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Obama Sends in The Cleaner

The press has rather innocently been reporting that President Obama dispatched one of his closest aides, Deputy Chief of Staff Rob Nabors, to “help” and to “oversee” things at Veterans’ Affairs while officials get to the bottom of the widening scandal over VA clinic wait times that resulted in the deaths of veterans. There might be a coverup too.

From the Washington Post:

Rob Nabors, a White House deputy chief of staff, will work with the VA temporarily to help assess its practices and develop recommendations on how veterans’ hospitals can increase access to timely care, the White House announced Wednesday.

In a statement, Obama said he was grateful:

While we get to the bottom of what happened in Phoenix, it’s clear the VA needs to do more to ensure quality care for our veterans. I’m grateful that Rob, one of my most trusted advisors, has agreed to work with Secretary Shinseki to help the team at this important moment.

Well isn’t that helpful of him, not to mention the president. Obama is grateful. But in what respect?

Nabors, who has served in various positions, has a reputation for quiet loyalty and not leaving many fingerprints, even where he is supposed to leave fingerprints, like in his pervious job as chief White House lobbyist.

Which begs a question that’s not being asked. EXACTLY WHAT ELSE will Nabors being doing over at the VA?

Given this White House’s reputation for deception, one wonders if there’s anything over at VA lying around on someone’s desktop that might implicate someone at the White House for some . . . mistake . . . of some sort. See what I mean?

Let’s be clear people. If there’s something up here, it could get really bad. Veterans who eluded the enemy may hae succumb to friendly fire from incompetence at the Veterans Affairs Administration. People died. People we really care about. Which seems to be the norm for Obama scandals, BTW.

Some who have seen a thing or two, like CNN’s John King, who skillfully covered the Lewinsky scandal, are beginning to wonder about the White House approach. “This isn’t about covering your ass. It’s about taking care of people who went to war so you didn’t have to,” King quotes a Senate Leadership source – doesn’t say which Party – as telling him.

In addition to finding out what happened, other questions need to be asked. Was Shinseki the right guy for the job or, given that he fell out of favor with Bush for warning we weren’t sending enough troops to Iraq, was he chosen to stick it to Obama’s predecessor?

How on top of anything at the VA is Obama? Obama has a habit of not communicated with Cabinet advisors. Has he ever met individually with Shinseki?

Is Nabors the helper? Or is he THE CLEANER.

This scandal demands an independent probe. Not an investigation by Rob Nabors. Our veterans certainly deserve at least that.

Here’s Harvey Keitel as a Cleaner in the movie “Point of No Return.” It’s not pretty, in case you’re sensitive about such things.

16 thoughts on “Obama Sends in The Cleaner”

  1. Shades of Eric Holder investigating F & F. Obama has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Are the Repubs just going to roll over?

  2. We know what it means. Shinseki is the Mechanic and Nabors is the Cleaner. We’re hip, inonit, cool, knowsit.
    The first question of this scandal is Why?, why were there secret waiting lists, why did supposedly intelligent people just linger to their deaths without seeking medical care elsewhere, and why is the VA charged with treating civilian/veterans for non-military medical issues?

    The 71yr old man who died of cancer while waiting to be treated at the VA in Phoenix didn’t contract cancer while serving in the military, and his daughter who is so distraught at his death of what she felt was a treatable disease, blames the VA, the system, for letting her father die.
    Where was she while he was wasting away, why didn’t he seek a non-VA treatment for his illness.?
    I’m not unsympathetic to those who trusted their government to keep a promise to care for them at a VA hospital, but the men and women who were shunted aside for whatever reason had a personal responsiblity, too.
    If anything exposes how pitiful our government can handle anything, keep their promises to those who wore the uniform, this is it.

    1. I find it beyond astonishing how a retired four star general and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff can have been such a bumbling fool in his leadership and management of the VA. It’s worse than willful neglect, it’s as though there were an official agenda to destroy VA healthcare. There’s a VA hospital about 20 miles from my house and I have always refused to go there. I’ve heard far too many horror stories coming out of there to take the chance.

    1. I hope one day people will see the truth about this talented kenyan liar. And all the millions who have fallen for his deception will learn an important lesson: never elect someone you know NOTHING about who has no experience at ANYTHING. Oh the signs were there from the beginning, but all their focus is on the emperor’s robe.

      1. Exactly. We are now living this insane experiment in socialism/income distribution/radical progressive politics. And we don’t like it worth a damn. How did we get here? Here’s how: The press should have vetted Obama, and they didn’t. The Republicans should have risen up as one and to put a stop to Obama’s insane spending and they didn’t. (They didn’t stop Bush’s insane spending either). The Congress should have stopped his post-Constitutional actions and decision and they didn’t. The Supreme Court should have thrown ObamaCare out the window and they didn’t. They even reworded it illegally for Obama so it would pass muster, in their opinion. We could all go on for pages about how “we got here”.

        1. I meant to add–it’s as though all our civil and governmental institutions are in a trance. They are dysfunctional, riddled with incompetence, all covering up their butt to avoid all accountability for their terrible impact on our country and government.

  3. OMG! They are “getting to the bottom of things” again. Where have I heard that before and why does it make my b.s. antenna go BOING?

  4. …YAWN…
    ‘Barack Hussein Obama’, this so-called “CINC” has no understanding or respect when it comes to the “US Military”.

  5. And the stench of this newest scandal reaches ObamaNois.
    Nancy Loo of Chicago’s WGN-TV reports that Hines VA hospital near Maywood, IL. is being audited by Federal investigators amid allegations that Hines officials also kept secret lists in order to make themselves eligible for bonuses. Director Sharon Helman of Hines is on administrative leave for her alleged role in keeping lists.
    Now here’s the best part. Helman left Hines to work in the Phoenix VA Hospital which is also under investigation. Will Nabors find any wrongdoing? Doubtful.

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