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Another Sunday Show Prep Lie?

Former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner appears to be alleging that the White House asked him to lie during an appearance on the Sunday talk shows, telling him to say that Social Security doesn’t contribute to the deficit, when it does.

From Geithner’s new book out today, “Stress Test Reflections in Financial Crises:”

I remember during one Roosevelt Room prep session before I appeared on the Sunday shows, I objected when Dan Pfeiffer wanted me to say Social Security didn’t contribute to the deficit. It wasn’t a main driver of our future deficits, but it did contribute.

Pfeiffer said the line was a ‘dog whistle’ to the left, a phrase I had never heard before. He had to explain that the phrase was code to the Democratic base, signaling that we intended to protect Social Security.

In fact, taxpayer funds from general revenues – not just the payroll tax – are NOW being used to pay Social Security beneficiaries. Pfeiffer surely knew this.

But if one wanted to be charitable – one doesn’t, but if one did – one would speculate that Geithner corrected Pfeiffer and Pfeiffer said, “Oh, I didn’t know that.”

The White House claims Pfeiffer bends over backwards to tell the truth

But judging by the White House response today, we have a he said, he said on our hands.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Pfeiffer surely told Geithner to say Social Security is not a main driver of the deficits. But Geithner is pretty clear that this is exactly what Pfeiffer did not say.

Reporting on Fox News a few minutes ago, Ed Henry said a “source close to Geithner” said Geithner didn’t mean to say the White House was sending him forth to mislead people on the Sunday talk shows.

Sounds like reeling it back in to me.

What’s more, of course, there seems to be a bit of pattern about these prep sessions. My suggestion is, next time an administration official appears on a Sunday talk show, go make a mimosa and do the crossword puzzle.

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  1. Oh, please. The man followed the proscribed script from the time he was sworn in until he decided to make a few extra bucks with a sorta-somewhat tell-all book.
    He, and all the others like him, twisted our economy and helped spend us into a gully so deep we’ll never get out. By not addressing our financial problems, facing the truth of our wasteful ways, our betters in DC who are more worried about their “base” and their own futures have sold our great-grandchildren into the abyss.

    If he had any honor at all, he would have refused to lie, slant, deceive, or just make up stuff and if the regime objected, he should have resigned his position. Then, he might be credible.

    • LMAO… there is NO “honor” in the morons, creeps, turds, etc. (politicans, advisors, lobbyists, reporters/media) that work in that cesspool called Washington DC.

      • Honor. No there’s a word long out of use and practice.

        Except among our military of course. Those who fight for our liberties and freedoms with honor.

        • No offense… a vast majority of todays active duty Generals & Admirals dont have much “honor” either, especially in DC/Pentagon. If they did they would ‘speak out’ (resign their stars in protest) against the Obama regimes many anti-military actions.
          Most of todays Generals & Admirals are just mini-politicians looking out after their own stars/flags and fiefdoms.

  2. Obfuscation is the new black………there was/is a place for a WH to not be 100% truthful. One of the great things about Reagan was his optimism versus the honest opinion of his predecessor Jimmy Carter. Remember Carter’s malaise speech? While technically accurate it killed hope and dreams of the citizens. Eisenhower lied about the U2’s flying over Russia until Gary Powers was shutdown. It happens,however, this administration has taken obfuscation to the nth power and is no longer trustworthy inside and outside of the country.

  3. This is OT and I apologize but I think it is an important piece on Boko Haram, the Nigerian Taliban, it’s relevance in the terrorist world. Totten takes to task the media, the government and the State Department (Hillary Boko Who Clinton). This is less about kidnapped girls and much about terror. Africa. Mali.

    And from the looks of it, not only do we now advise Putin and “support” Ukraine via hashtag we also fight terrorism via hashtag, including from the First Lady.
    I was going to place this in all the white space that usually surrounds the ever so important WH briefing, but I thought better since I did want to give you guys a shot at what I think is a good and important statement. So few of us drop in to visit Jay and we rarely stay until the end. :)

    • grace, don’t know if you read Joshua Pundit – but the ‘Council’ addressed Boko Harem. You may (may not) find the responses pretty much cover the topic. Of course, the less discussed, is the Islamic war on Christians – they pretty much did away with Jews who lived in arab countries and what they didn’t accomplish in arab lands, they’ve done to Europe, with only one million Jews remaining. Next up on their menu: Christians.

      Forum: Is The Kidnap Of Young Girls By Boko Haram Islam? And If So What Conclusions Should We Draw?

      • Sadie — Thanks. I usually just pass through, but I do go there sometimes. Missed it. Thanks for link. I’ll check it out. I thought Totten made interesting points about this being Muslim on Muslim terror as well. Perhaps that too is in the forum. Anyway, thanks.

    • I would missed this article had I not used the link you provided Gpmc, thank you. It explains a lot more about boko than is getting reported on MSM.

      • You’re welcome. Yes, the MSM likes to move on. Nothing to see here. IMO Totten is worth checking out.

        Also Sadie’s comment and link above too is a pretty active community.

  4. Turbo Tax Timmy ? I don’t think in my lifetime I remember a Treasury Secretary who was confirmed while screwing up his own taxes and blaming computer software !?

    Of course, most of my lifetime, there were no computers as we know them today. Yeah, and I still don’t own a “smartphone” ;)

  5. Funny, there was a time when the NYT Sunday crossword puzzle and the morning shows were an absolute ‘must’. Today, the Sunday talk shows are not even background noise – they are verboten; and the NYT has not graced our doorstep in 12 years. Mimosas? Always welcome!

    So,smarmy Turbo Timmy made a $500K book deal and is president of Warburg Pincus, a $35B private equities firm not unlike Bain Capital, which was smeared from here to kingdom come by Obama and his minions. He might as well be doing a perp walk on all the Sunday morning shows.
    Oh, the irony of it all — Geithner had never worked in the financial sector, never studied economics, save a class in Econ 101 (which he hated), and was hired to run the FED Reserve in NYC! When Obama came a-courting, Turbo Timmy hit the proverbial jackpot! Proof positive that crime does pay – ask any member, former or current, of the Obama crime syndicate.
    Obama has a special talent for picking crooks and liars. It really is amazing. Geithner’s successor, Jack Lew, is no exception. The photos of the entire regime should be lining Post Office walls of America’s Most Wanted from here to Kenya.

  6. In one of those strange coincidences in life, it turns out that Obama’s mother knew Tim Geithner’s father, Peter Geithner. Well, she more than just “knew” him. Get this:

    “Geithner’s father, Peter Geithner, was head of the Ford Foundation’s Asia grant making for a period in the early 1980s, including micro finance grants. He traveled and lived throughout Asia–which to me smells like a perfect CIA cover.

    “Obama’s mother Ann Dunham-Soetoro developed the micro-finance program in Indonesia.”

    • This is a lie, one that The “Obama” Conspirators ‘coaxed’ Papa Geithner into relaying. “Stanley Ann Dunham” is a fabricated identity, as is “Barack Hussein Obama II”. Preposterous yet true.

      If a court were to attempt to establish the actuality of the family of origin presented to us by aka Obama, it would be impossible. The documents and photos are forged and fraudulent. The vignettes, contrived.

      The world is in for a great shock.

  7. If one wanted to be shocked and outraged—and one already is–I would just put those two thugs in that picture and Geiithner in black and white stripes(the larger stripes.) sent them away and call it another day in the life of this administration.

    By the way, any chance Geithner has paid his back taxes yet.? Does he mention that in his book,the little weasle.

  8. We all know by now that this administration almost never tells the truth. With Eric Holder being the very worst. SAD