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Veterans on Earth, Obama on Mars

Here is the CNN reporter who broke the story of the shenanigans at the Phoenix VA office. He comes off not as the least bit partisan, but as sober and concerned. And he clearly was disconcerted Wednesday by the sound of a president who doesn’t seem, even now, to get what veterans want and need for him.

From remarks CNN’s Drew Griffin made right after Obama’s briefing room appearance:

What (veterans) did not want to hear is that we’re going to wait for yet again another office of inspector general report orosome fact-finding mission.

I was a little caught off guard by what apparently is a disconnect by what’s happening out in the country and what the president is talking about.

I hate to be curt, but these GAO reports, these Office of Inspector General reports, these memos dating back to 2010 and 2008 — this problem is real. It exists. It really doesn’t have to be studied as to what’s going on. The government has done its job studying these issues.

And to say that you’re going to now wait for yet again more studies to come back and more fact-finding to come back, I would think that the vets I’ve been talking to wanted much more direct action of what actually is going to happen going forward, instead of, “Wait and see and then we’ll decide what’s going to happen going forward.”

We’re five years into his presidency, and the problem seems to be certainly not better, and perhaps even worse.

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  1. Credit where credit is due to this CNN Reporter who did not shirk from an honest non partisan assessment.

    Although he was clearly less than enthusiastic about having to speak the truth he did so. And that’s a good thing.

  2. Obama’s “lead from behind” method has turned out to mean “do nothing that might leave a record for which The One would be accountable.” It worked well to get him elected — his blank slate became everyone’s dream screen.

    A manipulator of the system has become President, an event that always means the death of the system. I hope we can snatch back patriotism, ethics, and the strength of character that has defined America before the system-players get too far into the dismantling.

  3. Governor Palin was prophetic inhere speech to the Republican National Convention when she stated that being the Mayor of a small town or the Governor of a small State was just like being a community organizer except that she had actual responsibilities. Obama never had experienced the administrative responsibilities and accountability of being an executive before becoming President. Obama voted “present” on many votes during his tenure in the Illinois legislature to evade his responsibilities. Once Obama was elected tube US Senator, he was too busy running for President to honor his responsibilities as a member of Congress.

    Why are we surprised that Obama abdicates his responsibilities as POTUS.

  4. How long before Griffin is fired?

    How long before the WH forces CNN to take action against any reporter that dares to question what is going on in DC, and federal agencies?

    How long before there is some executive order clamping down on these runaway journalist and reporters that are poking at the snakes in the WH and Congress?

    The First Amendment is going to go the way of the 18th is we are not careful. The more reporters, other than Fox, start to look behind the curtain, the more willing this administration will be to use some form of executive order to shut them down. Of course it will all be in the name of the children, national security, climate change, or whatever the cause de jour is.

    1. Well they succeeded so far in making the Jill Abramson (sp?) story all about unequal pay and bossy and anything but what it was. Not enough duck and cover for the Administration.

      But then again that story has gone the way of missing airplane. It’s all about the kidnapped girls. And just to make sure — Obama threw some troops at it. A limp little throw as is his want, but keeps the fires burning and the smoke up.

  5. I felt the same way–there have BEEN studies–these are facts, not allegations, there is no room for “if this is true.” This is classic Obama–wish and wash try to wait it out.

    1. Still, my sister who does not watch news but still loves Obama, said her husband got an appt right away for his PTSD group. Well, yay! I said if it’s so great, why doesn’t he get his medical care there–maybe that melanoma he had 20 yrs ago–how about a 6 mo wait? She just changed the subj. These people are going to say these things.

  6. The question I have is WHY isn’t Barry more concerned with this issue?
    In never-never land where politicians are intent on saving their political hides at all costs, or in the case of Barry, since he will not be running again, those of his party, why is he not showing more concern and more of an awareness of his surroundings?

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