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U.S. Flying Manned Missions in Nigeria

In a possible sign of mission creep, the United States is flying manned aircraft as part of the search for the missing Nigerian girls kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram.

The reconnaissance mission is being carried out by an MC-12, according to Fox News, a relatively slow moving surveillance aircraft. Let’s hope the pilot or pilots don’t end up in the bush.

The Obama administration is under growing pressure to get more involved. Sen. John McCain Tuesday was pounding the table for action:

If they knew where they were, I certainly would send in U.S. troops to rescue them, in a New York minute I would, without the permission of the host country . . . I wouldn’t be waiting for some kind of permission from some guy named Goodluck Jonathan.

Others seem to be adding pressure in their own way:

Michelle Nigeria

This is a heartbreaking tragedy. But it’s a local, Nigerian tragedy that does not involve America or its national security interests. Not one U.S. serviceman or woman should be imperiled as part of any plan to rescue the girls. Nor should our battered prestige be put on the line again.

The director of Nigeria’s information agency said all options were being considered, including the possibility of a military operation with foreign help, Fox reported.

Gen. David Rodriguez, head of U.S. Africa Command, was in Nigeria’s capital Tuesday meeting with officials at the U.S. Embassy.

Who knows what we are actually planning to do?

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  1. “Obama Gets it Right on Boko Haram”
    MAY 10, 2014 -KK/WHD

    Hate to do that to you Keith but when I read that 4 days ago I winced. And this is why. #never trust these people

  2. Senator McCain has never met a war or a “military action” he didn’t like. The solution would be to drop him from the bomb bay a la Dr. Strangelove. Not to worry: both the bomb and the cowboy would just be duds.

    1. …what “Libyan invasion”…? (aka; Obama leading from behind)

      If We, the “USA” “invaded” Libya then MAYBE our ‘Amb.’ would have never been killed, along with a State Dept. worker & 2 CIA contractors…

  3. “If they knew where they were, I certainly would send in U.S. troops to rescue them, in a New York minute I would, without the permission of the host country . . . ”

    Hmmmmm……don’t those flowery words smell sweet in the spring air.

    Wish these ingrates would have had the same thoughts for those at Benghazi where it was our responsibility.

    Yes, this situation is a tragedy. It’s not ours to poke our nose in. Maybe the only way to get involved is to stop any funding in the country until the human rights issues are addressed.

    A couple of tragedies happening in our own country and not an eye blink in their direction. How about all the killings and shootings in Chicago? What about our veterans who can’t seem to get adequate care – and people making bonuses off that fact. Hey John, who’s going to go in and take care of those problems? We know exactly where they are. Lead the charge, John. Oh yeah, never mind.

  4. The kidnappings are a despicable act, but why weren’t rescue operations that McCain is talking about, used to rescue OUR people in Benghazi.?

  5. As others have pointed out, it is ironic as well as outrageous that we would consider a military option to save the abducted girls in Nigeria when Obama had refused to rescue our people in Benghazi.

    It is also ironic and outrageous that Hillary Clinton refused to classify Boku Haram as a terrorist group.

    However; the most outrageous aspect of this tragedy is that Clinton refused to classify Boku Haram as a terrorist group so that the State Department could justify supporting them in their participation in the Libyan February revolution against Kadaffy.

    This will become a profound tragedy for the US if the Boku Haram terrorists who abducted those girls possess some of the thousands of shoulder fired antiaircraft missiles that were looted from Kadaffy’s arsenals during and after the revolution. It will be a replay of Blackhawk down in Mogodishu but without the support of heavy infantry units from Pakistan to rescue at least some of our troops before their bodies are dragged through the streets.

  6. I would like to remind everyone of a date in American history, October 3-4 1993, the Battle of Mogadishu. When the (in)famous Black Hawk Down incident occurred.

    Are we heading to another such incident with another incompetent CIC?

        1. I DARE THIS “BENGHAZI SELECT COMM.” TO ASK WHERE ‘PRES.’ OBAMA WAS THE NIGHT OF SEPT. 11, 2012…??? (the WH Situation Room?, the Oval Office?)

          Before he flew off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.

  7. Gosh, another chance to pound on McCain–he shouldn’t say this bec he didn’t do that…to me this is not the point. He goes against this president as often as not–and I like it. Some of you worry about the veterans in AZ and we should, but then heap scorn on another vet, McCain, who right or wrong in your eyes, has spent his life in public service.

    1. That “public service” line doesn’t resonate with me, and that not only goes for McCain but all the public leeches. The Clintons have spent their lives in “public service”. Barf. They’ve been well remunerated and continue to be when they’re retired. They don’t need any medals on top of that.

      1. So you’ve said many times. And I guess I have said my piece many times. I cringe when people lash out and name-call people who have dedicated their life to service. I don’t think with McCain it’s the money–he married up. Oh, well, agree to disagree.

    2. McCain, being a Vet and POW, should be screaming his head off & demanding answers from the VA Admin. about what happened at the VA Hospital in Arizona…
      McCain should also be the point-man, spokesman for what is wrong with the current VA system.
      Yet McCain, the RINO, is not around…

  8. What elitist fools some Americans are, to assume that the people of another country, especially a third world place overrun by anarchy, is just like the USA.
    So what happens if we invade Nigeria and free those young women? What do we do with them, where do they go to be safe from recapture or what is more likely, shunned by their own family?
    SenMcCain is speaking from the heart, I suppose. Or, he’s just a warhawk looking for another country to invade.
    I’m going with heart.

  9. Let’s hope the pilot or pilots don’t end up in the bush.

    Or in the streets ala Mogadishu. Another memorable moment in Democrat foreign policy.

    God help us.

  10. I am in commentator-moderator jail….understandable, I suppose since I am not within the geographical boundaries of the US. Still…my responses to other comments were succinct. Wish I had some jelly beans here in jail…or M&Ms… :-)

  11. I am ‘twixt and ‘tween. Africa is becoming a hot bed of terrorist activity — AQ and Taliban with national and local stamps. Mali especially.

    So it is a larger issue than the girls. And I am all for taking on terrorists. But let’s face it, this is not terrorism against the US and we have far greater problems. Like on our own borders and within our own DOJ — thank you Eric for releasing yet again thousands of illegal and criminal elements into our midst.

    Too busy right now to be politically correct — this scenario fits perfectly with the Grifter’s world view. Africa and the social issue of women.(like abused women in Muslim lands are not limited to Africa). It is not a stretch to consider a big mucking about here for all the wrong reasons.

    Once again, Mr. ADD wonders into the world.

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