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The Obama Morning News || May 16, 2014

Senators lose patience with Shinseki . . . Newsmax
Prosecutors involved; charges possible . . . Fox News
VA problems pose big threat to Dems . . . National Journal
The other hole in Susan Rice’s story . . . Newsmax
Condolezza: Benghazi questions remain . . . Daily Caller
Issa subpoenas Kerry on Benghazi . . . Washington Times
Obamacare’s costly new cost control . . . Associated Press
Obama’s juvenile foreign policy style . . . Daily Caller
Obama’s supposed watchdogs politicized . . . Examiner
Obama fears torture report backlash . . . Politico
Rahm scolded Norwegian over Nobel . . . Associated Press
Reid would change Constitution to stop Kochs . . . Byron York
Obama forgets to refinance . . . Newsmax
Michelle to discuss ruling that shaped her . . . New York Times

6 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 16, 2014

  1. How is it that Joe Biden has a 3.375 percent jumbo mortgage?

    Jumbo loans on the average have run between 4.5 – 4.85 percent yet he manages to secure a rate of 3.375.

    We should have the option to re-fincance our homes at a 3.375 percent rate, but we can’t because are just ordinary citizens.

    • That was a Countrywide mortgage deal. They did a lot of them. When the sh1t hit the fan in the mortgage crisis Bank of America was forced to take over Counrywide as part of their bailout. They didn’t want the sweatheart deals they had been making to go public during a bankruptcy.

  2. This certainly isn’t going to help Hillary if she runs in 2016. If she couldn’t handle a “grueling” week as SOS, then what would she do as President? Delegate everything to her VP? From “the other hole in Susan Rice’s story” above.

    >>In addition, Rice told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Sunday that she was appearing on the talk shows because then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “had had an incredibly grueling week dealing with the protests around the Middle East and North Africa,” Fox reports.

    Graham questioned the truthfulness of Rice’s statement and said it spoke to Clinton’s fitness as president.

    “So the reason, according to Susan Rice, that Secretary Clinton was not on television was because she had a grueling week,” he said at the news conference. “That to me is incredibly important and must be answered.”<<

    • Good spot, Granny. Unfortunately, not too many would pick up on that. I’m surprised it got through because it’s from Bloomberg and Mayor Bloomberg has been very pro-Hillary.

    • We’re going to have a co-presidency if Hillary gets in. What did Bubba call it – a ‘two-fer’? We will need all of Bill’s medical records, too – it’s going to get crazy! I take that back: it’s already crazy!

      Here is Hillary’s response when grilled by Rep. Joe Wilson:

      “There are other things I’d prefer to do on Sunday mornings. And, you know, I haven’t been on a Sunday show in way over a year. It just isn’t something that I normally jump to do. And I did feel strongly that we had a lot that we had to manage, that I had to respond to, and that that should be my priority.”

  3. The Gray Lady’s ‘war on women’ has an interesting twist with the quick exit of Jill Abramson. How will the Left defend the decision of the NYT?

    *Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water
    Jack fell down and broke his crown
    And Jill came tumbling after.

    *John Geddes