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Obama Suggests Republicans are Not Patriotic

President Obama Monday dipped lower than usual in his attacks on the GOP, suggesting that today’s Republican Party is not patriotic.

Speaking at a Washington-area fundraiser for congressional Democrats, Obama said he wanted a “patriotic” Republican Party, as opposed to the one he’s stuck with today:

We’ve got one party in Congress right now that has been captured by ideologues whose core premise is “no” — who fundamentally believe that the problem is government; who don’t believe that we as a community, as a country have any serious role to play in giving people a hand up; whose budget reflects an interest in cutting back commitments to the most vulnerable and freeing the most powerful from any constraints; and whose principal focus at any given point in the day is trying to figure out how can they make people sufficiently cynical, sufficiently angry, sufficiently suspicious that they can win the next election.

I hate to be blunt about it, but that’s the play.  And, by the way, when I say a party has been captured, it’s because I actually want an effective, serious, patriotic, capable, sober-minded Republican Party.  And we’ve had that in the past.

The context of the statement makes the allegation even clearer. Obama believes Republicans are devoted to harming the poor while making voters “cynical” and “angry” so that they can win elections. So they are therefore, in his mind, acting against America.

What Republicans are actually doing is making a principled stand against the president. Opposition to Obama, it would seem, is unpatriotic.

37 thoughts on “Obama Suggests Republicans are Not Patriotic”

    1. Well, yes, he said this at a fundraiser, and die-hard Democrats are stoopid. I do wonder, though, if the LSM is giving this more coverage than, say, Benghazi, the VA scandal, IRS, et cetera et cetera.

    2. He can’t blame G W. anymore and now he has to attack the Republicans and the American Citizens. Actually Obama doesn’t see three of his fingers pointing back at him when he
      points his index finger and accuses.

      If he and Michelle were Patriotic and honest they would do as their daughters asked and leave the W H and he should resign. If he did he possibly could go to Kenya and become their President.

    3. The Democrats would walk away from him if they were not agreeing with him. They are all in it together. Just take a look at Congressman Commings who was so against probing into the abuse of the IRS after they had apologized to conservatives for the abuse. E-mails turned up between commings and Learner. This administration is corrupt, all of them and one can’t tell on the other because they would all go down. I would like to ask Obama “if there is not a smidgen of abuse by IRS why did they apologize?”

  1. This from a man who professes to be madder than heck about the VA mismanagement and deaths and who sends off his flunky Nabors to deal with it and then takes out his “anger” smacking a golf ball on a tony course with a Democrat lobbyist over the weekend and then tops it off with a fundraising dinner with the Progressive 1%ers in Potomac.

    Not only do his comments reflect poorly on him but on the people who hosted and attended the event as well.

  2. We have a party here that insists on deciding what’s good for people, transferring money to them, making snide remarks, making sly racist references–I am sorry but that’s the play.

    1. And this is what he says in public ! Just imagine his profanity filled rants he spews in private… He is clearly a trashy thug whom I hope our WH never sees the likes of again.
      (to put it nicely.. in public)

  3. Never in my life have I seen a resident (not a typo) as divisive as this one. Just last week at a Dem fundraiser, trying to rouse his base, 0 said something like “Our voters typically don’t turn out for midterm elections”. Our voters? Can you imagine either Bush or even Clinton making such one-sided remarks? Makes my blood boil.

  4. What are we to make of the Obamas and their vision of America? MrsObama claims that old White people are racists and need to be chastised for their personal thoughts, and MrObama claims that anyone not supporting his views or agenda are simply un-patriotic, ineffective drunken fools who have poisoned the hearts and minds of the citizenry so that they believe the “government is the problem”.

    How does the POTUS make such claims in public without an outcry from the media and the people – because the media agrees with him.

    MrObama is now leading a nation that is hostile to him and his agenda. Poll after poll shows that the majority of citizens no longer believe anything he says, think his agenda is the wrong one for America, and no longer support him.
    If we were a third-world country, or a parlimentary government, MrObama would already have been ousted from office by a military coup e’tat or by a vote of his peers.

    1. His poll numbers show time and again people do not believe he is leading America in the right direction. To bad they did not realize this 2 years or even better 6 years ago!

  5. Until he said, “Republican Party”, I thought he was talking about the Democrat Party

    They are the party of “no”: No charter schools, No fossil fuels, no limits in spending, no divisive talk, no debate, no special committees, no indictments, no firings, no 1st amendment, no 2nd amendment, no capitalism, no risks, no Defense, no allies, no Israel, no Tax Party dissent, no race relations, no defense of marriage, no choice, no religion, no rich other themselves and their friends, no protection from enemies, no talk about enemies, no educational reform, no long term work, no blame on them.

  6. That’s the spirit Mister President….divisive rhetoric always results in positive, collaborative results.

    Piker, a pure piker.


  7. And yet he is totally bewildered why Republicans don’t want to sit down and negotiate with him.

    If he wants that, he will need to step up the attacks, I think.

    1. What a great idea!
      He can quit using those 50cent words and get real, use some down-low ghetto profanity to make his points.
      It would be a two-fer; telling them how he really feels while reminding them of their racist thoughts.

  8. For a real-world Manchurian candidate to level charges of “unpatriotism” is just rich.

    For such a one to level said charges out of political expediency is just revolting.

  9. He wouldn’t know “patriotic” if it hit him in the ____________. Remember the picture standing on the platform when he was the only one with his hands at his side while the others had theirs over their hearts. I don’t remember the occasion, but Bill Richardson and Hillary were there.

  10. Does this person know how to do anything but name call?

    Those Republicans in the past had,for the most part, resasonable administrations to work with. He can’t get along with anyone. nor can his wife. There is so much hate there that both won’t rest until they “get even”. A complete waste of time.

  11. But Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid hosting a press briefing on an anti Koch (private citizens) documentary at the Capitol.

    This. The Democrat Party of the United States of America.

    And Obama b*tches about a legal opposition in a two party system as unAmerican. Shows you exactly how much he knows about America. They must have told him he was going to be President of the Amerika.

  12. Obama has taken projection to a whole new level. if anybody’s been making people “angry, suspicious, and cynical” it’s him and his regime.

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  14. All I have to do is look at history and I see which party stands up for America and which party slanders America and apologizes for America every chance they get.

  15. Obama has all records sealed that would tell the true Obama. He and wife surrendered their law license. Now why would anyone go to school years and then do that? Bill Clinton could not wait to get his back. I don’t buy the story his people push. I don’t buy the story that his Rev. Wright only stood in the pulpit only one time and cursed America and white people. I don’t buy Jay Carney’s “he learned of it on the news” after each scandal. The Obama’s have a chip on their shoulder when they should be so thankful for the life America has offered them, they are not.

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