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Sunday Open Thread || May 18, 2014

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  1. Here’s just one more example of the elitism that has infected Washington. WaPo actually has a piece up in it’s food section where the writer whines about the new trend in restaurants not taking reservations:

    Any bets on how long until one of these idiots claims a Constitutional right to reserve a table?

          1. I was making a joke — I think the Palm welcomes whoever has the power and the money. And let’s face it in WDC, there is a lot of aisle crossing outside the public eye.

            Yummy food indeed. I love their lobster.

          2. I also fondly remember Power Lunch at Gary’s–now long gone. And my old haunt Timberlake’s. Gone. The Greenery Raw Bar–gone. Poor Roberts up Conn–only a memory.

  2. All the blog sites must refresh around 8 a.m. EST. I just saw a new story on The Blaze about how the 9/11 Memorial Museum has a gift shop, and I agree with Beck about how beyond-the-pale tasteless this is. One survivor complains that they’re hawking crap (my word, not his) over his son’s dead body, It’s probably all stuff made in Chinese gulags too.

    1. Just saw that one myself. How long before the left calls it Islamophobic for not selling Qurans as well? I mean if they’ll go so low as to hawk trinkets it’s only a matter of time before the idiots demand “equal” merchandising rights.

  3. Race, Racists, and Segregation.
    No longer content to play the race card, or to hint of subtle discrimination, MrsObama and MrHolder each gave a speech that decries the segregation of the races and how racism is still being practiced in every aspect of American lives.

    MrsObama is right that some schools and neighborhoods are segregated by race, but this is the resident’s and parent’s choice. There’s no legal reason that Af-Ams should only live in certain sections of our big cities.
    MrsO claimed that in some places children go to school only with children who look like them, and that’s true.
    However, MrsO and her family only vacation with friends “who look like them”. MrsO’s PR photos for her FatKidsBehind program show her mostly with children who look like her. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not racism – it’s a cholce.

    MrHolder has made the DoJ a vehicle to push “social justice” for the sake of Af-Am criminals that he believes are racially punished rather than given unbiased justice. As a well-educated, law-abiding citizen, MrHolder can’t seem to grasp the truth that more Af-Ams commit crimes than other races which accounts for their greater number of incarcerations. He claims “racism” is responsible for suspending or removing Black children from our public schools; again, unable to imagine that they are simply more violent, and less managable than other children.

    Racism: it’s human nature, bred into our genetic code, to want to associate with those who “look like” we do. It’s not an evil, despicable action to live with, or be with those of one’s own race.
    Since America has a majority White population, it’s inevitable that more Whites are in every arena of life than are Blacks.
    If the illegal Hispanic alien is allowed to be a legal resident of the US, then Af-Ams will be more of a minority than they are now. Hispanics, for the most part, are White people regardless of the tone of their skin.
    There’s no easy answer to the Black’s complaint of racial discrimination, but it all starts with them. They want equality, that’s fair, but to be equal they have to be the same as Whites, and that’s something a lot of them refuse to do.

    1. Me jumping on my bandwagon again. This is just a tease for bringing the anti discrimination housing laws into suburban neighborhoods — complete with government assistance and entitlements.

      If will affect neighborhoods and homeowners will be paying their new neighbors mortgages.

    2. The entire “diversity” mantra is one steaming pile of bovine excrement.
      Yes, we all need to be aware of other cultures and be respectful to other’s experiences, but thinking that just throwing together kids of different races accomplishes anything other than checking off a box on the liberal agenda is about as toad brained as it gets.
      Humans like to associate with those of similar likes. Been that way since the beginning.
      Can’t wait to see Holder and Michelle start advocating for school busing again. THAT oughtta play real well. NOT

      1. And I hate to see children being used for experimentation for anything! Let it start at home if they’re so seriously concerned. As srdem says, the Mooch seems to vacation with people who look like her.

      2. Well, Souza has already captured Obama’s Rosa Parks moment. Maybe he can capture Mooch as the truly brave Vivian Malone as she entered the University of Alabama.

        But that would be problematic seeing as how good ole’ George Wallace was a Democrat.

    3. Excellent comment srdem as always. I read that Holder also suggested that if you dare to disagree with Obama on anything, that’s a “subtle” form of racism.

      Obama has been in office for six years with two to go, and it’s an admission of huge failure that they claim racism is worse now than when he took office which is ironic. I happen to agree with them, but it is black on white racism which I don’t think they meant.

    4. Michelle and Holder come across as racists just because they can’t shut up about it. Her uninspiring speeches to students always make me cringe when she tells them life’s not fair and blows her dog whistle by encouraging them it’s up to them to do something about it. Sounds more like inciting a riot than read more books.

      I never had a problem with previous First Ladies, even Hillary was more tolerable for those times. I know she tried to Co-President, but don’t recall her hectoring us like MO does.

      1. The bottom line for the Mooch is not that life is unfair but that she perceives it has been unfair for her which is far from the case. Maybe she thinks life is unfair because she was born black.

        1. They are missing, (or purposely ignoring) one major factor.
          It is the content of character that makes the difference between us more than anything else.
          If MLK were still alive, I wonder what he would think of all of this ?

          See ya folks, my patience with this site has expired for today.

          1. See ya. I’m off to watch the PGA. We haven’t heard from Swedish Lady in a long time. Maybe she’s given up with the mods and slow downs. With the time differential between our countries, I could see how it would be frustrating.

  4. I hauled this over from earlier because I think it is so emblematic of the hypocrisy of this regime.

    Here is an interesting connection between Malik Obama, Sudan, and Meriam Wani imprisoned, pregnant, and awaiting execution in two years — for having “left” Islam. Married to an American citizen too.

    So while Mooch is all hashtaggy about the girls, crickets on Merriam Wani. God help her because we sure won’t — not this bunch. And Kerry is worthless. Besides, she’s a Christian. Lower than dirt that one, in Obama’s world.

    And among the so many forgotten Americans imprisoned in other countries let’s not forget Saeed Abedini the American pastor in Iran jailed for 8 years for “proselytizing” his Christian faith.

    1. Meriam is incredibly courageous and faithful. It used to be that if you crossed over the American border with your American spouse, you became a citizen. Ayn Rand did this, but I don’t know if it is policy anymore or if Meriam ever came to the US with her husband.

  5. Just for fun! Take a peek at today’s ‘Obama Diary’ offerings. Scroll down the page for a video of MOOCH’s Mother’s Day luncheon honoring military moms and their kids. The little kids at this event must be thanking their lucky stars that MOOCH is not THEIR mom! Wow! Is she ever classy! /sarc/

  6. Lest we forget ,how about the Pant suited Hillary nutcracker. I can’t wait for the bad taste ones they’ll make for Obo and Mrs Mooch
    Someone needs to compile a book of hawker’s crap over the years. As it is world-wide, there should be enough material. I bought a Charles de Gaulle ball point pen in Paris in the 70s that I still have. Just no accounting for some people’s taste.

    1. …can’t wait for the tasteless souvenirs of the First Grifters. Given their taste, it won’t be easy.
      But I have complete faith in the design, marketing and sales personnel for this kind of stuff. It’s inspiring and makes me believe in the American Dream.

  7. Of note (to me at least) Police Commissioner Bob Copeland, 0f Wolfeboro NH, 82 is being asked to resign for using the “n” word in connection with Obama,

    Copeland who was overheard during a private meal at a restaurant, acknowledges use of the phrase but offered no apology and said he would not resign.

    Here’s the interesting part – complaints have poured in from “as far away” as Alaska and Canada.

    In 2010 the population of the town was 6,269. The racial demographics in 2000 were white: 99.13 Black: 0.16

    Obama’s previous job description was “community organizer.” Could there be a connection? Ya think?

  8. Sorry for President and Mrs Bush (43) in their loss of their dog Miss Beazley……….a nice tribute by the Bushes to their “source of joy” on their Facebook account.

    I feel for the Obama dogs who will probably put to sleep and stuffed for the the Presidential museum with all the other props……….that was kind of harsh wasn’t it? Oh well……

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