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Video || Obama’s Powerful 9/11 Tribute

President Obama spoke movingly at the 9/11 Museum dedication Thursday, and I thought you might want to have a look in case you missed it.

Obama, who had clearly just been deeply affected by a tour of the museum and a visit with 9/11 families, spoke somberly and with great emotion. And with mercifully little of the self-reference that often characterizes his speeches on any occasion.

The remarks and their delivery are brilliant. Obama deftly intertwined the story of one man, the man with the red handkerchief, into a tribute to all affected by the tragedy and, ultimately, to America itself.

It’s one of the very best speeches I’ve ever heard him deliver. And I’ve heard a lot of them.

Here are some words to remember:

Here, at this memorial, this museum, we come together.  We stand in the footprints of two mighty towers, graced by the rush of eternal waters.  We look into the faces of nearly 3,000 innocent souls — men and women and children of every race, every creed, and every corner of the world.  We can touch their names and hear their voices and glimpse the small items that speak to the beauty of their lives.  A wedding ring.  A dusty helmet.  A shining badge.

Here we tell their story, so that generations yet unborn will never forget.  Of coworkers who led others to safety.  Passengers who stormed a cockpit.  Our men and women in uniform who rushed into an inferno.  Our first responders who charged up those stairs.  A generation of servicemembers — our 9/11 Generation — who have served with honor in more than a decade of war.  A nation that stands tall and united and unafraid — because no act of terror can match the strength or the character of our country.  Like the great wall and bedrock that embrace us today, nothing can ever break us; nothing can change who we are as Americans.

Nothing can ever break us; nothing can change who we are as Americans.

Well said, Mr. President. Thank you.

28 Responses to Video || Obama’s Powerful 9/11 Tribute

  1. Maybe the delivery was OK but I do not believe for a second that he gave it “off the cuff” after being moved by his tour for the museum.
    Someone else probably wrote that speech after he or she toured the memorial.

  2. Excuse my cynicism, but he is getting praise for making a speech that was NOT all about him, HIS reactions or “Our daughters could have been…”? Who was the speechwriter that got that assignment?

  3. Keith, thanks for your comments on this remarkable tribute to the victims and families of 9/11. As I mentioned yesterday, I was (unexpectedly) moved to tears – it was Obama’s finest moment. If only the past 6 years could be deleted from memory, Barack Obama could have been a giant among men. He reached the pinnacle for one shining moment. .

      • Could also be that he is being tutored in the Stanislavski mode of method acting ,lol. He’ll be heading for Hollywood after he finishes this gig.

    • Considering how far he’s pulled this country down into the gutter over the last 6 years, Girly1, I’d say it’s a little too much to jump in his lap after a couple words he probably got from a paid writer.

  4. At this point I can’t believe any emotional honesty comes from him about how we are all united as he has done so much to pit group against group in this country and in reality attack people who don’t agree with him He must be worried about all of his scandals, especially Benghazi which has come to the point of serious investigation. He can’t go back to his 2004 keynote speech before the Democratic convention.

  5. Actions speak louder than words, he has not protected us from these radicals in fact he has encouraged them.
    I’m glad others have not become as jaded as I find myself.

  6. nothing can ever break us; nothing can change who we are as Americans.


    I hope he remembers those words when he leaves the White House.

  7. Sorry, I refuse to be like that battered spouse who forgives the abuser who shows up with a bouquet of roses and some soothing words.

    He’s an actor, repeating lines that someone else wrote for him. He didn’t mean a word he repeated, not one. His goal is to divide the American people into warring camps, to reward his friends and punish his enemies, and to make us forget that it’s the Islamist who want to kill us all.
    The mark of a man is not what he does or says in public, but what he says in private moments. We have enough evidence of his private moments to show he is not the President of all of us, he doesn’t want to enforce the laws he swore to uphold, and he is a petty, thin-skinned whiner.

  8. If he really believes that “…nothing can ever change us as Americans”, how come he is spending his whole presidency trying to do just that?

  9. BTW – where was George W. Bush? Although I wasn’t a fan of him and most of his policies, he should have been a keynote speaker and given a first hand tour of the museum.

  10. We all know he didn’t have time to write that speech (even if he did, it wouldn’t have been as good).

    My opinion on his speech: he read slowly, and paused looking down reading too much. He didn’t read it beforehand, maybe just skimmed through it. Look at his body language. He’s unsure.

  11. Dictator Obama does not care about anything except himself and his totalitarian agenda. He reads what is written from him. Get it. Quit thinking that this guy has any kind of morals or human decency. Don’t mix up him with being moved or showing emotion with him having in the midst of a bad nicotine fit. This was just another propaganda event. He does not care one whit about the innocents murdered on 9/11.

    You want proof? Look what he is doing to the security of this country including wide open borders, gutting out military when fresh enemies are appearing on a daily basis, and his coddling of our most deadly enemy the islamic savages. Thanks to this sociopath the next 9/11 to happen on our soil, and it will happen thanks to Obama, will dwarf what happened on 9/11. He is going to get a lot of us killed.

    He doesn’t care.