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Obama is Madder Than Hell!

The Republican National Committee has picked up on President Obama’s strategy of rolling out the “I’m really, really mad this time!” message every time there’s a scandal within his administration, putting out a video, “I’m so Mad.”

I don’t really think he gets mad about anything, do you? More like annoyed. Like when someone questions his wisdom or stacks his pillows the wrong way.

But maybe this is all wrong.

White House Dossier has uncovered new evidence that, in fact, Obama does get madder than Hell!

Through a Freedom of Information Act request, White House Dossier obtained this footage of Obama berating his key staffers. It seems he even may be creating a hostile work environment.

19 thoughts on “Obama is Madder Than Hell!”

  1. The only time I considered him truly angry was when the gun bill failed and he stomped his feet because he did not get his way (April 2013). Of course, that may have been an act, since he had trotted out Newtown families to stand behind him and exploited them. Too bad he was not that angry when four Americans died in Benghazi.

    Three stooges— such violence would not be allowed on tv today, yet we all laughed and somehow did not turn into serial killers.

  2. Considering everything we know, or think we know, about this thin-skinned, self-important egotist, there’s not much doubt that he really is mad about the VA scandal.
    He’s not so mad about some old White guys dying, old folks die all the time. The old dead soldiers were probably racist Repubs and potential domestic terrorists, anyway, so good riddance.
    What’s really frying his kiester is that it’s just one more phony scandal trumped up by FOXnews and the Koch brothers dumped on his desk.
    /sarc/ or not.

    1. Frying his keister–you’re the best, SrDem. I think he gets annoyed that he even has to think about or address ANYTHING. Make it go away. Why are you asking me?

  3. I’m glad you were able to get video of him on the golf course. Seems we only see shots of him when he is making a putt or something. Why on earth would his usual cohort of golfers continue to go putting around when he is so abusive to them on the links?

    You need to be careful Keith, Obama is going to be madder than hell that you leaked the golf outings to your adoring fans.

      1. Either the briefings are inadequate, he doesn’t pay attention or he doesn’t attend. None of these are what he was hired for.

  4. He does get angry, though, in a cold and cynical way and then he retaliates, for example, in shutting down national parks or preventing little kids and the tourist “folks” from touring the WH.

    1. Sequester – oh was he mad. He has a sadistic streak. An internal WH email instructed the AG Dept to ‘inflict as much pain as possible’. As it turns out, one (1) govt job was lost due to sequestration!
      ***Have the WH tours actually resumed full-time? Can’t find any info on it.

  5. I hate to say this bec Jon Stewart is dead to me, but they had a clip on MoJoe that made me do a spit take on java. Maybe Keith or someone technical can find it–must have been last nite. About Shinseki’s anger level…

  6. Given the fact that he has a phone and a pen, why doesn’t he use them to secure the release of the Marine that Mexico is holding in prison for making a wrong turn at night in unfamiliar surroundings ?

  7. Usually when little himself is madder than hell he throws a hissy fit and lectures us on our shortcomings and blames Bush. This time he took it out on the little white ball, sought solace in the arms of the 1% in Potomac and from behind their skirts stuck his tongue out at Bush and the Republicans.

    And oh yeah he sent out his flunky do nothing fixer Nabors and retiring government official became a showcase scapegoat by resigning shortly before his previously announced retirement.


  8. Where is Obama? Hiding under Valjar’s desk? Taking an ‘anger management’ course? Trying to figure out a way to blame the VA scandal on George Bush or global warming, as Krauthammer pointed out?
    Sooner or later, Obama will have to swallow his medicine: Govt-run healthcare is a man-made disaster! The People are ‘mad as hell – and we’re not going to take it anymore’! You like your Obamacare, Barry? You can keep it!

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