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Tapper Confronts McDonough on Shinseki

CNN’s Jake Tapper, who is sorely missed in the White House briefing room, showed why today as he confronted White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough with a letter showing the White House was warned by the Republican VA Committee Chairman a year ago about “serious and significant patient care issues.”

The White House gave the congressman the usual response it reserves for Republicans, which was, in essence, jump in the nearest lake.

Tapper wants to know why:

TAPPER  How many stories like this, how many letters like this, how many dead veterans do you need before somebody asks the question within the White House: Maybe this guy isn’t the best steward of these veterans?

MCDONOUGH   The question Jake, is, are we doing everything every day to get the veterans the care and the opportunities they deserve . . .

TAPPER “But you’re not! This letter was sent a year ago and you guys ignored it . . .

TAPPER   How on earth, can the president still have full confidence in him. People died.

McDONOUGH   You heard what Gen. Shinseki had to say about this. He’s mad as Hell about this. Nobody’s more mad than the president.

Nobody’s more mad than the president. The usual, pathetic White House spin.

Obama never fires anyone because he’s wimp, but also because he’s vain and he knows it reflects poorly on him.

But he has a problem. Even Democrats will have to get outraged about this, because it involves our veterans. The Democrats and the White House, who want to politicize everything, cannot get away with politicizing the treatment of our war heroes.

31 Responses to Tapper Confronts McDonough on Shinseki

  1. Michelle Obama gave a video shout-out to the troops on a recent episode of “Nashville” (ABC, owned by Disney, whose chair just hosted Obama at a fundraiser).

    Could this be a preemptive counterstrike against the coming storm?

  2. When I heard a Veteran at a townhall last Nov explain how he couldn’t get into the VA to get treatment for his cancer I thought it was an isolated case. Our Rep, Matt Salmon, was already working on his case but no immediate resolution was in sight. It’s sad – unacceptable – that this is how our veterans are treated. This happened on Obama’s watch.

    In other news, why does the USDA need submachine guns with night sights? To use on unruly cows or people falsifying certified organic claims? It’s rather unsettling…

    • For Obama’s ” civilian force as well trained and armed as the military “. That is my recollection of a quote by Obama.

      • Every alphabet agency now has its own Swat Team. The military swore an oath to protect and defend – the agencies did not, they just take the FIFTH.

        “We just can’t rely on a military force, we need a civilian military force that’s just as powerful…”

  3. Nobody’s going to fire this guy. For all we know he might be the one who was directed by others above him to form a quasi DeathPanel at every VA hospital to cut down on expenses, and make it seem they’re looking after all of the veteran’s health needs.
    That’s what the secret waiting lists are; death panels. Those on the list were seriously ill, perhaps beyond cures or fixes, and rather than waste VA resources, they were allowed to die. Somebody had a directive to do this, someone thought no one would catch on to the real purpose, and no one did…. until someone spilled the beans, someone with honor and a respect for human life.

    They called them “secret waiting lists”, but they were death sentences.
    They kept the veterans hanging on, promising them care, and then when the seriously ill died, they added another name to the list.

    No one of importance cared what was going on; all they knew was that bereaved family members were complaining about the lack of care and their grief and outrage was understandable. awww.
    But, it was deliberate, and evil, and a harbringer of what awaits the lowly citizen when the death panels get a say in who gets healthcare, and who gets on the “waiting list”.

  4. Good to see Tapper still has some of that old fighting spirit left. Too bad it’s wasted on CNN.
    How in the world can these grown men appear on national TV and say they are ‘mad as hell’? Is that supposed to exonerate them? It’s almost as bad as Shrillary on Benghazi – ‘We have to see that it never happens again’!

    I am mad as hell that Obama was elected – twice; and I am going to see that it never happens again! Problem solved.

    • Agree. MrTapper is like a race horse hooked up to a farm cart with his namby-pamby role on CNN.
      He needs to double-down, get serious, vent that investigator’s fire that boils inside him, and force CNN to either fire him or give him a decent time slot. .

  5. The criminality of the Obama regime has become open and notorious.
    It is not a case (s) of mismanagement, but criminality.
    I think Eric Holder would agree, oh, I’m sorry, he’s not going to investigate.
    Sen.McCain, Republicans, RINOS and Democrats who value our military and its veterans do SOMETHING.

  6. Obama (and all liberals) contempt for our military men and women is one of their most disgusting traits.

    During the awarding of the Medal of Honor to a young man from my city, Obama’s expression was one of boredom or complete lack of interest and was an affront to this young man’s service, integrity, and sacrifice to the whole of America.

    Obama disgusts me completely.

  7. If Obama will not fire these incompetent and corrupt functionaries whose primary role is to avert their eyes and serve the man and not the country we can at least not pay them? And at the very least, not promote them.

  8. The ONLY people who should be getting “free” healthcare is our battle scared veterans.

    These deems and rinos care more about illegal immigrants than those that sacrifice for this country.

    They are all frauds

  9. Shameless self promotion (Keith does allow on a limited basis and when on topic. At least I HOPE he still does LOL)
    My J Globe column from May 7th:
    Dear VA: Veterans are not the enemy

    I end the column with some of Obama’s own words from his speech to the VFW (at Phoenix no less) in 2009. But to illustrate the blind allegiance of the left I actually got negative comments from two of the most liberal around here.
    There literally is just no end to the complete and utter devotion that the cult of the left has for its Dear Leader Obama:

    John Jackson · Top Commenter
    Can’t write ONE column without a snark attack. Maybe the military should have to choose between fancy airplanes and taking care of their Veterans?? By the way the VA with an over 80% approval rating is an example of that dreaded Socialized Medicine that the RWNJ’s spew about constantly. Did you see the article by Bloomberg?? 80+% of ACA enrollees have paid their premiums. Ted Cruz’s worst nightmare is coming true – the ACA is working.

    Martin Koehler Jr. · Top Commenter · Joplin High School
    I was waiting for someone to link the deaths of veterans via the decades old.broken VA system and Obama…well the wait is over. Not surprised who the “someone ” is. Take off your partisan…I hate Obama glasses…you’re as transparent as a windshield.

    I’d send em the link to WHD but I’m afraid I’d be held liable for their strokes that would immediately follow them seeing a site that tells the truth about this administration rather than just re-typing the talking points.

    • Typical Lefty bait n’ switch thinking – they always manage to look backwards whilst their meme is “lean forward”. I am only surprised that the evil Koch Brothers or Bush were not invoked.

  10. They Lie. The entire administration lies. They give opinions and answers only to make Americans believe they understand and are trying to do the right thing. They are not. Those veterans are being purposefully denied care and removed. They want as many vets dead as possible…as they proceed to destroy America. A sick vet with nothing to loose is particularly dangerous and a threat to this administration. Like it or not, the Obama administration are Nazi’s.

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