us. Anyone surviving will then be killed by the ” moderates “.
      Death to America means EVERYONE.

      1. Very scary. We are almost at the end of the longest military conflict and he (Mr Nobel Peace Prize) is going to drag us into a real quagmire.

    1. I see someone trying to squelch rumers that he is timid, uninterested, bored and don’t really care coming from the Dems.

    2. Yes, NOW! It’s not his fault…he just read about it in the newspapers that there was a civil war going on in Syria.

  2. Why now? The plan originated over a year ago – and was considered too little, too late at that time. It’s a twofer – a snide jab at Putin, and Wag-the-Dog.
    And what constitutes a ‘moderate rebel’? An Islamic terrorist who only kills Jews?

    Is it possible for West Point to cancel Obama? They should give it serious consideration,

    1. Hagel spoke at the Naval Academy commencement last week. I need to find the text of his speech; can’t imagine he had anything inspiring to say.

  3. Politically motivated as is the story below on Afghanistan. It takes the attention away from his many scandals, and I suppose he’s hoping that old saw will materialize about the country rallying around a President.

  4. Obama = Shut the F#ck Up.

    ~The USA has extensive contacts in the region (Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon) to “insert” so-called “trainers”… (CIA/SOG-SAD, JSOC, SOCOM, etc.)

    1. Langley Spook,

      Shutting up makes no sense IF you want the mission to fail. I am increasingly willing to believe those who say the President is aligned with and favors Muslim Brotherhood governments. There is no rational reason for training people now; those who are on the battleground oppose the U.S. (And doing things to upset Putin is not a rational reason.)

    2. My ex was in the Army Special Forces. He and his buddies were always doing stuff in Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, et cet.

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  6. Isn’t there something here about “Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul”????? Well, Hagel won’t have to issue any really new orders; just a transfer notice to “down the road a piece…same mission, same futility” The troops won’t even have to pack their stuff…..just throw it over their shoulders. This is part of the duties of their Commander in ‘Cheap’.

  7. Sometime after Iran successfully tests and perhaps mini uses a nuclear weapon, Obama will draw another redline and issue some sanctions and consider what can be done. A year later, he might act.

    If that will be possible.

  8. The case as to why Syria is of national security has never been made by the administration. If the reason is the suffering of the Syrian people then there are other methods by which that can be addressed.

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  10. Let’s not forget that the “rebels” in Syria are a witches’ brew of Al Qaeda and other violent jihadist groups. Included among them are the Al Nusra Front, the Syrian Islamic Front, The Syrian Islamic Opposition Front, The Islamic Front, a huge number of jihadists from Chechnia (who are taking leadership positions among the rebels), and from throughout northern Africa……and the list goes on. We have already read stories about Americans and British young men who have volunteered for battle in the Middle East and will no doubt fight in Syria if asked. And these young men will return to the US and UK someday after being trained and battle hardened. So why are we training these people in Syria? This will not end well for anyone.

  11. It seems like Barry always chooses to arm the wrong side. These “rebels” are the same nice fellows filmed cannibalizing the remains of their victims.

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