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Obama Kinda Holds Someone Accountable for VA Scandal

Typical White House nonsense.

Amid exploding demands for someone to be held accountable for the scandal in which dozens of veterans may have died waiting for care, the top Veterans Administration health official, one Dr. Robert Petzel, resigned today.

Of course, this is the usual Obama White House hedging. A sort of response. You see, Petzel was set to resign anyway. His replacement had already been announced. So it doesn’t seem this is really a response to the outrage that has occurred.

On the other hand, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki released a statement kind of indicating Petzel as being held responsible:

Today, I accepted the resignation of Dr. Robert Petzel, Under Secretary for Health in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

As we know from the Veteran community, most Veterans are satisfied with the quality of their VA health care, but we must do more to improve timely access to that care.

I am committed to strengthening Veterans’ trust and confidence in their VA healthcare system.

I thank Dr. Petzel for his four decades of service to Veterans.

Such meekness. Typical Obama – can’t just take charge and make heads roll. Did Sebelius resign because of the Obamacare rollout? Who knows? Kinda-sorta-maybe.


Are we going to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons? Kinda. But probably not really. As long as Obama can claim Herr Khamenei has granted us Peace in our Time.

Here’s some video of ABC’s Jonathan Karl trying to get White House Press Secretary Jay Carney to say there’s a problem at the VA.

19 Responses to Obama Kinda Holds Someone Accountable for VA Scandal

  1. reports that MrShinseki “asked” MrPetzel to resign. ?

    I guess that’s their story and they’re going to stick to it; the guy was “asked” to resign ahead of his planned resignation date. If Petzel wasn’t the point man on these waiting list/death panels, then they might as well ask Dwayne from the maintenance room to resign, too.

    • But it was Petzel and not Shinseki or Dwayne who actually made the videotape.

      I am sure they will arrest him immediately, toss his butt in jail, in isolation and then Dwayne will appear on all Sunday Talk Shows and Shinskei will be in Las Vegas.

      Or something ….

  2. OT. This is too good a progression to pass up. Kicked off with a nice piece at neoneocon with links therein to Scott Johnson at Powerline and there a link referencing the Henninger WSJ article. Thoughtful, intelligent writers all discussing our American Red Guard at the universitys and elsewhere and our very own Reign of Terror — should you be prone to historical linkage.

    It occurs to me that today’s left may be unaware since they are mostly pseudo followers of the Che brand of revolutionary and the Bill Ayres’ bombers. It is entirely possible that they are unaware of the histories of the French, the Russian and the Chinese. Or aware of very little.

    • Nothing pseudo about them. They’re out of the ‘red closet’ and have set up a toll booth for free speech. The “toll” is stick with the party line or you’re outta here.

      • Yes I agree. I am just not all that convinced that the “mob” of the believers knows as much about what is going on as the “leaders”. Although in point of fact I don’t care. I agree with you. But I think we are beyond the toll booth stage.

        People, like the Benham Brothers, the CEO of Mozilla etc. are now in danger and fear of losing their livelihoods and being threatened with violence and so forth.

        And my personal opinion is that Abramson lost her job at the NYT because of her very faint suggestion that the Obama Administration was the most secretive of all that she had worked with and other such little moments. I do not believe that this is about wage, or bossiness or anything else.

        But I do think we are way past toll booth.

        • Are we ever.

          You made a good point re: Jill. Of course, she walked into the House of Horrors knowing full well what the “toll” was. Obviously, she wasn’t using EZ Pass and sped past the toll taker.
          The Old Gray Lady was diagnosed with dementia ages ago.

    • After watching that video a few days ago about presidential iconography I have as no respect for Souza and no interest in his view of the presidency. All of those photos were gratutitous.

  3. Why can’t journalists be precise and accurate.

    To say that Dr. Petzel is resigning implies that he is quitting government service and saying goodbye to his pension he has worked many years for. A BIG DEAL imply one heck of a lot of pressure from above.

    However if he is merely stepping down from his present post and retiring, it paints a much different picture of the kind of pressure being applied to him.

    Which is it, oh lords of journalism?

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