As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || May 12, 2014

Israel: Obama’s Iran deal unacceptable . . . Free Beacon
Boehner picks diverse Benghazi panel
. . . Washington Times
Boehner: No plan to arrest Lerner
. . . Newsmax
GOP goes quiet on Obamacare . . . The Hill
States headed for massive premium hikes . . . National Journal
Romney advisor: Geithner lying . . . Newsmax
Hagel open to transgenders in military . . . Newsmax
Obama congratulates gay football draft . . . Associated Press
Secret Service agents pulled from WH . . . Washington Post
Biden starts to attack Hillary . . . CNN
Rubio: I’m ready to be president . . . Reuters

38 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 12, 2014

  1. Rubio: I am ready to be President

    Huh? Stop the world, I want to get off! Is it b/c Obama has lowered the bar so drastically that every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks he is qualified to become the leader of the Free World?
    Rubio will never be ready! He must be thinking ‘first Cuban President of the United States’. Other than that, he has never expressed an original thought during his 14 yr. tenure in the Senate. Wherever the wind blows, Rubio will follow. Keep your day job, Marco!

    • Serious question: what’s so great about originality?

      With all of history to learn from, we already know what will bring the most prosperity to the most people: getting the government out of the people’s way.

      Remind me: hasn’t it been all of those “original” schemes to have government interfere with the people’s lives in more unique ways, which have led to the most mischief and misery?

      Does one have to be original, when the message is that we should prefer the tested and tried, to the untested and untried?

      • I should have used the term ‘flip-flopper’. He was against comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty, before he was for it.

        • …I have no idea where he stands on immigration today, nor does it really matter to me. He is just another fast talking hypocrite, in my opinion,

          • Not in mine. I never go to my backup channel when he is on. He said he WOULD quit his day job (senator) if he ran for president, by the way (MoJoe). I respect the man and actually think (at this pt anyhow) that if he didn’t know something, he would ask someone or look it up and not head for the golf course. Frowny was all over him on MoJoe for saying he didn’t think there was anything we could do peoplewise to stop climate change–at least not without cutting jobs.

    • Heck, after Obama, I’m qualified to be President. Just pick people smarter than myself to run the government agencies and WH.

      Spend weekends at Camp David if I need a break. Have First Dude play golf and keep an eye on the troops and veterans to make sure everyone’s ready for action or enjoying the benefits they so richly deserve.

      I wouldn’t be a fashionista either, understated well fitted suits (pants and skirts) with a mid-thigh jacket for public events. Otherwise sweats and jeans ;)

    • At this point, if he stymies Jeb Bush in Florida or anywhere else for that matter, let him spout. But what if he is just holding place for Bush? I just can’t trust these politicians. In his mind, Rubio probably thinks he can capture both the establishment and the conservatives. In my mind, Scott Walker is the one who can do that, but we won’t hear from Walker until after the November election.

      • Good point Julie.

        I was just considering coming back around on Rubio. But he is too green or he is being “mishandled”. Saying stuff like this, and his previous immigration position doesn’t help him. Even if he is a stand in for Bush he is showing a more for politics then principles streak.

        Go Walker!

  2. Rubio, if you want to be President in the future go back to FL and become Governor. Not a fan of Senators or Congressional Representative…….they need to manage something more than a campaign or staff.

    Way to go Boehner letting Lois Lerner off the hook……..Does anyone think DOJ will arrest her?? Boehner thinks he is scoring points by showing how DOJ is not doing their job. What he continues to show is him not doing his job. Boehner needs to go……

  3. This just in:
    Miami Dolphins defensive back, Don Jones, suspended, fined (an undisclosed amt) and ordered to attend sensitivity training for tweeting “OMG” after ‘the kiss’ photo of Sam and his boyfriend.

    All I can say is ‘OMG’! The First Amendment is under siege, folks! And I am now finished with the NFL. This is only the beginning.

  4. Here is another interesting piece of news. It is from Reason (I am trying to like them ) about Rand Paul (I am trying to like him) and his efforts to make the drone policy public in relation to an Obama judicial nominee.
    The most controversial nomination is of David Barron to the First Circuit Court of Appeals. Barron was an acting assistant attorney general in the Obama Administration, and authored at least two of about a dozen Department of Justice (DOJ) memos providing a legal basis for the extra judicial killing of U.S. citizens. The White House distributed a number of the memos to senators on Thursday after pressure by Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Mark Udall (D-Colo.) and others to disclose them to the public
    The article is also revealing for it’s last sentence — The two Georgia nominees are part of a package of six judicial appointment Georgia’s senators agreed to in what the White House described as an all-or-nothing deal.
    And so it goes ….. Obama seeks to undermine this country at every turn. Sometimes it seems there are not enough fingers to plug the dyke of this assault on America.

    • One can only hope, Grace, that since Obama and Reid put in the nuclear option on judicial appointments, a) that a Republican Senate in 2014 will stymie them and b) that when the Republicans take back the WH in 2026, they will ram conservative justices through.