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Hillary’s Haiti Problem

The latest feature of Hillary Clinton’s mysteriously success-challenged tour as Secretary of State is emerging, a scandal of potentially huge proportions involving hundreds of millions of dollars steered from the State Department to a Haiti reconstruction fund controlled by  . . . Bill Clinton.

Bill and Hillary on the beachIf “follow the money” is the watchword of investigative journalism, reporters should be swarming on this one. They won’t, but they should. Especially when it involves such a shady character as Bill Clinton.

I think it’s more than likely that either through his murky business and philanthropic efforts or by way of what I take to be his own subliminal desire that she fail, Bill Clinton will screw up Hillary’s run for the presidency. Unless she screws it up herself through her own suspect dealings.

Mary Anastasia O’Grady reports today in the Wall Street Journal that there is little to show for huge chunk of taxpayer cash allotted to help desperate Haiti. What needs to be uncovered is who had their hand in the cookie jar before the Haitians got the crumbs.

The news website Tout Haiti reported last month that two prominent lawyers have petitioned Haiti’s Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes, demanding an audit of Bill Clinton’s management of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC). There are powerful interests that won’t want to see the petition succeed and it may go nowhere. But the sentiment it expresses is spreading fast. In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, Mr. Clinton has gone from hero to goat.

Four years after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake toppled the capital city of Port-au-Prince and heavily damaged other parts of the country, hundreds of millions of dollars from the State Department’s U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), allocated to the IHRC, are gone. Hundreds of millions more to the IHRC from international donors have also been spent. Left behind is a mishmash of low quality, poorly thought-out development experiments and half-finished projects.

Haitians are angry, frustrated and increasingly suspicious of the motives of the IHRC and of its top official, Mr. Clinton.

Referencing “the Clinton machine, which controlled the bankroll and could award the lucrative contracts,” O’Grady clearly implies that the Clintons may fear an audit because the they and/or their friends may have been profiting off the tragedy.

There is, she notes, a precedent:

The Clinton crowd has a lot of experience in Haiti. After President Clinton used the U.S. military to return Jean Bertrand Aristide to power in 1994, assorted Friends of Bill went into business to milk Haiti’s state-owned telephone monopoly.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, traveled to Haiti 30 times in four years. That is highly suspect. Mills is not just any State Department official. She is a preofessional consigliere to the Clintons who served on the White House legal team that saved Bill from being removed from office following impeachment.

Bill Clinton has, with the help of the press, somehow graduated from Slick Willie to elder statesman and International Man of Helpfulness. But he’s still the same guy who was walking around the White House with pants around his ankles, the same draft-dodging truth-shading operator he always was.

He’s written a whole new chapter in the 13 years since he left the White House. There are bound to be many grubby chapters we haven’t been permitted to read. Hillary will be working tirelessly to glue the book shut.

23 Responses to Hillary’s Haiti Problem

  1. So this comes from the WSJ. Very interesting as I thought Wall St favored Hillary Clinton in the event a conservative won the Republican presidential primary in 2012.

    I also wonder who is releasing this info. to them. The Clintons and the Obamas hate each other in spite of appearances. Anyway, thanks for the story, Keith, if the press is going to go out of its way to protect Charming Billy. That fraud needs to be exposed, but not in the way he would like.

  2. Oh noes! hundreds of millions missing that was meant to help the victims of an earthquake in a third-world country populated by the poorest of the poor. yawn.
    Why anyone would make an issue of that piddly amount when a trillion dollars was wasted right here in the US of A, and billions more will be thrown right down that same rathole to improve the “healthcare” program that most citizens don’t want, and our economy can’t sustain.
    Hundreds of millions were diverted to a company promoted by a long-time friend of MichelleObama to build a website that didn’t work, and still isn’t working. Hundreds of millions sent to different states to pass among the Dem cronies for websites that don’t work, and will never work.

    I get it; the Haiti missing money can be laid on Bubba’s shoulders, and the people who were counting on a renewal program there are out of luck.
    The same media that ignored Benghazi, the wasted trillion to stimulate our economy, but focuses instead on a few million dollars that they claim were “lost” when our government was temporarily shut down isn’t going to look into this Haiti issue.
    No one in any prominent media is going to tie MrsClinton to any of this, just as they are trying their darnest to separate her from any lack of progress, or failures, of the State Department.

  3. So–like with any third world “rescue”–the goods don’t get to the people and we’re saying the Clintons embezzled them? What? Also–that picture…I was having a good morning…it’s so old, Bill has dark hair.

  4. These folks are so corrupt, such scums that nothing surprises me about them. Another scandal, benefiting from the misery of others in such a impoverished country. I hope that they are investigated and all their abuse and corruption brought to light for what’s worth.

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  6. All of the Clinton’s scandals will come out to inform the young voters….will they listen to history? Or will believe the press??? Because the press will cover for her, they are all liberals, google the % I of liberals in the press if you don’t believe me. We saw how Obama wanted to shut FOX down. They are about the only one’s exposing the liberals.

  7. I smelled a rat years ago when Bubba was given this appointment by the Bush W.H. I kid you not……..I heard cha-ching, cha-ching,cha-ching……… $$$$$$$$$$ into the Clinton coffers!!!! My memory serves me WELL!!!!!

  8. Our tax dollars continue to go to people who have never held a job in the “private sector”!

    When will justice and “we the people” be morally and ethically served?

    • I am not surprise, here I am with 24 children and a school on the ground in Haiti and can’t get any help whatsoever. We have lost our school and orphanage still cannot rebuild 4 ears later and have no hope. we have submitted numerous proposals to various NGOs to no avails. They are all crooks, how are you going to profit on the back of such destitute folks. What happened to Haiti has created a lot of nouveau riche. That is all!