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Video || Jon Stewart Pounds Obama Over VA Scandal

One thing I like about the Jon Stewart – an Obama supporter – he’ll go after Democrats and the president if they piss him off enough.

Why is a liberal comedian able to work up genuine public outrage over the unnecessary deaths of veterans while our president and Veterans Affairs secretary cannot?

Colorful language alert. Stewart occasionally opens a jar into which he has voiced his anger . . .


14 Responses to Video || Jon Stewart Pounds Obama Over VA Scandal

  1. “Why is a liberal comedian able to work up genuine public outrage over the unnecessary deaths of veterans while our president and Veterans Affairs secretary cannot?”

    I think the answer is simple. Stewart, unlike the talking heads in the WH, and Congress, actually gives a flying fig about the men and women that have served in the military. Perhaps he has realized that it is these very men and women that allow him to have his show, make his millions, and protect his liberal ass from those that would have shut him down, and lopped his head off years ago.

    • Nah, Stewart lost me when he jumped on the Sarah Palin is Stupid bandwagon.

      I find it hard to believe he’s never found anything about Obama to be truly outraged about until now.

    • Stewart has visited our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan on several occasions. He is a patriot.
      While he didn’t approve of force (at least in Iraq), he at least cares about the troops. Unlike most in the media or gov’t.

      Stewart is right to show that both GWB and Obama administrations haven’t helped our veterans and wounded vets as they should.

      At least Stewart reports things that the rest of the media won’t.

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  2. I find myself outside the general opinion that the VA is responsible for the untimely deaths of certain veterans, and in an outlier class of those who believe that, veteran or not, we are all responsible for seeking our own healthcare.
    The concept of a “hospital” system providing complete medical service for someone who once served in our military might have worked for service caused injuries, but shouldn’t be used to treat all of the common ills of those veterans when there are other options more suited to give competent medical care.

    If we just looked at the tragedy of the deaths here in the Phoenix area, a major metropolitan area with dozens of hospitals, clinics, and some of the best medical people and facilities in the US, there’s just disbelief that someone would die waiting for medical care.
    We treat hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in our hospitals at no cost to them, we have a Medicaid system similar to other states, so a lack of money wasn’t the reason those veterans didn’t receive the medical attention they obviously needed..
    They obviously believed that the “government” would take care of them and no personal effort was needed on their part. Their families must have stood by, too, not wanting to interfere or insist their loved ones get care elsewhere.
    It’s not the VA that’s at fault here, even though they’re in the forefront of this tragedy. The fault lies with the citizen, veteran or not, who has faith the “government” knows best, the “government” will take care of everything, so there’s no need for personal effort.

    This scandal is about the “government” and it’s success in convincing some people that their lives are safer or better if the “government” takes care of everything.

    • Well said. And to a certain extent I agree.

      I don’t know enough about the VA system but I am wondering if there is something about the insurance that disallows certain coverage etc. if it is outside the VA system. I know retired military have TriCare and of those I know few go into the VA system, although many do.

      I would suspect that there is something — because many people elsewhere travel outside their immediate area to go to VA. And from what I hear it is not because of quality of service.

      But I don’t know. My father was a vet and he did not use the VA. I think vets are outside the norm when it comes to believi

      • believing in the government promises. After all many of them were severely damaged fighting for their country and find it difficult to consider that the benefit they were promised in return for laying down their lives for bad working conditions and low wages would fail them so badly.

    • I understand where you are coming from on insisting on using the VA for all medical care. My husband was a veteran of Vietnam War as a member of the 101st Airborne, 5th Special Forces, Green Beret. He received 2 Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star, his medical was service related. I refused to let him use the VA, we had private health insurance and saw private specialist. There is no doubt in my mind had he used the VA he would have died even sooner. He lived to 65…

  3. Obama is meeting with Shinseki this morning – a statement will follow in the Briefing Room at 10:45 a.m.
    We now know that Obama gets his news the same way as John Q. Public – through TV and/or newspapers. As with most adolescents, the Stewart show is probably one of his first choices. Was he motivated by last night’ rant? Will he fire Shinseki this morniing? Stay tuned…or tune in to the Daily Show tonight for the latest breaking news.

  4. For those of you who don’t think people can die because of waiting:

    These were reported today, as well as drug abuse. I’m sharing this so you have up to date and relevant information, not to be partisan. Personally I’ve gone through doctors and hospitals not giving me timely appointments and damage to my organs was the result of that, so it is possible.

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