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Michelle to Students: Police Grandpa’s Speech

First Lady Michelle Obama Saturday counseled graduating seniors in Topeka, Kansas to tell their closest relatives to put a sock in it if they hear something they don’t like.

And so, graduates, it’s up to all of you to lead the way, to drag my generation and your grandparents’ generation along with you . . .

And that’s really my challenge to all of you today.  As you go forth, when you encounter folks who still hold the old prejudices because they’ve only been around folks like themselves, when you meet folks who think they know all the answers because they’ve never heard any other viewpoints, it’s up to you to help them see things differently . . .

Maybe that starts simply in your own family, when grandpa tells that off-colored joke at Thanksgiving, or you’ve got an aunt talks about “those people.”  Well, you can politely inform them that they’re talking about your friends (Applause)

That’s the problem with big government liberals like Michelle. Ultimately, they think your business is their business.

And so they make policies that reflect this. They want to run your healthcare, decide what type of moral principles you must support, and so forth. And it won’t be long before they’ll tell you what grandpa can say to you over checkers.

If my grandpa is a foaming at the mouth racist – he wasn’t, but if he were – it’s a problem for me, but it’s actually none of Michelle’s damn business.

But no matter what you do, the point is to never be afraid to talk about these issues, particularly the issue of race.  Because even today, we still struggle to do that.  Because this issue is so sensitive, is so complicated, so bound up with a painful history.

And we need your generation to help us break through.  We need all of you to ask the hard questions and have the honest conversations, because that is the only way we will heal the wounds of the past and move forward to a better future. (Applause.)

Sounds more like Michelle is intent on keeping the wounds of the past open.

There is racism today. There is much less racism than there used to be. This country has come a long way.

What’s holding African Americans down today is not racism. It is the disfunction in the black community created by years of programs designed by elitist liberals like Mrs. Obama

Almost three quarters of all black children are born out of wedlock. Half of all blacks live in households receiving means-tested benefits. Those are tragedies. And they have nothing to do with racism, and everything to do with the replacement of the family by the government.

What minority communities need is conservative policies that open up opportunities for everyone, and a rollback of government programs that keep people tethered to the nanny state.

And what we need less of is heightened scrutiny of fading racism, which only serves to divide us. Oh, and to get the Democratic base to the polls on Election Day.

H/T The Blaze.

33 thoughts on “Michelle to Students: Police Grandpa’s Speech”

  1. Funny she didn’t give a speech at the White Privelege Conference. Huh, maybe she should walk the talk and denounce Holder for ignoring the New Black Panthers’ voter intimidation back in 2008. Fraud.

  2. Yeah I can just see me politely informing my parents, my aunts and uncles, that they are talking about my friends!

    And later when they mature these same young people can turn these same parents, aunts and uncles into the appropriate government agency of thought and political correctness control.

    This woman is bats! This whole things is crazy!

    I just caught a glimpse of a speech Condi Rice gave two years ago — yes, might not have been able to sit at the counter, but could grow up to be President of the United States. And this was juxtaposed by Eric Holder and some rant about discrimination etc. in the US being so bad.

    Give me Condi Rice any day. I want a country of people who have hopes, dreams and aspirations that they can make it. That value and lean on their parents and family. And who don’t always have their mouth open blaming other people and their hand out waiting for the government to take care of them.

    Crazy crazy crazy.

  3. All our sorrows will end with the loved ones of before

    Never grow old, Never grow old. In a land where we’ll never grow old.

  4. They can’t have it both ways; they can’t support Affirmative Action policies, and then claim we won’t separate people into races or privilege.
    They can’t oppose voter ID laws and then claim that minorities (code-Af-Ams) can’t provide those documents because, well, just because.
    If we’re to enter a blind-racial world, then no one of any race, minority or not, moves ahead of another except by excellence or proficiency. Illegal aliens do not get a special bye to our laws because they are Hispanic, Af-Ams do not get out of prison because they’re Black, and Asians do not get bumped from select lists because they’re better at something than everyone else.

    So, what’s it gonna be, MrsO: Af-Ams deserve more than Whites and Asians or is everyone is going to have to compete on a level playing field?

  5. Gee it sounds like she is referring specifically to “white folks” making disparaging remarks against blacks. Like this road doesn’t travel both ways?
    And who sits around the Thanksgiving table and disparages other people anyway?
    I am sick to death of this black queen and her pathetic consort.

    1. Certainly she’s talking about “white folks”.
      Now if Mooch wants to run her mouth, she should address “her” people in Chicago.
      Friday, 17 MAY 14 1, 2:00PM / Monday 19 MAY 14 , 6:00AM
      Shot & killed ; 3
      Shot & wounded ; 27
      Victims and offenders, Black.

    1. I get the feeling you’re thinking the same thing I am: it’s but a hop, skip and a jump from confronting family members to reporting family members. In a related story a police commissioner in a small New England community was outed for using the N-word by a woman eavesdropping at a nearby table in a restaurant. What I’d like to know is if this woman had been planted because she has only lived there a few months and is now spearheading a drive to force him from office. Apparently, Mitt Romney has a home in that community and now he’s been manipulated into saying the police commissioner should go.

      I don’t use that word, but I don’t like the idea that someone can be “outed” by someone eavesdropping on a private conversation. Big Brother is indeed watching.

      1. Agree. I heard that the man in question has “retired” or is no longer employed; who knows what happened.

        I’d be horrified if someone was monitoring my private conversations on anything or anyone. I’m not profane, nor do I use vile or ethic-type names, but my opinion could be used against me if I’m not all that PC.
        We’re heading into dangerous waters in the US that I never thought we’d see.

        1. We’re already in dangerous waters. Look no further than commencement speaks, or the “official code list/dog whistle” lexicon of the Left.

        2. It doesn’t matter if you don’t use those words. All it takes is for a person with an agenda to claim they “heard” you say it.

  6. Many of us struggle with looking in the mirror or taking constructive criticism from outside. The so called leaders of the African American community have not led by example, but by finger pointing and finding non existent enemies. This shameful behavior is just that. I was priveliged to hear a much better speech on saturday thank goodness.

  7. I, for one, would like to see our First Racist Thug(ette) segregated from the American public. Either that, or return her to her roots in Africa. She has waged an all-on assault on White America since her days at Princeton, if not before. She has given America a permanent black eye. Her title, First Lady, should be revoked,

    (Presented without comment)

  8. “Heal wounds of the past”? Would she be speaking about those she and
    her husband created in the country?? Goodness, these Progressives
    are all alike: Always in our business! In my opinion, they are all a lot of
    meddling regressives and I’d like to suggest they bug off!!

  9. I thought we were entitled to our opinion and not be told to shut up because ours is different than theirs. She should shut up for good.

  10. Michelle Obama. she’s just an angry, unhappy woman and it came out again in her latest speech. All I can say is, we don’t have a President and a First Lady now we have activists and they are doing a disservice to the country by not doing the jobs they are supposed to be doing of helping people and bring people together. Its so crazy! They want babies to die (abortions, millions of them), old people to die (death panels) and veterans are dieing, this is what they want, can’t you see the pattern of all of this? Population control like the Nazis, total control, history repeats itself and sadly it here in the United States of America, without opposition, mind you. No one stops them — no regard for human life, democrats have become like the Nazis. get rid of the babies, the sick people and the sick veterans too!

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  12. From the post: “What’s holding African Americans down today is not racism. It is the disfunction in the black community created by years of programs designed by elitist liberals like Mrs. Obama.”

    Never have truer words been spoken. Thank you for having the courage to say them.

  13. But no matter what you do, the point is to never be afraid to talk about these issues, particularly the issue of race. Because even today, we still struggle to do that. Because this issue is so sensitive, is so complicated, so bound up with a painful history.

    If it’s SO hard to talk about “these issues”, such a “struggle”, how is it that Me-Chelle is able to preach and make speeches about race at every opportunity?

  14. As if older adolescents need encouragement to put down and “correct” their elders.

    Perhaps the hostile attitude of people like Meesh encourage those on means-tested benefits to have a “hate whitey” attitude and call success in school “acting white,” and in other ways perpetuate their problems.

    Watch “Bring It!,” a dance show in which a woman teach AfAm children pelvic thrusting dance and attitudes such as “You give a butt whooping, you gotta be ready to take a butt whoopin’,” and “You get up in my face i’m sure gonna get up in your face,” and other attitudes and skills that will help them if they plan to stay in the lower-income urban AfAm scene, but will hurt them everywhere else.

  15. “Prejudices” I really think this is the chip on your shoulder Michelle. A country that elects a black man as president has moved on, which is what you need to do. You need to stop feeding our young people the feelings you have from the fifties. I know you were not born then but this is what you are pushing.

    “We need all of you to ask the hard questions” …okay, Michelle let me do that…..why did you surrender your law license ? Now don’t feed me the bull that you did not want to pay the fees, you went to school for years to earn those license ….had the press not covered for you and your hubby you would still be in Chicago making behind door deals with your slum lord friend who is now serving time in prison. Remember Tony?

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