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Obama Privately Outraged About VA Scandal!

President Obama is angry! He’s the angriest of them all! He’s like a lion whose mane is being incessantly plucked by a relentless aardvark! Nobody in the whole world is angrier!

Buhhhht . . .

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough had a tough time explaining to a persistent Major Garrett how it is that his boss – McDonough’s, not Garrett’s – could be so hopping mad about the deaths – DEATHS – caused by his own Veterans’ Administration and not be moved to say something publicly about it.

Obama’s single public mention of the scandal was in response to a question during a press conference three weeks ago in the Philippines, in which he bravely acknowledged that despite his own Herculean efforts, “some folks may still not be getting the help that they need.”

Watch how Garrett, the CBS White House reporter who was guest-questioning McDonough for Face the Nation, calmly cuts through the spin. He’s one of the few White House reporters who bothers to do it.

I don’t think the White House realizes yet that their usual garbage won’t cut it in this case. McDonough is left stammering, like the Wizard of Oz still trying to project his voice even after Toto has raised the curtain. So maybe now he knows.

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    1. One of Obama’s assignments when he was voting “present” or “not present” in the Senate was the committee for VA oversight. Guess he didn’t show up for too many of the meetings.

  1. Has anyone ever done a video clip montage of how many times Obama and/or his henchmen say “I am mad as hell and I’ll get to the bottom of this?” I bet it’s hilarious viewing.

    1. He’s always angry and he’s the best man in charge of the best detectives. According to him and his people

      Has he solved any cases? If there are cases still outstanding then is he still angry?

      The Fraudulent President is never true. Is he even true in front of his liberal or radical friends and sponsors?

    1. I have said since I first started posting here that MOTUS .. and even BO, have used the military members and families as props since their arrival into the big house. It bugs me to no end how they use them.

      Although I am eligible for VA benefits, I refuse to use the facilities as there are more veterans out there who need the care than I do at this time. We just had a huge outpatient clinic opened up here in Green Bay, but they were having a staffing issue. Their not at 100% yet but have stated by fall should be all set.

      I have retired shipmates who work in the VA facilities, but afraid to ask them questions as they could be deemed whistle blowers, and would not wish the wrath they would get on anyone.

      I hope this will not die another “phony scandal” death. It’s factual, and people must be held accountable. My heart hurts for those veterans and families who have been mistreated or died due to such negligence.

      1. Doesn’t it really say something about the Amerika of today when we’re reluctant to ask friends questions, to avoid putting them in jeopardy? Terribly disgusting.

      2. Otis, did you mean FLOTUS? Our beloved mirror would never use the military.

        Can’t believe you’ve still got my empty chair as an avatar. I’m humbled.

  2. Keith
    I wish I could agree with you that the usual garbage won’t work this time but considering Obama STILL has a steady 40 percent +/- 2 to 3 approval rating makes me wonder if there is anything this man can do to bring about the punishment he so rightly deserves.

    1. Obama could toss a live kitten in a blender and hit Liquefy, on national television, and the media would instantly start extolling the virtues of Kitty Smoothies.

      And his cultists would line up to consume them, too.

  3. He’s “fighting for more rescources”, what? From who?
    The same President who can find umpty-millions for his cronies, for his pet projects, for questionable bailouts, can’t find any funds to help the VA meet it’s responsiblity to our ex-military…I call BS and I don’t do that lightly.

    ot: Why does every spokesperson for this administration have either that hollow-eyed sickly look, or the bland teen-age slacker face?
    They are one scary looking bunch.

    1. Shut down the Department of Education, Energy and scale back the EPA to its original charter and there will be more than enough money to take care of our veterans. And will we’re at it, it wouldn’t hurt to tell about half the brass at the Pentagon their services are not longer needed. There is so much bloat and cronyism it surprises me we have any left to pay the actual soldier who defends us.

      1. The sad fact is that is what needs to be done. And more. But even if there is a Republican Administration that will not be done.

        Our best shot, in my opinion, on making any headway with regulatory over reach, spending and corruption is Scott Walker.

        1. Walker has done remarkable in Wisconsin. He reminds me of the movie Dave. I can actually see him in the Oval sitting down with staff saying “enough, fix this mess. We have enough money we’re just spending it in all the wrong places”.
          I worry though that the establishment and the US Chamber bunch are going to push J Bush and cause a very damaging fracture in the party that will most likely derail it all.

          1. I think they will try and push Jeb. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

            We need a lot of people advocating for Walker. But it is early and he is a thoughtful man. I have it on my list to read his book, Unintimidated. And that is an additional plus to me. He essentially has been put through the fire in WI and he is unintimidated. And from an interview I recall about the book he also said his family was unintimidated. Once you take the scare of I will ruin you away good things can happen with a man of dedication and principle.

            The Republicans and COC — charlatans and whores. And it is up to us I guess. Because you get what you vote for. And I think Walker is open to some immigration fix. And that is enough for him to have his feet cut out from under him by some.

            Fly in the ointment will be Rand Paul I think.

            2 cents.

            Anyway, I am keen on him.

  4. Well, to be fair, Obama didn’t know about what was happening right under his nose in his own VA until he read about it in the newspapers. Even then, he had trouble reading and comprehending the newspaper story because his constantly growing Pinocchio nose kept obstructing his vision. But once an aid explained the VA story to Obama, well, mister, he was some darn mad about it. Yes-siree-bob.

    1. I agree Marcus, Obama’s Administration has no idea what the Obama Administration is doing. Since 2009. It’s why we’re in such touble now.

      Hang in there Team WHD ;)

  5. Chatty Cathy dolls – all of them! Ask a question and they pull their own strings and repeat one of the following:

    No one is madder than me.
    The President is/has/said .. blah blah.
    Not a smidgeon.
    Social Justice.
    If you like your doctor…

      1. Notice how the “pitch” both the sound and political pitch goes faster and faster. As if talking faster and non-stop erases the bullshit.

    1. It (name that scandal) is the ‘first thing I think of when I wale up in the morning; and the last thing before I go to sleep’.

  6. Calm down, I am sure there will be a speech today ordering that every vet on a wait list be flown to Walter Reed or Bethesda TODAY for top of the line care. And from now on, vets get whatever members of Congress get.

    No? Nah, probably not.

  7. ” Get to the bottom of this”

    Code language translation: we will stall, deceive and avoid direct answers on this until the next issue comes along, then, PRESTO, we are done with it. Witness F&F, NSA, BENGHAZI, IRS, and the list goes on….OR until we can move back to the war on women issue…that’s a winner.


  8. I don’t know the entire story related to the problem, but it doesn’t sound like throwing money at it is the solution. How about getting people who actually put in a full days work and know what the heck they are doing for once.

  9. Obama is singing a new tune of late: “Send in the Ghouls”:
    Major Garrett must have felt a twinge of uneasiness as he sat across the table from Obama’s chief hangman and executioner. What a pair of ghouls – Denis and Zeke!

    Heads ( Obama’s) should have started to roll when he funneled a boatload of $$$ to the U. of Chicago Medical Center to pad his wife’s salary. He is still funneling $$$ to travel/golf partner, Eric Whitaker at the Medical Center.
    Michelle’s head should have rolled when she started her patient-dumping scheme at the University hospital.

    Barry is ‘mad as hell’ because the VA scandal will ultimately bring down Obamacare. Patient dumping/rationing is just the tip of the iceberg.

  10. Sarah Palin was right,….death panels will exist.
    Just who are these veterans ?
    WWII veterans ?
    Korean veterans ?
    Vietnam veterans ?
    Iraqi veterans ?
    Afghanistan veterans ?

    All we are seeing are numbers of the deceased that were put on a waiting list.

    Well I’m glad that Obama is angry,…pffffft !

  11. Well considering they were informed by the transition team in 2008 before dumbo took office that alone speaks volumes and tells American’s
    all they need to know about this corrupt bunch.

  12. Didn’t the chick who oked the blocking of memorials to vets during the sequester get confirmed as HHS Secy? Irony.

  13. The President sees Veterans every weekend standing in the parking lot after he bumped the from playing golf at the various bases.

    Another Scandal that no one will be fired or go to jail. 19 states have had the fake VA lists now. The President is “Mad as Hell” but has not spoken about in 3 weeks. He is “Mad as Hell” when Ed Henry questioned him on the Asian Pacific trip 3 weeks ago. That is what he is “Mad as Hell” about.

    When you run a shadow government without oversight this is what happens. How many Czars and Obama people are conversing off the government email accounts and on unsecured Gmail?? Fake economic numbers to win an election? Lying about facts constantly or should I say every time Carney opens his mouth. Then to act surprised at a fake list? Oh Please!

    What did he weigh in on?
    “The President congratulates Michael Sam, the Rams and the NFL for taking an important step forward today in our Nation’s journey,”

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  15. Please, its the same old pattern from Obama — no regard for human life as in kill the babies (millions of human life, abortion is his FIX for population control), death panels for the old FOLKS (as he calls everyone) and let the veterans die too! This is what he wants, Obama doesn’t want to pay the benefits to the veterans, let ’em all die for population control, just like the Nazis, total control, with no one stopping him, mind you!

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