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Obama Rolls Out of White House to Play Golf

President Obama headed out unusually early this morning for his customary Saturday round of golf, motorcading to the course at Joint Base Andrews.

From the pool reports:

The president left the White House in his motorcade at 9:25 am. He is wearing a well-tailored pair of khaki pants, a white polo shirt, a navy blue windbreaker and no hat.

The president’s foursome of golf partners includes Hasan Chandoo, his former college roommate at Occidental College, Sam Kass, senior policy advisor for nutrition policy, and Marvin Nicholson, his trip director. The weather for the Washington D.C. area is currently 66 degrees and sunny with a high of 77 degrees expected.

It’s already the president’s 16th outing of the year and his 173rd as president.

22 thoughts on “Obama Rolls Out of White House to Play Golf”

    1. This ring business is new to me. Actually, a bit frightening. Is he married to this guy? I always thought that was his wedding band from the Mooch.

    2. I don’t read Arabic, so I can’t be sure if the ring says allah hu Akbar or “Married to be the Mob” – either way, it has the same meaning. I wonder if he bought while visiting Pahkeestan!

  1. What!! No Mom jeans?
    Do we really care what he is wearing. Deperate for something to put in the report, I guess. What a trival occupation
    Actually, do we really care about anything this insignificant person is up to?

  2. Happy Memorial Day to all the men and women in service who did not get to play Andrews while the Executive Grifter hacks the course with the cook, a college buddy, and his personal Fixer.

    1. When will he work on his memoirs? We know there will be a book and a book tour. Of course, like everything Obama, it will be totally fabricated and written by other people. He doesn’t do anything. Even has a lousey game of golf. What CAN he do?

  3. Golf is a game where you strike the ball with a club.
    You are not allowed to throw the ball. (good thing).
    Obama likes to use clubs to strike things,….like his opponents.
    Clubs include the IRS, the EPA, the DHS, and,… you get the message.
    Barry does love the game of golf.

    #PTF………..this site is pathetic.

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