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The Obama Morning News || May 15, 2014

IRS in DC heavy into Tea Party assault . . . Washington Times
VA spent $500M on office makeovers . . . Free Beacon
Obama taps top aide to oversee VA review
. . . Associated Press
Obama botches net neutrality promise . . . Washington Post
GOP warns FCC could “derail” internet . . . Fox News
Rice on Benghazi panel : “Danged if I know” . . . Fox News
Clintons dive into partisan combat
. . . Washington Post
Hillary: I got more right than wrong . . . AFP
Maryland Gov. may challenge Hillary . . . Politico
Biz execs skeptical of Christie’s chances . . . Associated Press
Paul tries to shed some libertarianism . . . Examiner
Did ABC offer Monica a spot on The View? . . . Daily Caller

8 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 15, 2014

  1. Appointing Nabors to review VA insures another layer of inaction. Note Nabors has been been advising Obama on his budget and congressional relations . And we all know what a smashing success that has been.

    Also Nabors spent some time being groomed by Rahm Emmanuel. We’ll be lucky not to have more dead people.

    Nabors moved into government work right out of graduate school.

    And, oh yeah, he was an Army Brat. That will be about as useful as Hagel’s military experience has been.

    • It’s about as close to DOJ investigating DOJ. Waiting for WH to issue “it’s just another phony scandal – Nothing wrong here, move along”

  2. And…we would care if Ms. Lewinsky was offered a position on The View…why? Can’t say which I care less about – her offer or the show itself. What a group of narcissistic fools we, collectively, have become.

  3. Even if it were true–which it isn’t–Hillary Clinton’s claim is pretty sad. It’s like a kid getting an F on a test but saying she got more right than wrong. Unless 51% is passing these days.

  4. Apparently Jill Abramson got in trouble for everything but blatantly fronting for the admin. I heard her on many panels–some makeup would not have hurt, and fewer cigs for that Selma Diamond voice–I can see how some people did not get along with her. I am only being partly facetious. Of course, a man “of color” was also in the mix objecting to her undermining him with a new asst, etc.

  5. O’Malley 2016? Please, oh Lord, I know we have done wrong in Your sight, but…Martin O’Malley running for president?

    The same Martin O’Malley that equated one of President Bush’s budgets to 9/11?

    Must this Nation really go from a stealth radical to a partisan Democratic hack?