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Hillary’s Collegiate Posse Can’t Cite any of Her Achievements

One mentioned Benghazi. As an achievement.

I’d suggest raising the voting age back to 21, except I don’t think their elders could do any better.

20 thoughts on “Hillary’s Collegiate Posse Can’t Cite any of Her Achievements”

  1. I could not even watch the whole clip.
    Most kids are dum “folks”.
    Katie Pavlich is a good exception. Radio host Jon Justice, Tucson, began having her on his show when she was in the Young Republican Club at
    U of A. A smart young lady.

  2. My takeaway from these children:
    Why yes, we should show the world how progressive we are by electing a woman to lead the nation, it’s never been done before…oh OK.
    Why yes, it would be amazing to have a woman President because she’s a woman.
    Why yes, I think it would be cool to have another Clinton President because we had some other people of the same family be our president, too.
    Why yes, she’s just a wonderful person who deserves to be President.
    I don’t know why she’s amazing, or deserves to be President, or why a woman needs to be elected, but it really sounds cool.
    She should do it. Why not.

    I’ll give them the benefit of doubt that they have never given MrsClinton much thought, or asked what she believes or stands for, or even if having a woman be President would be all that great.
    I realize that their vote counts the same as mine, but it’s really unfair to ask them questions of importance when their heads are into the next exam, or what to do this weekend, and not what having another progressive, socialist-leaning President will do to their future.

  3. Hillary has decided to promote her own “Look what I did” as SoS. (snips from the Jerusalem Post). Gee whiz, kids, she couldn’t wait for you to come up an actual list.

    Addressing the American Jewish Committee in Washington, Clinton attempted to brandish her accomplishments as chief diplomat.

    “I worked for months to round up the votes” at the United Nations, Clinton said, adding that her “personal mission” was to force Iran’s oil customers to diversify their imports. “In the end, we were successful.”

    “I personally am skeptical that the Iranians will follow through and deliver,” Clinton said. “The progress of Iran’s nuclear program may be halted, but it is not dismantled.”

    AND THAT ladies and gentlemen … is what Hillary considers a success. FEH!

  4. If these statements are on the level, then I fear for the next generation.
    How can such a crowd of idiots be in our universities??
    A woman as president might be nice, BUT NOT THIS WOMAN!

      1. Not many here would get this, but you will. Our nickname for Hillary Clinton is The Baba, and that’s come from two people who are five and seven years older than her.

  5. They apparently don’t have a brain cell in their head. Too many beer bongs. That one guy is going to flunk his senior thesis, or at least he would if the professor wasn’t a liberal and ends up giving him a pass.

  6. OT but accomplishments not needed. Jill Abramson out at NYT. Replaced by AA male.

    This should be a banner employment year for AA/Hispanic aetheist transsexuals. Accomplishment/experience desired but not essential.

    The libs have a conundrum with the firing of Abramson. And this is where identity politics gets you. I hope they get all twisted up in their isms.

  7. Americanwoman stay away from me!

    Voting for someone only for their gender is sexist. And immature. Exactly what to expect from youth and liberals

  8. I don’t think it would help to move the voting age back to 21, Keith. Not when you see one of the young girls calling Hillary a ‘fresh, new face’.
    Collectivism is alive and well at the indoctrination camps.

  9. My sister will be turning 40 this year. During the 2012 election she told me she is excited to vote for Hillary in 2016. I asked why. She said “because she’s a woman and she won’t mess up like men have”.

    I’m the only one in my family that is well informed on politicians and politics. Yes, that means they’re democrats.

  10. “…voting age back to 21…”
    NO, what this nation really needs is a ‘Voter IQ’ test.
    >If one can not pass a basic high school level US Civics/History test one CAN NOT ‘vote.’
    >If you want to run for office at the national level one would have to pass a higher level Civics/History/current events exam. (…imagine all the dopes in the current US Congress who would not pass that test! -LOL)

    ~if I ever get into a political science M.A. program Im going to use that idea as a major reserach paper -LOL

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