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The Obama Morning News || May 19, 2014

Obama knew of VA wait times in 2008 . . . Washington Times
Delay in treatment linked to 100 VA deaths . . . Newsmax
Scientists rebut WH global warming claims
. . . Newsmax
Geithner: Obama “excellent” in crisis . . . Examiner
Feinstein: Benghazi “lynch mob” . . . Examiner
Carson: I’m under pressure to run . . . Newsmax
Rove: I didn’t question Hillary’s health . . . The Hill
HUD nominee possible Hillary running mate . . . Politico
Poll: Mounting danger for Democrats . . . Politico

7 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 19, 2014

  1. Politico’s “mounting danger” for the Dems.
    No matter how the Dems like to spin that our economy is rising, or that things are looking up, the fact that 50million of us are still using food stamps to survive, and our work force gets smaller every week affects how people view their representatives (and the President).
    Still, the most important factor that has turned the voters away from the Dems is Obamacare and the resulting burdens or confusion that seems to be the one constant in the polling for the upcoming elections.

    The question that has, and will, be debated for a long time is this: what would Congress look like or be capable of doing for the people if not for the backlash towards the whole of Obamacare? There is a good argument that the election of 2010 and the resulting change in Congress’ majority wouldn’t have happened, and the Dems would still be enjoying a majority in both houses.
    Could MrObama and his minions have passed every one of their other pet projects from cap&trade and amnesty in the last six years, and would MrObama had really been able to focus on our economy or would we be in the same economic mess (or worse) than we are today?
    The most telling thing about the elite Dems who thought that Obamacare was necessary is that even in the face of defeat, of constant negative polling, they refuse to admit that the law is a mistake, that it’s created a two-tier healthcare system that works only for the privileged, and it is the cause of their demise in Washington.

    It’s interesting to consider where MrO’s polling numbers would be if he had announced he would sign whatever came upon his desk to change the law, remove the law, or even if he just told the country that the bill is flawed and he wanted Congress to make it right.

  2. HUD Secy possible Hillary running mate.

    Why not? With LaRaza Castro immigration will be solved with an Emancipation Proclamation for Illegals. Then we can just do away with the two party system.

    Rosetta sales will probably surge to facilitate our new language.

  3. Anyone notice how often the turn of phrase, through the ‘Freedom of Information Act’ is part and parcel of “most transparent administration in history” in article after article.

  4. The Reconquistas are coming!; the Reconquistas are coming!
    Unlike Obama, there is a paper trail a mile long on Rosie Castro and her LaRaza-bred twins.
    The unwed founding ‘Mother’ of LaRaza was Chairwoman between 1972-74. Her activities are well documented.

    Just the rumor of a Clinton/Castro ticket should send shock waves through the nation! Hillary will be pilloried. Is the LSM going to sit back and ignore the radical past and future agenda of this evil family because they are ‘Brown’? Is it going to be an Obama redux? It’s time for a revolution!

    The acorn does not fall far from the tree. Is there a Castro in OUR future? See below:

  5. When I’m sad and discouraged from failure and feel the whole world is against me and everything is wrong.

    All I need for courage is to whisper, “Thank God for my Christian home”

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