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Video || Carney Caught Trying to Have it Both Ways

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was called out Monday for, on the one hand, asserting that the “investigation” at the Veterans Affairs Department must continue – a key defense for not firing Secretary Shinseki – and on the other suggesting that the resignation of VA Undersecretary Robert Petzel was related to the scandal.

Carney said:

On the issue of Dr. Petzel, I would hope that you had noted that the top official in charge — he was — of the veterans health system was requested to resign by the American Legion, and he did so the day that — one day after his Senate testimony.

The American Legion said that the group looks at Petzel’s resignation as a “step towards addressing the leadership problem at the VA.”  So I think that undercuts the assertion that that is not a meaningful development.

On the broader issue of accountability, we are of the view that the kinds of allegations that we have seen need to be investigated rigorously.  And once we know all the facts, it is absolutely appropriate that accountable individuals ought to be held to account.

But we are not of the view, as a general matter, that the latter comes before the former.

This commentary contains not a trace of logic. Petzel either resigned as a matter of course – the investigation continues, remember? – or he was held accountable. Which is it?

Spock is shocked. Such inconsistency does not compute, except at the White House.

Chuck Todd reins in Carney’s attempt to play cute with the American public.

4 thoughts on “Video || Carney Caught Trying to Have it Both Ways”

  1. Carney is a joke and an embarrassment to the Administration. Like his boss, he clearly thinks that he’s brilliant, while the press and the public hardly listen to the garbage that he spews out.
    Isn’t it appropriate that the worst president ever has, as his spokesman, the worst press secretary ever?

  2. I would imagine that Jay’s G.I. doctor must have a great time unwinding his twisted intestines. How any one can stand there, day after day, and manipulate the facts and not have a dire need for Imodium is beyond me….


  3. So to sum up Jay thinks the media should decide if he was punished for the VA mess or if it is just window dressing. Alrighty then.

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