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Workers at Obamacare Contractor Do NOTHING All Day

You may have seen this – the news has been floating around a couple of days, but I wanted to make a point about it.

According to KMOV TV in Missouri, workers at a branch of Serco, a contractor that is supposed to be processing applications for Obamacare, are doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, day after day, and seem ready to shoot themselves.

A former employee who quit in frustration remarked:

You arrive 6:30 in the morning, you badge in, you go straight to your cubicle, youclock in, and you sit there and you wait, and you wait, and you wait. Nothing comes through.

Serco was awarded up to $1.25 billion to process applications, according to KMOV. The Missouri facility in question has 660 employees and is one of three contracted to process paper applications. The others are in Arkansas and Kentucky.

If you noticed at the end of the video, the reporter said lawmakers are demanding answers and trying to get to the bottom of it.

But they’re missing the point. There is no bottom of it. It’s bottomless.

Now that we’ve put the government in charge of our health care, this is never going to stop. The corruption, the waste, the abuse of patients – it’s only the beginning. Given the intricacies of health care – the various types of providers, the billing, the paperwork, and so forth – there are endless possibilities for corruption and incompetence.

What’s more, a whole new industry of people charged with supervising and investigating the new bureaucracies, health provider networks, and busywork specialists will crop up. Government will contract some of this out. But government will also expand, both to run Obamacare and to police it.

There’s nothing unnatural about Serco. What’s unnatural is government running a fifth of the economy. Another fifth of the economy, that is.

Hopefully the Death Panels will be plagued by inefficiency too.

19 Responses to Workers at Obamacare Contractor Do NOTHING All Day

  1. Hopefully the Death Panels will be plagued by inefficiency too.

    I will hope for your hope. But having lived in countries like we are becoming I am not too hopeful. Still, I will hope for your hope.

    • Both Serco and G4S cannot win any new work with government pending a review of Britain’s existing business with the firms.
      The Serious Fraud Office is running a criminal investigation into G4S and Serco’s overcharging on a tagging contract.

      They must feel very comfortable in Va. among their own.

  2. Well, not absolutely nothing. Workers were told to hit their refresh button every 10 minutes, so it would look like they’re working.

    Nov. 2013
    LONDON (Reuters) – Bosses of British outsourcers G4S and Serco, which are under a criminal investigation after they overcharged the government on an electronic tagging contract, said on Wednesday they were working to clean up their businesses.

    To summarize: CGI/Canada and Serco, UK – need I say more than we’ve outsourced the healthcare system to incompetents and Democrats – one in the same.

  3. One guess what the three states mentioned have in common. Ky, Ark, Missouri all have Dem governors. Another under reported common thread of this admin is rewards and vendettas depending on party. (Remember back when GM dealerships were closed, but only those with conservative owners.)

    We have only scratched the surface of waste of healthcare dollars.

  4. Sounds like the sister mary elephant comdey bit from cheech and chong…

    Monday..I went to work…slept all day…then I went home
    Tuesday…I went to work…slept all day…then I went home
    Wednesday…I went to work…slept all day…then I went home…
    Thursday….I went to work….slept all day…then I went home
    Friday…I went to work…slept all day…got paid…then I went home…

  5. Probably 80% of the “government” work is done by contractors who sit around and do nothing while their companies bill the government hundreds of dollars for every hour they sit there. Some play on the internet, some sell real estate. One woman who brags she works for a DoD contractor, bragged about her high(er) security clearance for her latest job on a sewing board where you can see her logged in all day while she’s on the taxpayer’s clock. The few government employees who see this can’t supervise or direct contractors so — you get the picture.

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