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Obama Snubs Top Republican Despite “Official” Event

Well, it seems politics is infecting even the supposedly nonpolitical portion of Obama’s trip today to the New York City area – the portion that forces taxpayers to foot the bill for the excursion, which includes two fundraisers.

Westchester County, NY is abuzz over whether its top official, a Republican who is challenging New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was snubbed by President Obama, whose White House failed until just yesterday to invite him to today’s presidential appearance at the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Rob Astorino
Rob Astorino

Obama will arrive this afternoon in Tarrytown, on the Westchester side of the bridge, to call for lots of infrastructure spending and tout the project to build a new Tappan Zee Bridge. Not invited until the last minute? Westchester Executive Rob Astorino, who is trying to unseat Cuomo, who of course will be featured prominently at the event.

Astorino decided to take the high road. “I don’t know. I hope it’s not politics,” he said in a interview with News 12 Westchester.

Believe me, it’s politics. These presidential trips are planned weeks in advance. Government bureaucratic incompetence generally stops at the White House which, because it is so highly charged politically and deals directly with the most critical issues, is run with the efficiency of a private business. Someone decided to stick it to Astorino by inviting him at the last minute and perhaps hoped he’d have other plans.

What’s more, Obama’s appearance at the ceremonial opening of the 9/11 memorial museum will occur at the very same time Thursday when Astorino is going to be nominated for governor at the state GOP convention. I wonder in which direction the cameras will be trained?

Obama – or perhaps New York Democrats – wouldn’t use the 9/11 memorial for political purposes, would they?

“I’m sure it just worked out that way,” Astorino said, with a noticeable trace of irony.

13 thoughts on “Obama Snubs Top Republican Despite “Official” Event”

  1. Today, Obama let Biden meet with Croatian officials. After the PDB, he’s flying to New York for a photo opp and two DNC fundraisers. Yesterday, Obama presented a medal while Biden attended two DNC fundraisers. On Tuesday, after the PDB, Obama addressed cops on immigration. Monday, Obama met an head of state and addressed cops. Last week Obama and Biden attended half a dozen DNC events.

    Their full time job looks to be campaigning. Can we get a refund on their salaries and just let the DNC (their real boss) pay them?

    1. I don’t know why the Obamas are allowed to continue living in the People’s House when they only serve less than half of their constituency. They ought to pay for their board and keep and expenses, or move back to ChiTown. Of course, impeachment would be the correct approach but we all know that will never happen.

      Re Astorino: Why in the world would he even think of appearing at an Obama event? Being snubbed by Obama is the greatest honor that can be bestowed on any Repub candidate.

  2. Well, I was wrong, again. I thought there was only one fundraiser, didn’t know about the ceremony for 9/11 memorial, and was mean to the Os for thinking they were using this trip for political and personal advancement.
    (eyes downcast in shame).

    Of course he doesn’t want the Repub guy there, he wouldn’t have been invited even if he wasn’t running for Governor of NY.
    Everything is all about the next Dem election..bridges..sure, make it a Dem bridge. Fix that highway, sure it’s a Dem highway.
    Why, if it wasn’t for the Dems we’d be trudgeing along dirt roads on our way to the TappenZee Canoe Rental.

  3. In 2005, I saw Obama was front & center sucking up to President Bush when he came to my work to sign a new transportation bill. Obama had no trouble appearing with Republicans back then. :)

    1. Con artists have an uncanny ability to promote themselves. Obama is a master!

      When he was in the Senate, his mantra was ‘follow the cameras’. He was always the first one running down the Capitol steps looking for the gaggles of reporters and cameras after the sessions adjourned.
      Several senior senators complained when he horned in on their camera time and tried to take credit for legislation he had nothing to do with.

  4. I’m not sure your story is accurate Keith. I live here in Westchester County and the local paper, Journal News, reports that Astorino was both invited and is planning to attend.

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