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Video || Koffler on TV Discussing the VA Scandal

Here’s my latest appearance on One American News Network’s Rick Amato show. It aired Wednesday night, and the questions focused – I know this will surprise you – on Obama’s remarks earlier in the day about the Veterans Affairs scandal.

OANN, the growing conservative news channel, started on AT&T just yesterday where it can be viewed on channel 208 and in high definition on 1208. It’s already on VerizonFiOS, channel 116 and 616 HD, and CenturyLink on channels 209 and 1209 HD. The Rick Amato Show airs 7pm PT and 10pm ET.

Anyway, here you go. I got a little worked up.

24 thoughts on “Video || Koffler on TV Discussing the VA Scandal”

  1. Keith:

    You wonder if Obama has actually met with Shinseki. I listened to our late POTUS at his presser yesterday, and I’m pretty sure he referred to Shinseki as “Rick”.

    Actually, I just checked the transcript, which agrees that Obama called him “Ric” four different times in answer to the second question.
    Is “Ric” short for Eric?

    1. I know you’re addressing Keith, but I could see Ric or Rick being a nickname for Eric, but if Obama never met with Shinseki as Keith suspects, I think he would be falsely implying that they’re good friends on a first name basis, nickname basis even.

      1. On further research, I found him referred to as Ric in the Washington Post, so Obama is correct in this shorthand. The article was written by somebody who knew Shinseki twenty years ago. (Should have checked before posting).

  2. Well done Keith.
    You are correct,…this is a non-partisan issue and is going to hit the administration hard.
    Obama’s nonchalant attitude is going to bite him one of these days.
    It is allover Fox News tonight.

  3. Keith, well done. But if you are going to make to the big time (you’re already there in my book) you’re going to have to stop making sense! Just stop would ya?
    For example try: “Cooking the books you say? That is because there are so many mouths to feed. We need to cook more… try harder…”
    You see this takes an accusation without a smidgen of truth and turns it into a volunteer recruitment program. Come on Keith, you can do this. I know you can!

  4. Keith: A controlled “worked up” – just as well. On this side of the screen, we’re more than making up for what you can’t say. BTW…nice tie!

    The big question for the Memorial Day weekend: Where is Obama going to hide? I’d add in shame, but we all know he doesn’t have one iota of it!

  5. Yay, I was able to open this one. Even if Obama did get Holder involved, it still would be a case of the foxes watching the henhouse.

  6. Amato was worse than a Congressman talking the entire time and giving you just a few seconds to answer! Keith if that is you worked up you have to be one of the nicest guys in DC! LOL

    Benghazi should be nonpartisan. Our Ambassador was assassinated. What could more unifying? But since the President and Democrat leaders put Obama,Clinton and Democratic Party before Country they are spinning it as partisan. Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, Obama and Biden have committed treason in my opinion. OJ is having better luck finding the killers than we are finding the assassins of our Ambassador Stevens, Smith, Doherty and Woods. It is haunting thinking Doherty and Woods fighting crowds with no help to come. Our leaders watched via a drone camera and went to bed………….

  7. It’s funny, I felt really worked up but then on TV it doesn’t look too much that way. They tell you to really exaggerate when you are in a studio because it looks good on the air. Neutral talking looks very bland on TV. Funny thing is sometimes I’ve on shows with someone else next to me and the guy looks like a raving lunatic in the studio but later on the TV he looks just fine.

    1. I wonder who’s been tutoring Harry Reid? I understand the camera makes you a tad heavier – does that mean Harry is even scrawnier than he appears?

      1. His voice is what gets to me…maybe he has a problem I have not heard about but he always sounds so, so weak and fading out…drives me nuts.

    2. We have to find some old CNN Crossfire videos.. Buchanan always had the GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip going every time he wanted to accentuate a point. In addition, the lean forward with a uni-brow helps. LOL I was just thrilled you did not speak of your leg tingling like Chris Matthews.

      Here is a great clip! Crossfire talking about Dan Rather trying ambush Bush 41 about Iran Contra. It was interesting discussion about the proper way to direct an interview. I can’t imagine what would happen they treated Obama the same way.

    3. “Some people” suggest imagining your audience or people — even the ones you can’t see, in their underwear. I, for one, only see John Kerry in his Heinz ketchup red boxers.

      That said, well done. I like it when you bring the appearances and I support independent conservative outlet.

  8. Congrats for the air/face time, your opinions are well received.

    Fired up, huh? Where I come from, fired up involves shouting, waving arms and hand gestures until the loudest speaker wins by default. lol.

  9. Today, Cavuto interviewed a ‘Crisis Manager’ who is obviously another shill and ‘excuse fabricator’ for bho’s lack of prompt response to ‘any’ of the scandals!

    No words can adequately describe the sorrow of the loved ones who’ve lost family members due to the complete incompetence of those chosen by an incompetent Prez as ‘advisers/czars/dep’t chairs, etc., etc.!

    Many years ago, my father-in-law, an Army Veteran, died a slow and very cruel death after a ‘botched postate surgery’ in a VA Hospital! We could not get him transferred to another hospital, nor could we, later, sue for ‘mal-practice’! All those painful memories are constantly flooding back, since the VA criminal activities have been revealed!

    As long as bho and his corrupt AG are in office, America’s Veterans in hospitals, our service personnel in combat, along with the American citizens in the US and around the World, are NOT safe! jb

    1. PS Keith, If your readers want to check-out the ratings of the VA Hospitals in their own state, they can search. The John J. Pershing VA Hospital in Joplin, MO, where my father-in-law had his surgery has a ’58 Points’ out of a 100. That is on their site for the World to see, along with the ratings and doctor/patient ratio per 1000 patients. Other VA facilities ratings were 80, 76, 60, and Pershing at 58!

      Disturbing news along with the deaths of so many American Heroes! jb

  10. Well done, Keith. It’s infuriating that the only person who isn’t ‘worked up’ about this horrible scandal is the ‘phantom’ of the WhiteHouse.

    The little coward is hiding out in plain sight – fundraisers galore – but it remains to be seen if he ever met with or spoke to
    Shinseki over the past six years. If he only met with Ms. Sillybus ONCE in two years, we can assume he never met with
    Shinseki. He only uses Vets for photo ops.

    I will never forget one of his greatest gaffes: “It’s good to see some of our ‘fallen soldiers’ are in the audience today’. Asshat!

  11. Great job Keith !

    As with all the other phony scandals it’s the failure of leadership and lack of accountability.

    I just turned to ch.116 on Fios and there’s actual NEWS on ! Thanks again for the head’s up.

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