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Website Work Completed

Work that was done on the website over the weekend has been completed. Thanks for your patience.

14 Responses to Website Work Completed

  1. I don’t think we had much of a choice other than being patient, Keith! Glad things appear to have gone smoothly. Obviously, you didn’t use the same crew who rolled out Obamacare last October, or the Maryland version of Obamacare, which is going to need millions and millions of dollars to fix the flaws. Is this where we shout out that the clothes have no emperor?

  2. Thank you for your dedication to the repair of the
    ‘machine’ that allows our ‘typed opinions and thoughts’ to be read by
    the ‘choir’ and hopefully by other concerned Americans.?

  3. Thanks so much, Keith! Whatever you did, I’m finally able to comment again. For the last several months I’ve had problems on and off, especially the last couple of weeks when I could hardly post at all. Your hard work, as always, is much appreciated,

  4. Thanks for your hard work Keith.

    Haven’t been in mod jail in a few days. Keep this up and I may have to reoffend.

    Not three hots and a cot, but pretty good sometimes. People offer support, sometimes candy and other goodies.

  5. I’m glad things seem to be working better. There’s yet more technical work that will be done. I should note that comments will sometimes still get stuck in moderation – this is a wordpress spam filter issue and I’m not sure there is much I can do about it but we’ll see.

  6. so far not so great. out of two comments, one was posted. after clicking “submit” for the other one, I received an error message that told me that ‘this page is unavailable.’ that was 30 seconds ago. lost the comment.