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Caption Contest: Nude Man at the White House

The man in the photo below materialized¬†at the Northwest Gate of the White House Friday afternoon. That’s the gate where the press and visitors enter.

Technically, yes, he was a visitor, so at least he showed up at the right place, if not quite in the right condition.

The Secret Service was forced to wrestle him to the ground – poor guys – and cart him away.

I was trying to think of something funny to write but I was between my first and second cups of coffee and it occurred to me: THIS ONE CRIES OUT FOR A CAPTION CONTEST.

So let’s tap the ample cleverness of my readers and see what we come up with.

We’re going to do this as 21st century liberals: I’m not going to pick a winner. Everybody wins! No losers. But no, NOT everybody gets a prize.

A big H/T to one of our readers, DeniseVB, who found this.

Naked man White House

Okay I’ll start: My appointment with the president was for 4:30 but I hope he doesn’t mind, I’m a bit early.

75 Responses to Caption Contest: Nude Man at the White House

  1. “I’m the head of the Committee on Transparency.”

    I always post so late on Keith’s site that I think no one ever reads my posts — oh, well, at least I have chuckled at my own wit! :)

  2. “I come to USA to see President!”
    “Sorry sir. You can’t come in. Closed.”
    “I can’t come in clothes?”
    “No sir.”
    [one minute later]
    “Now I ready to see President!”