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Live Stream || Obama Statement on VA Scandal

44 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Statement on VA Scandal”

  1. This oughta’ be good.

    Most likely Shinseki out and some Nabors selected Obama flunky in to fix the problem that began to fester under Bush leaving poor Precious with a problem that no other President in history has had to face.

    All vets to now go into the Obamacare system.

    Drinks and golf for all. Happy Memorial Day.

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    1. And with his habit of serial lying about everything all the time, he has long ago broken the bond of trust with the citizens of the United States. He apparently just cannot wrap his head around the idea that telling the truth is the most important asset a politician has with the citizenry.

  2. So the coverage has finally become enough for Obama to speak on the trumped up scandal by GOP at the VA. I can’t wait said No One ever…

  3. A preview, “We will not rest”, “we will get to the bottom of this” “we will hold people accountable”. You bet Barry.

    1. These comments by Obama will be excellent points for the drinking game if anyone wants to play this early in the morning.

    2. Obama’s been practicing his “I’m very serious about this” face for a few days so he’ll have that down pretty well. He’ll also be late, of course. He’ll use the word “I’ constantly as as well as other self references. Etc. We all know the drill. Mr. Angry Sincerity, that’s the role he’ll play this morning.

    3. I didn’t hear him say, “Let me be clear”.

      Otherwise it was boilerplate Obama.
      He only wanted to allow 2 questions from the AP and Reuters.
      I guess Chuck Todd, Major Garrett and Jonathan Karl are persona non grata for this issue.

  4. Yeah, I guess now that Hollywood Jon Stewart has said something about Barry’s piss poor performance regarding VA, he feels he has to defend himself.
    Sadly, not so when the American people complain about his inaction or his negligence. The views of the American people are very obviously not of any importance in Barry’s book.
    You know, we don’t care about the VA scandal or Benghazi or the IRS targeting of conservative groups, or F&F or the ObamaCare disaster. He has said as much to his mega donors.
    Apparently we only care about what Barry says we can care about.

  5. I wonder if Present Obama is still really mad about it? No more of this 2nd/3rd hand garbage, he’s gonna let us know directly. What a “leader.”

  6. Fellow Americans,
    Obama Care and the VA tragedy is going to get worse down the road.
    A prime example;
    Yesterday, I called the Mayo Clinic to schedule a follow up appointment requested by my primary doctor.
    They refused to accept me as a new patient because they do not take MEDICARE and my supplemental policy.
    On their website, they claim they are a non-profit hospital, and they accept Medicare, yet they have the gall to to turn me down for two important test’s.
    The fight is not over, I have sent the department head a letter explaining my problems hoping they reverse the decision to see me.
    I refuse to accept this and I will stand up and fight for what is right! Now, I ask will you?
    Vote all representatives out of office. Because we need fresh and honest leaders here in America.
    NO more Crooks!

    1. I once called Mayo here in Phoenix about my eye issues–they said send a money order for $400 and we will schedule you. I said I can read the doctor’s paper for free, bye bye.

  7. Here’s the drinking rules. You have to take a drink if you hear any of the following:
    Make no mistake . . .

    I will not rest until . . .

    Let me be clear . . .


    previous Administration

  8. I caught a bit accidentally and he is saying we have to find out, find out what exactly happened blah, blah , blah.

    Anybody with any experience in crisis management, solving a big problem, or anything of the sort knows how ridiculous this is.

    Obama is going to “study” this. It is going to be “under investigation”.

    1. “find out exactly what happened”

      “we’re going to study this”

      “it’s under investigation”

      Add those to Owen Kellogg’s list.

      1. Glad I missed it. Something tells me that if I’d actually played this particular drinking game, I’d have gotten alcohol poisoning.

    2. I caught a bit on the car radio, I swear he was talking about Benghazi? IRS? Another phony scandal ? It seems to be his go to talking points for anything. I hope the press notices this too.

      He could care less about the vets, he needs to save his own butt.

  9. “When I came into office I said we would systematically work to fix these problems, and we have been working really hard to address them.”

    Prove it, Barry.

    1. “Rick” investigating the VA scandal reminds me of Clinton appointing her own Benghazi committee. They always investigate themselves and come up with not a smidgeon of evidence.

  10. He took a piece of paper from his pocket before the questions started coming. Answers to planted questions, I guess. Why doesn’t the press ever throw him a curve ball? I can visualize him practicing the words and gestures before a mirror before he came on.

    1. Julie. It is a Gift. Don’t you remember. He needs no practice.

      It is a gift. He is a gift. We should consider ourselves honored.


  11. 13 minutes late to a nine minute talk, then two questions from a list in his pocket. (Twelve minutes, then walked out while questions were being shouted.)

    Gotta run, guys. The Super Bowl Champs are waiting to give me yet another Presidential jersey. (No selfies?). Interesting that Obama said some VA staffers have already been placed on Administrative Leave. Judging by Obama’s schedule, it looks like he’s already there.

    Interesting: Obama says that his proudest moments were serving in the Senate on the Veterans Affairs committee, and that VA issues have been paramount issues in his Presidency.

    Looks like he was “laser focused” elsewhere.

  12. He couldn’t respond to this scandal until his speech writers wrote the words that he would read from his fav. toy, the tele-prompter.

  13. I missed the first half of this address, but what I did hear sounded like the typical CYA certain-words meant to sound like something is being done.
    His attitude was more irritated than “madder than hell”, and the final upshot; we’re going to look into this right away. pfft.

    A true leader would have said this will not happen again. It doesn’t matter who’s to blame or what the problem is, we will make it right.
    He didn’t say that; he said they’re going to investigate this…not even close to a remedial action. So, same old, same nothing.

  14. Ooooo, I know what he’ll say!

    “After seven years of an Administration that has stretched our military to the breaking point, ignored deplorable conditions at some VA hospitals, and neglected the planning and preparation necessary to care for our returning heroes, America’s veterans deserve a President who will fight for them not just when it’s easy or convenient, but every hour of every day for the next four years.”

  15. Being raised properly I have to say I’m sorry but that’s the same pile
    of steaming excrement he spews every time he’s caught being derelict
    in his Presidential duties. Were he in the military he’d have been court
    martialed for dereliction of duty. By now he could be having a chat with
    Ms Manning and the non terrorist Nidal Hasan. He was only focused
    using the term lightly on Obamacare which didn’t turn out so well either!

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