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Obama: Michelle Retired My “Dad Jeans”

A tragic chapter in the history of our nation has come to and end.

President Obama announced Thursday at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown that First Lady Michelle Obama had gotten rid of the “dad jeans” he wore throwing out the first pitch at the 2009 All-Star game.

Uhh, most people refer to these as his mom jeans. Because they were that bad.

Anyway, one of her Michelle’s merciful acts.

Here are the mom jeans themselves, memorialized in song.

18 Responses to Obama: Michelle Retired My “Dad Jeans”

  1. So funny, calling them “dad” jeans when everyone knows the “mom” jeans were a perfect fit, in every way, for him.
    While she’s in die hausfrau mood, perhaps she could ask one of the thousands of pro sports guys they hang around with to teach him how to throw a ball like a man.

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  2. Lordy, the ego! How many Presidents and other notables have thrown out the first ball and yet did not think the attire they were wearing was worthy of being donated to the Baseball Hall of Fame? I;m sure they will have to display it prominently for the next two years, but then they can allow it to gather dust or, better yet, return the donation for Obama’s Presidential Library.

      • Judging by the tight shots, the Mall must’ve been shutdown for hours and swept of homeless people and other crazies that normally hang out around there. Not to mention blocks of sidewalks and streets were cleared of traffic and pedestrians, leaving just enough for the photo/video ops.

        A man of the people my arse :D

  3. His narcissism knows no bounds. It’s ALL about him.
    From last night’s Chicago fundraiser (via Drudge):

    Obama also joked during his speech that he was beginning to feel old.

    “All of you look the same and I look like Morgan Freeman,” he said after pointing out some of his old friends from his days in Chicago.

    “So the job has been wearing me down a little bit, I admit, grey hair and all that. But Michelle still thinks I’m cute. She’s not ready to trade me in yet,” he added.

  4. Completely unrelated, but:

    If you haven’t seen Twitchy’s coverage of the Democrats’ proposed “Like a Boss” bumper sticker, check it out. I’m not sure the internets have ever seen that many Photoshop parodies get posted so fast.