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Is the White House Producing Campaign Ads for Biden?

I watched this video and was left wondering . . .


What is this? I’m asking you.

Please take a look at this video, released by the White House Tuesday, and tell me if it doesn’t look to you like a campaign commercial for Vice President Biden.

Joe Biden, fighting for roads, bridges, ports, and “good, decent-paying jobs.”


Paid for by the taxpayers of the United States of America.

83 thoughts on “Is the White House Producing Campaign Ads for Biden?”

    1. LMAO! Did she use a putty knife to apply all that goop on her lips and face? How much is her make-up maven costing us? $27K or something? This is Montezuma’s revenge on poor Barry, lol.

      1. HA. There’s mucho more scary of Hillary at Drudge. Really . And juxtapositioned with a similar one of Bradley Manning going for the sex change op. B&W. Here’s the link again. Check out Hillary center stage and Manning mid bottom left.

        I left a similar comment at Morning News. But since it is no longer morning and we are talking pix and candidates and such.

        1. Ew! Hill’s physical appearance is really becoming an issue. I would bet the farm she doesn’t run. She said she won’t make her decision til the first of the year, which means she wants to keep the $$$ flowing into the new Clinton Family Foundation before she bows out.

    2. That White House You Tube channel presently has 4,802 videos.

      Isn’t that more than some Blockbuster stores?

      4,802 videos in 1,941 days. Hollywood must be jealous.

      Gives you an idea of W.H. priorities.

  1. The Highway Trust Fund is running on fumes. Joe is campaigning for Obama’s $150B ‘stimulus’ to repair the infrastructure and create shovel-ready jobs (for the umpteenth time). He is also paving the way for the return of FED interstate tolls.
    Obama will be standing on yet ANOTHER bridge this morning – this time in NYC. Of course, it’s just a front for a week-end of fun and games for the money-grubbing grifters.

  2. Well, it is certainly as slick as any political ad out there, if that’s what it is. After the video ended, I clicked on some of the other White House videos, which are also just as slick and of course paid for with our hard-earned tax dollars.

    I saw a spiffy video of the installation of solar panels on the roof of the White House. And that reminded me of a link on Drudge or someplace recently about how these gigantic solar farms are killing (sometimes frying) birds. But, as with the huge wind farms that kill birds, nary a peep is heard from PETA, etc. And when I googled images of one (there are many) of these giant solar panel farms, the massive Ivanpah Solar farm is shocking. All I could think was, what if these giant solar panel farms are causing global warming… but I digress….

    There was also a spiffy video of Sam Kass showing how they brew the official White House Beer. So, Keith, maybe that video is a campaign ad for Sam Kass to be the next president out of nowhere… He has as much experience as the current occupant, after all…

    Sorry, I really did stray from the question!!

    1. There HAS been a “peep” from the white house if the wind turbines killing birds.
      When it was shown that they were killing a threatened species in an area, obama gave the act that is supposed to PROTECT those birds a waver for the location of the turbines.
      Yep…another if his infamous wavers.

    2. Speaking of those solar energy plants. Many of those are built on desert land that the government deemed critical habitat for the so called endangered desert tortoise which they then seized said land and then turned it over to their cronies that built the plants. Before the plants were built the eco-nazis who were part of the lawsuits to seize the land tried to remove tens of thousands of said tortoises only to kill tens of thousands of them. The ones that weren’t removed were then killed by the Earth movers doing the grading for the plants. Gotta love those progressive socialist fascists eh?

  3. What an odd video. If it’s a campaign video, it’s aimed at the coastal and lake bound states who would benefit from this project. There are no ports in fly-over country.
    Then again, who’s he trying to convince, Congress?

  4. I’ve decided that Just Joe loves making videos (with celebrities and without), and the administration is more than happy to keep him out of trouble by doing just that.

  5. Keith, it looks like Biden wants the nomination for Secretary of Transportation in the Hillary Administration.

    Does he think that Jacksonville, and Savannah are on the gulf coast too, just like the President?


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    1. Why not … we are already suffering thru the absolute WORST, might as well let the gimmedats stick US with the rest of the crooks

  14. I’ve never voted Democrat, but I don’t think this is a campaign ad. Yes there are a lot of pictures of Biden, but he doesn’t really talk politics. I am Merchant Mariner though, so I do appreciate the emphasis on shipping.

  15. Democrat ad through and through….Joe Biden, Hillary, any other candidate they can offer are all harmful to our great nation. Big government, higher taxes, and their Leftist agenda are all damaging to our economy.

  16. I would love to see Biden take another crack at the White House. Talk about popcorn time. And who’s his running mate going to be?
    Al Franken? How about Cynthia McKinney?
    Or Alec Baldwin?

  17. Mr. Vice President – go down to Senate and start the impeachment against Obama, you’d have the biggest election victory since President Reagan.Wishfull think’in, huh?

  18. Perhaps if more than $14B of the $800B “stiumulus” went to infrastructure instead of to unions and cronies, there would have been those “good paying jobs.” Of course the question must be answered. Who would be doing those “shovel ready” jobs? The layed off secretaries? School teachers? Housewives? Sixty year old engineers? But no one was asking that question.
    As to Biden using taxpayer money for his campaign via the WH website, other than his campaign muddying up Billary’s, action should be taken against him.

  19. Dear God,
    Please let the people of the United States see these gross uncaring un-American people for who they are…. Please let the remember the last 8 years and how much they have really done for our country.

  20. This is definitely a political ad…despicable that it was funded by taxpayers money.

    That being said, I live in a port city and I agree with the message of this video. Greater port access leads to more manufacturing jobs in the area. Unfortunately, this common sense idea should have been proposed to state legislatures, not politicized in a campaign ad.

  21. Infrastructure, Joe, have you ever been to China, their infrastructure is a mess at best. If it is so important why is their economy going to surpass every economy in the world this year. I understand cheap labor and low taxes help a bunch, and you people just feed the masses with how they don’t pay their workers hardly anything. What you don’t talk about is how the companies pay for the workers housing, clothing and food, at least the plants that I visited did. Joe, please run in 16, the comedians still need to fill their late night routines with some good material.

  22. Remember Joe you said John McCain was to old in 2008 so your too old I hope you get the nomination it will make it easy for Chris Christie to get elected

  23. Why would this surprise anyone? As soon as 2009 Obama was making campaign materials illegally from official areas of the WH. This is CRIME.

  24. Looks like they’re letting Joe play with blocks in the corner to keep him occupied and out of the way. Listen to the idiot stutter as he READS his lines.

  25. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    Joe Biden cannot deliver on his promises as long as the government has so many regulations already on the books. The economy did not simply “decide” to shrink all by itself. It was forced to shrink due to massive government regulations and taxes. Obama care alone has shut down so many businesses. The free wheeling spending by this administration has created an unsustainable debt. I hate when Politicians campaign on lies.

  26. Isn’t it a LITTLE late …as in the last five years wasted??! Now he thinks we need jobs and a good economy? What in h— has he been doing as VP. Wasn’t he the dork who said, “as VP I have nothing to do”….he should have been campaigning with ob for this many years ago…too late Joe…

  27. Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama, but finally a male Democrat, Joe Biden. Unfortunately, even Ralph Nader could beat Joe. All Joe does is flash his teeth and advertise for his dentist. We’re getting a woman in 2016.

  28. Joe, Joe, Joe… this may be your most delusional gaffe yet… you will never be President. The ONLY reason you are VP is as an insurance policy for Obama, NOBODY would do him harm knowing you are the back up…

  29. Wouldn’t this be illegal using Federal property to start a political campaign and especially the White House site?

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