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Live Stream || Obama Speaks at the Baseball Hall of Fame

The event has concluded.

15 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Speaks at the Baseball Hall of Fame”

  1. HaHa… Baseball is “America’s game”. Obama doesnt like “America”.

    BTW, ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ throws like a weak wristed, mom jean wearking, “manchurian candidate”…

    1. Yeah,…and he isn’t trying to get the Marine that is incarcerated in a Mexican prison for 52 days back to this Country.
      1 Marine can’t be extracted from the Mexicans ?
      Obama is nothing more than a puss in a suit.

  2. Unless he’s going to announce an executive order re-instating Pete Rose back where he so rightly belongs, he has nothing of interest to say at the Hall of Fame.

    He could introduce racism into his speech, after all baseball used to be segregated by race. He could whine how there was no Little League in Indonesia for small, Muslim boys like him, because if there was, he coulda been a contenda’.

  3. Obama tried on a World Series Ring from his favorite team Chicago White Sox.

    Gag me, he threw out the first pitch at a Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves opening day game. First, he threw like a child. He wore a a White Sox in NL Opening day game.

    He appeared in the booth with the radio broadcasters for an inning. They ribbed him about the hat. He explained he was life long fan of the White Sox. The announcer asked who were some of his favorite players from the Sox? He could not name one player from the White Sox! I mean Frank Thomas was as big as a house with a great smile. He is a baseball legend who is going in the a Hall of Fame with 3 Atlanta Brave Legends (sorry, I am a lifelong Braves Fan). Obama could not remember one White Sox. He is nothing but a liar. Personally, I believe he should have been impeached right there! LOL

    BTW, George Bush was the BEST EVER at throwing out a first pitch! LEGENDARY!!!

    1. Regarding a couple of $25,000 a plate fundraising dinner’s in Chicago …” There’s a sucker(s) born every minute “.

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