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Live Stream || Obama Speaks at the 9/11 Memorial

The event has concluded.

39 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Speaks at the 9/11 Memorial

  1. What’s wrong with me? As the time approaches for the telecast of the Dedication of the 9/11 Memorial, I am trying to deal with the overwhelming sense of dread. It is time, now, and I must decide whether to watch ‘life’ or watch the coverage later. Anyone else with an aversion to watching bho on ‘sacred ground’? jb

    • I will not be watching. Reading the transcript will be bad enough. And w/o GWB, the President that led us through that most terrible time, the entire thing is nothing but another Obama in my face moment.

      • Nor will I. I not only expect him to weave himself into the narrative, as you said, but he will get a jump in the polls just for being there. It makes me sick.

    • I’m not watching, but will look forward to Keith’s postgame analysis.

      I looked at the pre-game video and a slide show last night (shared downstairs here) and the thought of the Obamas going anywhere near this event made me cringe.

      I’m still haunted by the way the hijackers are so prominently displayed in the museum as a teaching moment about the rise of radical Islam. Then there was the recovered bike rack full of bikes which reminded me thank goodness my daughter was running late for work that day, but didn’t know that for 4 hours.

    • I could not watch the ceremony. Just couldn’t. Obama’s presence there is sacrilegious. His role in the Benghazi disaster should cause the ghosts of all who perished on 9/11 to rise up from the grave and demand the truth and justice.

    • I will not watch it.
      I can’t stand his voice anymore, nor his image.
      Why would I want to watch and listen to someone that promotes the Muslim Brotherhood ?

  2. Why is bloomberg speaking instead of Guiliani? Why does anyone even have to speak at all? The museum speaks for itself. They should have simply opened the doors and walked silently through…privately.

  3. I was weeping while Obama described the ‘young man in the Red Handkerchief’. Very moving. I have to hand it to Obama for not making this solemn occation all about himself. For once, he did it right.

  4. There is not a sincere bone in Obama’s soulless body.
    If he cares so much about everything, why did he abandon our people in Benghazi ? Of the many crimes his Administration has committed, Benghazi is the one that fills me with rage so intense, that it brings me to tears. I’ll try to explain, probably not very well, but here goes.
    I believe that all branches of our military train it’s people never to abandon or leave anyone behind, or at least try, try to rescue. Our boy’s waited and waited in the belief that help would be sent, that they would never be abandon or left behind. In the last moments of their lives, when they realized that no help was coming…sorry, I just can’t find the words anymore. But this I firmly believe, it was a political decision made by Obama so as not to look bad in the elections. Listen to him and believe he’s sincere, no f#@&*#g way.

  5. Just saw Michelle at the service. Again everyone else dressed appropriately for the somber occassion but MO and the look,on her face
    was horrible if she can’t be respectful stay home.