As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || May 23, 2014

Schumer: Obama will act alone on immigration . . . The Hill
Senate Democratic leaders say Obama will act unilaterally to reform the nation’s immigration system if House Republicans fail to pass legislation by the end of July.

GOP: DOJ sought Lerner’s to help with nonprofits . . . Examiner
Republicans on a House oversight panel say the Justice Department asked former IRS official Lois Lerner in 2010 to help them build criminal cases against nonprofit groups conducting political activity.

GOP slams IRS changes on nonprofits . . . Newsmax
The IRS said it would revise regulations proposed last year to limit the activities of nonprofit groups after an uproar by Republicans, who said that they were an assault on free speech, but Republicans charged the revision is being done in secret.

Obama crisis management: Duck, deny, find fixer . . . Examiner
Obama’s response to the swirling scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs has followed a predictable pattern.

WH contacted YouTube during Benghazi . . . ABC News
One of the first responses from the White House to the Benghazi attack was to contact YouTube to warn of the “ramifications” of allowing the posting of an anti-Islamic video.

WH sued over possible Hatch Act violations . . . Free Beacon
Judicial Watch filed a FOIA suit for records on its investigation into former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina, whom the watchdog group alleges used their positions as high-level administration officials in 2009 to affect federal elections.

CDC plotted to pump up Michelle’s Let’s Move . . . Daily Caller
Emails exchanged by Centers for Disease Control press officials show an effort to link a study that found a decrease in childhood obesity to first lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, though little evidence connects the two.

U.S. not planning Nigerian girls’ rescue . . . Bloomberg
The Obama administration isn’t asking the Pentagon to develop options for a mission to free Nigerian schoolgirls taken hostage by the Boko Haram terrorist group

Rubio: Obama must help jailed Marine . . . Fox News
Sen. Marco Rubio said it is time for Obama to make the case of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, the Marine jailed in Mexico, a priority and convey its importance to Mexican authorities.

Rove attacks Obama Senate VA record . . . Politico
“President Obama was a member of the Senate veterans committee. He very rarely showed up at those meetings,” Rove said.

Obama to tap Julian Castro for HUD . . . Reuters
The San Antonio mayor will replace Shaun Donovan, who will be named to lead Office of Management and Budget.

Poll: Huckabee leads tight race in Iowa . . . Newsmax
Public Policy Polling reports Huckagee has 20 percent of the support, 5 percentage points more than Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Jeb Bush is supported by 12 percent of those polled

The psychodrama of George v. Jeb . . . Politico
George W. has often done little but complicate Jeb’s career. And things may soon grow even more complicated

16 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 23, 2014


    Obama donated to the museum his own piece of presidential history: The jacket he wore when he threw out the first pitch at the 2009 All-Star game. He did not, however, donate the infamous “mom” jeans he wore to that game.

    “With all the media attention about it, there was also some interest in the jeans I wore that night,” he joked. “But Michelle retired those jeans quite a while back.”

    Yeah Obama you deserve an entire floor dedicated to you at Cooperstown, what an ego! Ted Williams is crying…

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  2. Julian Castro – La Raza radical. And now a federal bureaucrat. Lovely. Can’t wait for the appointments AFTER the fall election.

    Congress holds no power anymore. The democrats neutered themselves by working with Obama on Obamacare. We are now ruled by faceless agencies in the executive branch.

    • Castro is bad news. Coupled with Obama’s pen and phone push on immigration and the self castrated Congress we are truly an country run by the apparatchiki who serves under the direction of the executive.

      We only now pretend that we have three branches of government and a government by of and for the people. We are a socialist nation with the burden of a huge and ever growing social safety nets and an economic system that will support that. Until it doesn’t.

  3. Off topic. I made a comment yesterday, about being lost when my computer crashed. Just to let you know I miss typed when I said I was lost without Drudge. I meant to type: I was lost without

  4. Here’s a little glimpse into what our future with new illegal immigrant amnesty. Eric Cantor’s condo mobbed. This isn’t about integration or assimilation or rights or laws. This is about demands. We are truly a third world — with little protection from what is rapidly becoming rabble.

    This is Obama’s Amerika and the Democrat Party and all the stupid stupid people who are going along this ruinous path are beyond contempt.

  5. It ain’t over ’till it’s over, but none of the major news “outlets” is covering the story of the UK elections and how the Conservatives and UKIP (nationalist) are on a romp with Labour, Liberals, and Greens not doing well at all. Maybe they’re afraid that this is a harbinger of what will happen here in November.

  6. Speaking of childhood obesity, if you want to go nuts (that made me hungry), get Dara-Lynn Weiss’s book, The Heavy: A Mother, a Daughter, a Diet. She means well (there is some backstory about her) and puts her whole family on a sort of odd regimen so her 7-yr-old will lose weight. Michelle–call your local bookstore!