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Democrats Will Join Benghazi Panel

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi this afternoon named a full slate of Democrats to the House Select Committee on Benghazi, tapping Elijah Cummings of Maryland, who is the ranking member on the House Oversight Committee, to lead them.

The other Democrats named to the panel are Adam Smith of Washington, Adam Schiff  and Linda Sanchez of California, and Tammy Duckworth of Illinois.

The move comes after an hour-long meeting between Pelosi and House Speaker Boehner today. Pelosi hereby has given legitimacy to the committee, while making things nice and contentious too.

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      • He’s from Maryland District 7. That district has been represented by black male Democrats continuously for the last 43 years. (Look it up.)

        So, statistically, if Louis Farrakhan was the Democratic nominee, and Mother Theresa were on the ticket for the GOP, Maryland-7 would vote for Farrakhan.

      • I agree, clueless, racist, etc., but meanwhile he gets on the commitee, a guy with no intelligence, no empathy for the murdered 4 men, how the hell is he in government? I could do a better job than this mean-spirited, one-track minded idiot. He can’t think beyond his nose, only wants to start trouble and hates white people. And he gets to spread his poison, another moron like Obama. And this is our government today? No one stops these ugly creeps from their dirty campaign against America. Democrats and Republicans in government let guys like this one go on and on, both parties only care about their own asses and salaries and the American people have to listen to the ugly rants of Elija Cummings, all selfish pigs, both parties could care less about doing the right thing or they wouldn’t allow Elija Cummings in our government to rant his hatred and stupidity every day. I am ranting now, I am so tired of all this talk, talk and more talk and nobody pays the piper except the veterans and the American people.

    • Cummings has a book-end – Rep. Linda Sanchez.(CA) sister of Rep. Loretta Sanchez (CA). Pelosi hand-picks her radical LaRaza reconquistas from the bountiful CA cesspool. Xavier Becerra is another rising star from CA. I pray we never lose the House!

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  1. “Democrats will join Benghazi panel” = a bunch of turds in the punchbowl.

    -Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland is one of the biggest Democrat (sycophant, racist, ignorant, clueless, etc.) turds in the US House.

    The Dems must have figured a way to screw-up this Benghazi panel.

    • Or they can use Cummings to claim that opposition to “rational” debunking of this “conspiracy/cover-up/negligence/malfeasance” is nothing less than subtle racism.

      It worked when Issa turned off Cumming’s mic. I assume it will happen again.

  2. Well that was the polite and democratic thing to do.

    …Wouldnt it have been nice if Republicans would have been allowed to join in on the Obama care talks?

  3. OT, but the latest meme is to call Republicans unAmerican. Dear Leader did it yesterday and today Howard Dean. MCarthyism is alive.

  4. “……while making things nice and contentious too.” MrK.

    Why on earth should these hearings be contentious? The Dems should be rejoicing that finally the world will see that there’s nothing there to see, nothing to talk about, and no one to blame; after all that’s been their constant whine since Sept 13, 2012.

    They should be delirious with partisan glee that the Repubs will fall flat on their faces when every document is scanned, when every witness avers truthfulness, and MrsClinton, MsRice, and every other Dem involved in this massacre proves, without a doubt, that an obscure video caused Islamists to go ballistic and try to kill every American in Libya. Really, binLaden is dead, and GM is , well, it just is.

  5. I was really hoping they were going to go through with their stupid boycott. All we’ll have now is Dem obstruction and show boating that the media will report while ignoring whatever actual truths come out.

  6. The Democrat insurgents.

    Sad. In better times, both sides would be united to find out exactly what happened that resulted in the murder at the hand of terrorists of 4 Americans serving their country abroad.

    Gowdy’s good but he doesn’t control the propaganda machine which is finely tuned over the Obama years.

  7. They have been put there to disrupt the proceedings and to try and distract Trey Gowdy from doing his job.
    I fully expect Elijah Cummings to pull the same kind of stunt he pulled with Darrell Issa in the IRS/Lois Lerner hearings.
    Then the Dems can point and say it is all a side show.
    Never mind trying to get to the truth of Benghazi. It’s all to save Hag Hillary and her despicable boss.


    FBI Director James Comey had no answers Wednesday to Senator Ted Cruz ‘s questions regarding the Obama Administration’s failure to fully investigate the IRS targeting scandal.

    During a Senate Judiciary meeting, this morning, asked the following questions:

    (6 min) of questioning but no “answering”.

  9. Can’t wait to hear what Krauthammer has to say about this tonight on Fox. And even better let’s wait to see what Judge Jeanine says on Saturday night.

  10. I agree with Denise, below (above?) Trey Gowdy is going to keep everybody in line.

    remember, this isn’t going to be the usual pointless congressional hearing–where the McCain-Graham-Biden contingent bloviates for 20 minutes while pretending to ask a question. the GOP members of the committee are hardcore prosecutors, and they are not there to stoke their own presidential aspirations.

    on the news just now, Tammy Duckworth said something moderately rational, so I have high hopes for her. Sanchez? not so much. Cummings? he’s only there to try to stall and stonewall, and the public will soon see through that.

  11. They need some Dims to tie up the proceedings with five-minute speeches of praise for those under investigation.

    Do you think the Civil Rights fighters fought the good fight so idiots like Cummings could be elected by even dimmer bulbs?

    I think not — they envisioned a nation in which race was discarded as a measurement of value, not a career-ticket for some race baiting manipulators.