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New Horizons in Presidential Dignity

President Obama does the Shake Shack Shimmy during his visit to the sandwich joint in Washington Friday.

Even Biden looks stunned.

The White House actually released this. Like it’s a good thing.

I’m sure the Chinese and the Iranians understand this is not a man to be messed with.

Obama does the Shake Shack Shimmy

H/T srdem65, who found this and noted it in the comments section.

108 thoughts on “New Horizons in Presidential Dignity”

    1. Yikes, it looks as if she did what we all predicted she would do: bring up politics, blah blah about her own family, and horn in on someone’s big graduation day after all. Only she didn’t get a huge arena to do it in.

    2. With only 2 1/2 years left, Michelle is showing her true colors. (pun intended) An angry, entitled, left wing agitator who appreciates nothing and demands everything for “payback” of her own perceived indignities.
      Yes, this nation has terrible and ugly chapters in our history (slavery, trail of tears, Japanese internment camps) but the America of yesteryear is nowhere the America of today.
      There is more opportunity for anyone and everyone that at any time in human history yet all Obama and Michelle do is focus on the negative for the sake of their own political power.
      Disgusting, demeaning, and yes, completely UN-American.

      1. Speaking of ‘true colors’, this is a real bombshell. Michelle’s radical, racist days at Princeton with her good friend, Toni McCall Townes-Whitley, the current senior VP of CGI Federal.

        Townes-Whitley was chairwoman of the Organization of Black Unity and was the black representative for the Third World Center (TWC) alongside the future first lady. They hosted a pro-terrorist speaker and the first Black Communist.

        Townes-Whitley and her husband were guests at the WH in 2010 after being awared the no-bid contract for the O/C website.
        Read More:

        1. I absolutely hate to admit it, but NOTHING surprises me about the Obama’s anymore. Absolutely nothing. That this country became so ignorant, so apathetic that these two could wind up in the most revered House in the land is a thought so sad I try not to think on it for too long at a time as depression is not a trait conducive to a long and prosperous life.

      2. It was going to be worse she had planned to combine 5 high school graduations in one depriving family and friends from
        attending due to limited tickets. But there were enough complaints that she spoke before the graduations and not as the main speaker but she still managed to get her odious message out. After all it’s all about Michelle even on the opening day of the
        9-11 Memorial.

      3. Geoff…If you think America is the place where everyone is treated equally, then you are living in a fantasy world. You are typical of the anti Obama crowd…Just their mere presents disgusts you…Mrs. Obama is her own person. You just don’t happen to like her…fine…You’re entitled to that…but to say she’s Un-American…WOW…Mrs. Obama is brave and strong. And I for one appreciate her speaking out to children giving them power…letting them know that bigotry is wrong…letting them know they can really change America where EVERYONE IS EQUAL AND FREE…Not just the Geoff Caldwell’s of the world…

        1. And you are typical of the pro-Obama crowd — their mere presence intoxicates you, edie. How do you feel about the President posing for a picture on a lunch counter looking as if he’s about to receive a proctology exam? I would guess you see it as a strong and brave example of raising awareness or something.

        2. It’s true that people are not treated equally in America. Michelle got into Princeton with an academic record that would have been an automatic reject if she were white. She got a high-paying “job” with little responsibility because she was married to a politician (who got himself elected by getting his opponents thrown off the ballot on technicalities).

          Barack was mysteriously admitted as a transfer into Columbia, which is uncommon, even though he had a mediocre record from a middling college. He got into Harvard Law with credentials that would put white applicants into the reject pile. He was appointed president of the Harvard Law Review not because of academic distinction but because of race. He got a job as a lecturer at Chicago Law even though he never produced any legal scholarship. (Instead, he started writing about himself, his favorite subject.)

          He got elected president because: 1) His campaign took the caucuses with fraud and intimidation. 2) He got the most fawning press of any presidential candidate in history, and his supporters constantly invoked race (and still do) to try to bully and shame people into silence if they point out his manifest faults. 3) A majority of Americans were so eager to elect the “first black president” that they didn’t bother to look into his radical views or his glaring lack of leadership experience.

          I will not be bullied. Michelle is not a nice person, which is why turnover among her staff is exceptionally high. She has excessive self-regard and a feeling that the world owes her benefits she has not earned. She has a chip on her shoulder and does not appreciate the fact that she is, in fact, more privileged than the great majority of Americans.

          Barack is also a person of excessive self-regard, who attributes the ugliest motives to anyone who objects to his coercive, destructive agenda. He is deeply mendacious; he has no respect for legal limits on executive power; he is lazy (by his own admission); and he shows more malice in his eyes than I have seen in any other president. I have no respect for him whatsoever.

          But I certainly respect Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Deneen Borelli, Mia Love, Artur Davis, Tim Scott … all the good people who are savaged by the same leftists who cynically claim that the only reason anyone would criticize the appalling, corrupt, thuggish Obama administration is racism.

    3. I wish someone would ask her why her Princeton senior thesis was removed from the Princeton library until AFTER the General Election in 2008 !

      1. I do not watch or listen to either Mooch or the Grifter in Chief when they invade the air ways.

        That said, from what I have seen, part of this race baiting speech cloaked in brown v boe, was that the further from the city and the deeper into the suburbs one goes the deeper the lack of diversity.

        Do not forget that this Administration has a plan for this. The whole anti discrimination thing in housing, alive and well in the cities , will be moved into the suburbs with grants and loans and all means of government assistance to ensure that Mooch’s moochers get their fair share in the house next to you. And if things follow the pattern you will also be paying their mortgage.

        Nothing these people do is without some germ of sticking it to the man.

    1. I am embarrassed for my country. I don’t think Queen Elizabeth or the leaders of any other country are surprised at what they see, and are biding their time until we have someone else in the Oval Office, preferably not a Clinton.

  1. The caption below the picture at stated:
    “President Barack Obama slides across a counter to pose for photos with staff following lunch at the Dupont Circle Shake Shack in Washington, D.C., May 16, 2014.” (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)1 of 11

      1. How about …

        “Counter Intelligence”

        “Did someone order a slider?”

        “I only smeared the one per cent”

        “High browin’ vs. board of eatification”

        “The butt stops here”

  2. This entire regime is disgusting, a total embarrassment to the people of this Country.
    That includes the congress that are allowing them to get away with demeaning this Country across the globe.

  3. Hmmm. The White House claims Obama is “dancing”. Not sure about that. Looks like he is trying to move around to untangle and extricate himself from the latest self made mess surrounding his administration–the VA catastrophe.

    1. Judging by recent TV programming, it looks like the White House knew the VA scandal was about to boil over. Have you noticed a wealth of salutes to our troops lately, as well as frequent appearances by Michelle on TV? I’ve got a strong suspicion the Obama folks are leveraging their Hollywood connections to counter the bad VA press with a ton of “feel good” military programming. For an operation run with consultation from Spielberg, it wouldn’t be that far-fetched.

      1. Whistling past the graveyard? Wonder how they’re going to handle the onslaught of horrors/scandals resulting from OCare? The VA scandal is only the tip of the iceberg, sadly.

        1. And yet through it all the military allows and the taxpayers are on the hook for Bradley Chelsea Manning’s gender reassignment.

          Oh well, perhaps he will have it done in AZ at the VA.

          1. AFVet: I was reading an article (link directly below) about Dept. of Agriculture loading up with guns and body armor – ’cause we all know anyone one of us could be attacked by tomatoes.

            Anyway, within the article was this link [below] which raises all kinds of queasiness, because we’re well aware that Congress is *not* doing their part.

            Oath of Office
            I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

            Notice that there is nothing in the oath that is about protecting and second that there is nothing in that oath about “the American people.”

            All in all both articles are excellent reads for any and all, who are interested.

      2. Yep. That’s the button on the political imagery machine they are pressing. As in, “Awww. Look how Obama loves and respects the military community.” T’aint gonna work. Not by a long shot. We know what this guy really thinks about our men and women in uniform. And he shows it every day.

  4. So President Bieber missed sliding into the trashcan and being hauled away. And Angela Mooch Davis did a little race rabble rousing down in Kansas.

    Kudos to srdem65 for finding the pix in Sosa’s swill and Keith for bringing it to everyone’s attention. And all the comments are golden.

    1. President Bieber, LOL….Man, is that calling it right. I expect Obama to show up at the next State of the Union address wearing a backward baseball cap saying, “Hey, yo. Wassup””

  5. His adoring people just love his antics. The crowd laughing and grinning, just can’t get enough of the O-man.
    And the world trembles, the man, his pen and phone.

    1. When I first saw that photo, I checked for a scam, hoax, or some tomfoolery to be responsible.
      But, no, it’s an official photo. My jaw dropped.
      Begs the question; why?
      I can’t think of one positive that would be associated with this photo and what he did.

      1. Actually, your first instincts were spot on … about the subject matter, anyway. He just doesn’t give a damn. He danced his way into the job and he’s gonna dance his way out of it.
        What truly bothers me, even after he’s gone – we’ll be paying for the perks for the next ten years (pension, SS detail, etc.).

  6. Sort of subj change: I listened to the audio of THE LONGEST ROAD, a sort of loopy travel book by Phil Caputo, who wrote the gritty RUMOR OF WAR about Vietnam. He and his wife travel from Key West to the Artic Circle supposedly talking to “real” Americans along the way to see what “unites” us– interestingly no one says the Obamas. But the quotes are also suspect–no aints, no double negs–they almost seem cleaned up. In the south, he talks about segregation, water fountains–I thought that was gone now. Caputo is upfront about being a lib. I dunno–it evoked the family vacays of the fifties, but also seemed somehow a little fakey.

  7. I really wish conservatives would stop picking on this man, the leader of the indebted free world. He has done more to for western civilization than the Greeks, Romans, or any of those other white, European dudes combined.

    Every day he shows the rest of the world just how down with the common man he actually is. He’s not like Putin, who runs around bare chested, shooting innocent animals, riding motorcycles, and doing other over the top macho type things. Our dear leader has taken the testosterone out of the White House, and replaced it with a kinder, gentler view of the world. A view of peace, love, and cooperation.

    Do you not realize that this man stands for life (unless you are an unborn child, or someone the administration hates and thereby blow away by a drone without trial), liberty (ever notice how that word starts with “LIB” and it only applies to the left), and the guarantee of happiness. It is not his fault that the Republicans can’t seem to get in line with the programs that he and his fellow travelers are espousing.

    Every day he is helping to create new wealth. Take the “Obamafone” for example. Did you know that Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire, is generating huge profits from his TracFone division by providing service for the phones? See, President Obama is helping a poor Mexican entrepreneur to develop his business, and that helps to employ more Mexicans, thereby reducing the number that have to sneak across the border to the US.

    These phony scandals that conservatives keep coming up with are just examples of how good the President is doing. I was always told that if they are not coming after you, then you are not doing your job. Look at this VA scandal. Yes, there might be some wait times for vets to get treatment, but these men and women fought for this country so that all of us are given equal opportunity. If there were not the wait times and such, then they would be getting treated better than the average American under Obamacare. How is that fair?

    The IRS? Everyone likes to pick on this poor, beleaguered agency. All they were trying to do is to make sure that organization like the Tea Party were not getting special funding through those maniacal Koch brothers. Never mind that Warren Buffett just dropped $1.2billion to abortion groups. If the IRS was not on top of these radical conservative groups, who knows what kind of chicanery would happen.

    The President is simply trying to make this country, and the world a fairer, more even place to live. A place where everyone is the same, and is that such a bad thing? Of course he has to exclude his friends and those that keep the money flowing into his coffers, that’s only fair, but other than that, the man is doing the best he can.

    Unfortunately, the best he can is what is the worst for the country and the world.

    You may now return to your regular broadcast.

  8. i think that Anne Fields is right. He has the maturity of a 14 year old. I think that Michelle and Valerie Jarrett are the puppet masters.

  9. Nothing, nothing surprises me about these two. Every week we see something new to top the previous one. And we still have two more years of surprises waiting for us.
    Many voters who feel disenfranchised like these two for their hatred of those who work and pay taxes. In return, they expect more freebies from the government.
    For the President to do what he did atop a counter where food is served it’s astonishing, jaw-dropping.

  10. Work is Obama to appoint Julian Castro to HUD. Listen carefully to all the racial discrimination etc. talk going on now from Mooch et al and the promise of anti discrimination policies in housing coming to a neighborhood near you.

    And, as I said, you will be paying the mortgage.

  11. Next thing you know this fool will be plopping his bare butt down on a copier and making a “selfie.” Then they DNC will probably do a fundraiser off it…donate $3 and get a picture of Barry’s bare butt.

    1. D — You weren’t there when I had my head down, making sure my hunt and peck was moreorless accurate. And then when I hit submit — there you — were. :) Anyway what really matters is that Obama got to play golf and in VA — a little day trip.

      Speaking of Obama here is an interesting connection between Malik Obama, Sudan, and Meriam Wani imprisoned, pregnant, and awaiting execution in two years — for having “left” Islam. Married to an American citizen too.

      So while Mooch is all hashtaggy about the girls, crickets on Merriam Wani. God help her because we sure won’t — not this bunch. And Kerry is worthless. Besides, she’s a Christian. Lower than dirt that one, in Obama’s world.

  12. I guess it should be no surprise. He’s always courting the classless classes.

    I think it looks like he’s about to have a proctology exam — “simple, just takes a few minutes of your day.”

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