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The Five Things Hillary is Known for are Bad Things

Here’s why Boko Haram is awful news for Hillary: Because it adds to the list of things she is known for. AND ALL OF THEM ARE BAD.

Hillary beseeches Allah to save her from scandal.

Hillary Clinton is running on fumes. The fumes of fame. There is no other reason that people will vote for Hillary Clinton other than that she is famous. Many others share her ideas. Some state them more eloquently. But Hillary is more famous.

Hillary’s problem is that, at a certain point in the Democratic primaries, someone else will become equally famous. As will the Republican nominee. And then, people will have to look at Hillary’s record. And that’s where her problems will really begin.

Because her record, you see, in the public mind, consists of these five things:

1. Benghazi: Clinton has failed to offer an explanation for why the diplomatic post wasn’t well defended. And she hasn’t fully explained what she did the night of the attack.

2. The Russia Reset: The button was incorrectly translated, to start with. And pushing it seems to have bounced us back into the Cold War.

3. Monica Lewinsky: Sure, she was the woman wronged. But she has also allowed herself to ride to power of the coattails of one of the most degenerate men to serve as president. So she partially owns that legacy too. And voters will be reminded that Bill, even if he’s just surfing porn in the Green Room, will be back in the White House with her.

4. Hillarycare: There is, of course, no Hillarycare. It became Obamacare. It was her biggest political assignment, and she blew it. That Obama succeeded where she failed will remind voters that with Hillary, they’re settling for an also-ran. The woman Obama beat. Second best.

5. Boko Haram: Despite urging from serious people within the Obama’s own administration, Hillary’s State Department failed to label Boko Haram a terrorist outfit. There were real reasons for this based in policy, but we may never know the extent to which the political exigency of minimizing the existence of terrorists as Obama sought reelection was the true driving factor. No matter, the decision looks bad today and is irrevocably associated with Hillary.

I don’t think you can be famous for bad things and become president. Maybe, but I don’t think so.

And so, I present this wistful song written by Boko Haram during the summer of ’67, when Hillary was soaking up socialism at Wellesley, as an elegy to her and her likely failure in the 2016 campaign.

Wait, that’s not Boko Haram. My bad.

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  1. The Democrats don’t have a deep bench like the GOP. Not only the whacko-birds (all good picks for VP) but some steely-balled lady Governors with good records in their states. Even Sarah has accomplishments in her short tenure as Gov (until she was forced out by nuisance lawsuits that were all dismissed). Then there’s superman, Scott Walker with battle scars and a very well run state. The GOP is strong in successful executive power, I just don’t see it in the Dems. Maybe, possibly Cory Booker ? But the Dems didn’t even give him a chance at a primetime speech at their last convention.

      1. Catchy! I likey!

        grace, if you have time (I’ll try to find the link) be sure to read Bookwormroom’s take on Perfessor Faux, while in law school.

  2. According to Karl Rove, she also has brain damage and was in the hosp 30 days for it. On MoJoe, they said, well…3 days. And if she had a concussion–that is a mild brain injury–not brain damage. Karl Karl–why do we still have him anyhow–to start memes like this? But I agree on everything you’ve said, Keith. Can you imagine sitting across from this woman and having a drink–the phony laugh, the conniving…?

    1. This whole thing with Karl Rove and the brain damages only adds fuel to the fire. It’s out there now. And if Hillary decides not to run some will wonder whether it is true or not.

      1. I don’t think Republicans should take the bite as I said on the last thread (still in mod btw) and won’t enumerate again. I also think that they shouldn’t go after the Lewinsky thing. It’s rumored that Bill is mulling apologizing to Lewinsky. This is all a smoke screen and could be used to drum up sympathy for Hitlery while her disastrous record at State gets little scrutiny from the press.

  3. 6. Hillary and Suha Arafat

    In 1999 Suha Arafat, Yasser Arafat’s wife, said, “Our [Palestinian] people have been submitted to the daily and intensive use of poisonous gas by the Israeli forces, which has led to an increase in cancer cases among women and children.”

    Although Hillary Clinton was sitting on the same stage and receiving a simultaneous translation of Mrs. Arafat’s speech, she sat silent.

    When the speech was finished the First Lady stood up and walked over to Suha Arafat. Hillary Clinton’s response to the accusation that Israel was using poison gas?

    A kiss and a hug for Mrs. Arafat.

  4. Hillary is the smoke screen. She is the pin cushion that will take all the jabs in the run up to 2016. The game is well played. While we all focus on her ability to overcome her shortcomings, her age and health will side line her in the end, and the true Dem candidate will emerge. She will honestly be able to cite health concerns and bow out and throw her backing to the candidate to be named. Until then, she basks in the limelight that will fade in late 2014.

        1. Yes. I think they would go with Faux co Haunt Us. Who, by the way, recently denied she was a socialist. So she has cleared that deck. :)

        2. Warren is increasing her profile. Emily’s list used her words in a fundraising email today. If you “chip in” this week, you’ll be entered for a chance to win Warren’s book “Fighting Chance” which includes this gem regarding Patty Murray:

          “Men never ask if they’re good enough to hold public office,” Patty said. “They just ask if they can raise enough money to win.”

    1. I had not looked at that angle, harv… that’s a scary thought and could very well happen. We’d end up with another unknown (and un-vetted) disaster of a president.

  5. Sorry Keith. I can’t share your same perspective on Hillary’s fame over substance not taking her to the Oval Office. There are too many low information voters that don’t know and don’t care about every one of your valid points above to have any real impact on the nomination or election. In addition, Hillary will get the same reality show treatment your video from yesterday indicated Obama got and that is all she will need to overcome the negatives in her past.

    1. Unless there is another female candidate, she could very well ride in on a First-Woman-President frenzy. Much like,… well, you know….

  6. “And voters will be reminded that Bill, even if he’s just surfing porn in the Green Room, will be back in the White House with her.” MrK.

    Do the Dems really want her, or is it some yearning for a President they understood, who knew how to schmooze or wheel&deal, and was the epitome of the good ol’ boy politics?
    There are times when it seems it’s Bubba they want back there in the WhiteHouse and are willing to accept the Mrs if that’s the only way to get him there.
    If MrsClinton wins the big prize, does anyone believe that Bubba will confine himself to picking themes for State dinners, or deciding whether to promote wildflowers across America or encourage everyone to take up jogging?
    Of course not, he’ll be right there inside the Oval office, the Situation room, chatting with agency heads about policy, and MrsClinton will be delegated to greeting foreign visitors and honoring winning professional sports teams.

    MrsClinton isn’t a “friend” of those who are now endorsing her candidicy, she has no political skills that are apparent, in fact she’s not the ideal candidate for the office now, anymore than she was 6 years ago. So why her, why now; because it’s the last chance to get Bill back into the WhiteHouse.
    IMO of course.

  7. Someone joked that the reason Boko Haram was not named a terrorist group was because it is black, but there may be some truth to that, especially if Shrillary was acting from orders from the WH.

    1. I’d read that it was the Islamic factor, rather than the color. Stay tuned…?

      Maybe Procol Harum (named after a cat) can bring out a new version to serve as the GOP version of Hillary’s campaign song:
      “A Paler Shade of White Lies”

  8. Keith, don’t forget about the $6B missing from the State Dept. on Hillary’s watch. No one expects that it will be recovered!

    That said, Is anyone going to investigate the former Clinton Global Initiative Foundation which has been changed to the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation? This fall, Hillary is moving her operations to two floors in the Manhattan Time-Warner bldg. where the former Global Initiative is located.
    There was a piece in the NYT that Chelsea is worried about her ‘inheritance’ (the Foundation). Due to her father’s frail health, she is burning the midnight oil to learn everything she can about running her namesake Foundation.

    The Clintons were not only disliked when they left the WH in 2000, they were flat broke! The Foundation is their cash cow. If Hillary decides not to run, the hundreds of millions she expects to raise will be sitting in the Foundation coffers waiting for Chelsea, her deadbeat husband, and the new royal ‘arrival’.

      1. Soros speaking to the State Department. Isn’t he part of the “One Percent”?

        I’ll bet there are a gazillion Democrats who don’t want the Clintons back. You can imagine how vindictive they would be to those who switched to Obama.

  9. Oh, look…

    The SAME, RECURRING THEME we have seen in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.

    Obama’s favorite ally, the Qataris, back Boko Haram:



    The Qataris are the Obama administration’s ‘silent’ partners, and they’re propagating al Qaeda and al Qaeda affiliate groups across nearly every continent.

    Read about state capture by Qatar here:


  10. Hillary is a bad person, doing bad things, as you pointed out. My questions is, why did you not mention all the deaths she has left in her wake? And I am not referring to the Benghazi murders.

  11. I fear that most of the people who would vote for this evil, self serving, power hungry woman are truly the uninformed and do not know or care about all the really bad things shes done, going all the way back to the
    Rose Law Firm. She and Bill have left a trail of murders behind them.
    Scary people.

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