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Sunday Open Thread || May 11, 2014

Sorry for the late start. Let’s hear what’s on your mind.

Happy Mother’s Day!



19 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || May 11, 2014

  1. Mom, I miss you so very, very much. Love, your son Cisco.
    PS; You were right, everything did turnout ok, I did good, thank you for your sacrifices.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to your mom and wife Keith.

    Hope you spoil them some today, and treat them like the queens they should be.

    Thanks for all you do for all of us, and the sacrifices that your family must make to keep us minions informed.

    • Considering the possible parentage perhaps that is a good thing. Do away with their own lineage. But, they will import as needed.

      Too bad for them . Seriously. The pain and the joy of being a mother. The hard work. The rewards. The unspeakable love between mother and child. The appreciation too often comes late in life. But what a gift. Life.

      Happy Mothers Day to all.

  3. Drudge has an interesting take on Mothers Day. Two sons — sportsters I presume — kissing center page.

    Not sure anymore — is it that they are good athletes? Or is the sexuality more important that the performance. I don’t recall lots of pictures of straight players kissing girlfriends or wives in celebration with so much fanfare.

    I am not homophobic and I am not anti gay. But I am anti Gaystapo and I am certainly so so so bored about being confronted with someone’s sexuality as a leading issue. And what a joke that liberals want the government, the conservatives, the whatever out of their bedroom. Really? It’s like we have a 24/7 invite. Enough already.

    It sucks that it is Obama government promoted. The LGBT is the new affirmative action crowd and they will get all they feel they are owed and then some.

    Sorry for the rant on Mothers’ Day.

    • That’s fine. I started to rant about it myself.
      Kissing does not have anything to do with any sport I know of.
      I would rather Drudge use the whole screen to list every thing on THE LIST, from time to time.
      As well use the whole screen with the big figure of how much we have paid for the O’s fun time.
      I could go on and on with many things. Everyone can choose what they would prefer.
      Oh! How about a picture on the whole screen of a wonderful elderly mom with her kids, grandkids and great grandkids.

      • Well, as Trayvon’s girlfriend said:

        “Old School. You be old school. We be new school”.

        And if you didn’t notice Obama congratulated Sam for “taking an important step forward…in our nation’s journey”. Nope. Therein lies the problem –it is not America’s journey it is Mr. Sam’s journey — his personal journey. Which by the way, I have absolutely no interest in.

        Mr. Sam was the 249th draft pick, but I guess the other 248,including #1 , don’t deserve an Obama shout out — being old school heterosexuals and all. I guess. I don’t know. But if they are not I am fairly sure the one who is not will make it known that he too is on the nation’s journey.

        Anybody remember the name of the nation’s 1st gay basketball player — Jason something. He was on a journey too. Now I hear he hangs with Mooch.

        Give me a break. I have had enough. Please, please be quiet.

    • It’s speaks volumes that Obama called to congratulate the gay football player who almost didn’t make the cut but ignored all the other players who were drafted at the top including many black players. It was an affirmative action congratulation because this player was rewarded for his sexuality rather than for his achievement.

  4. With all this presidential congratulations and good will did Obama give a shout out to the nation’s mothers for their role on our nation’s journey?

    • I wonder how fond of his mother he was/is. Didn’t she make him get up early to do his homework? I don’t think the slough-off who’s had everything handed to him would have liked that much.