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Americans Think Obama, Hillary Lying on Benghazi

Democrats want to know why there’s a special committee on Benghazi? Hear’s why.

From a Fox News poll out last night:

Fifty-four percent of voters think the Obama administration has been deceitful about the events surrounding the Benghazi attacks. Half say the same about former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton (50 percent).

In addition, by a 51-39 percent margin, voters say the White House knowingly lied about the attacks to help President Obama’s re-election campaign.

Even some Democrats agree:

Among Democrats, 25 percent say Obama has tried to deceive on Benghazi and 23 percent think the White House lied to help the campaign.

What a sad state of affairs. While Democrats are trying to build the line that with the Benghazi committee, Republicans are politicizing the deaths of four Americans, the country believes that in fact this is exactly what President Obama and Hillary Clinton did.

The Ben Rhodes Benghazi email makes clear that the whole focus of the Obama PR team was to protect the president, not get accurate information out to the public about the tragedy.

The panel will ensure we get to the bottom of just how egregious the administration’s behavior was. And even more importantly than the videotape deception, it will hopefully find out whether those four Americans were needlessly left to die by a passive response or worse, a response that took politics into account.

8 Responses to Americans Think Obama, Hillary Lying on Benghazi

  1. Yes, it’s so ironic that the Democrats now accuse the Republicans of politicizing Benghazi when in fact they are the ones who did it from the beginning. May Congressman Gowdy bring that fact out over and over so that even the “lunkheads” who don’t want to open their eyes are forced to. This is what happened during Watergate only reversed. At first John Q Public thought the Democrats had nothing of substance, but investigation uncovered more wrong than anyone knew or dreamed of.

  2. Of course the public thinks the Obama administration lied about the events in Benghazi, because they lie about everything.
    Even the most ardent supporter knows there is more to Fast&Furious gun-running, so much more than the President wants the facts hidden from view.
    MrO lied about the most important law passed in recent history, just out and out lied because the truth would have been a disaster to him and his cohorts.
    The ordinary foot-soldier Dem might have harsh feelings about the tea party’s agenda, but deep inside he was shocked that MrO would allow the IRS to be used as a weapon to silence their views. That Dem knows now if Repubs use the same means to silence him, no one will come to his defense.
    Lies, lies, and more lies from this administration have settled over the public like an oily soot that can’t just be brushed away.

    • I want to hear more about the guns for Syria part of Benghazi–and why there were so many CIA agents in that outpost–and why the survivors never spoke, etc. There is more to this.

      • -CIA running guns. etc. from Libya to Syria…? (CIA should have used our ‘friends’ in Jordan or Saudi for that…)

        -What about these stories Ive heard about Amb. Chris Stevens (who was gay?) meeting with a ‘boyfriend’ at the Benghazi annex?

  3. Panetta and Morell have said it was a good idea, or something to that effect.

    I don’t even have a smidgeon of belief that their statements are about wanting to get to the truth.

    My distrust runs throughout this Administration.

  4. Was there a ‘stand-down’ order, or not??? If so, it is my understanding it can ONLY come from the prez.
    Panetta and Dempsey testified they never saw or spoke to Obama after the routine mtg. @ 5:00 p.m.
    Why wasn’t Gen. Ham (AF/COM) called to testify?
    Let’s hope Trey Gowdy will do a better job than the last crew! Issa is a flake!