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Sunday Open Thread || May 25, 2014

WARNING: I am doing some technical work on the website today and Monday, so some of the comments here WILL be lost to history. So please consider it as if you were talking and your words may disappear into the air.

You may have some difficulty using the site, although I think it should run smoothly.

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39 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || May 25, 2014

  1. WHD vs DMV

    WHD: site not found
    DMV: closed for holiday

    WHD: posting too fast
    DMV: sit and wait

    WHD: comment in moderation
    DMV; paperwork sent to back room for confirmation

    WHD: comment lost forever
    DMV: paperwork lost in the system

    WHD: reply comment sent to wrong person
    DMV: you’re in the wrong line

    WHD: patience and persistance works
    DMV: ditto

  2. Thanks for trying to fix the site Keith.
    Really,…is your second sentence supposed to be sarcasm ?
    As you will read below, your loyal readers put up with a lot just to comment here.
    You should be very proud of them.

    • My take on his comment: this was his attempt to blame (again) others for his failures, or not being able to get all those utopia-delusional ideas enacted into law.
      We never hear of any back&forth from these well-heeled donors or even if they have the chance to address MrO at all .
      The Dems, the O supporters, know the deep-pocket people have lost confidence in them, and are not digging as deep as before.

      • Anyhow–isn’t this what gerrymandering is for (tongue lodged in cheek)–to level perceived bumps in the playing field. Are we having fun watching our tried and true system warp and change?

        • I saw some story that he likes to elude the SS sometimes and just go strolling about to the supposed delight of common Americans. Can’t he play the game for 2 more years? If something happens, think of the coverage, the paperwork, the comments, the …everything.

          • Hopefully, he will simply disappear into the crowds – never to be seen again. He probably rues the day he stole the last election.

          • With any luck, Obama will get lost and not find his way back to the White House. Or wander into a VA hospital and be lost forever.

  3. “The Obama administration has quietly decided to halt its monthly updates on Obamacare enrollment heading into the 2014 campaign season. – Politico

    An AP/GfK poll on: obamacare: 43% oppose – 28% support

    I am sure it’s just a coincidence.

    • Also–I seem to remember some misty deal about this–are they not selling ins on it anymore since the date passed and people aren’t allowed to get ins anyplace else?

      • I have no idea what defines life events, but there seems to be a caveat.

        Individuals may qualify for special enrollment period outside of open enrollment if they experience certain qualifying “life events”.

  4. Just a quick comment on the horrible mass shooting/murders that occurred here in SoCal near the U .C. SantaBarbara campus in Isla Vista. Unlike similar mass shooting tragedies in the recent past, the anti-NRA lobbyists appear to be eerily silent.

    Yes, it is a long holiday week-end. The networks are operating with skeleton crews; the anti-Second Amendment wackos are busy with their barbeques; and Obama is probably playing his umpteenth round of golf – but the silence is deafening.

    It will be interesting, come Tuesday, to see if Isla Vista becomes another political football in light of the fact that the killer used knives to kill his first three victims, and the killer’s father is an erstwhile Hollywood director. It has not yet been determined if the senior Mr. Rodger is an Obama donor, or not. It should also be noted that CA has some of the toughest gun laws in the country,

  5. Themactual purpose of the trip was to get out of D.C. during the scandle. There was no need to go 10000 miles for a briefing considering todays ttechnology. In addition, all the officers who might tell him something he didn’t want to hear have already been purged from the military.

  6. Happy Memorial Day all and greeting to Vets

    Here follows a pretty grim stat:

    Bush / Afghan KIA-WIA 630 / 2,638 (7 years)

    Obama 1,544 / 15,046 (4 years 09-12)

    Refer “”, wiki and Govt websites

    Reason for huge disparity in WIA is more troops (ObamaSurge?) and Obama Rules of Engagement….

    If this don’t get your dander up????