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Live Stream || Obama Awards Medal of Honor

The event has concluded.

4 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Awards Medal of Honor

  1. I just caught a bit on TV as I was changing channels. While the citation was being read, and O was standing next to the soldier, he looked like he could hardly stay awake. Kept blinking to keep his eyes open. Did anyone catch this? Where was Mooch?

  2. Is it me, or is this guy awarding the MOH every other week these days?

    Not that all of these brave men shouldn’t be recognized for their heroism, and receive the highest honor we can give them. Absolutely they should. It’s just that it seems these events are also all about him on some level, as creepy as that sounds.
    I don’t really think he gives a sh*t about our military (and show me where in his life before the Oval Office he ever did) except for how it makes him look. And I believe he’d do ANYTHING to appear relevant and positive, even if it comes down to stealing some of their light.

    Maybe it’s just me.

  3. I am waiting for him to announce the first openly gay medal of honor winner, preferably black and preferably alive so Obama and Mrs. can have his/her back.

  4. They should bring back George Bush to present the MOH awards. I stopped watching the ‘ice cube’ prez ages ago after he made a quick exit from the stage and practically ran out the door – leaving the bewildered honoree standing there all alone for what seemed like an eternity. What a schmuck!