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Obama Gets it Right on Boko Haram

President Obama is under growing pressure to do more to rescue the nearly 300 girls kidnapped by the blood-drenched Islamist terrorist outfit Boko Haram.

His response so far has been measured and reasonable, including the dispatch of advisors to offer technical help and negotiating expertise. He ought to resist demands that he do more.

Hollywood has seized the issue. Anne Hathaway has taken to the streets. Michelle Obama tweeted out a photo of herself holding a sign saying, #BringBackOurGirls, amping up the pressure. She took over this week’s White House address and devoted it to the Nigerian girls:

In these girls, Barack and I see our own daughters. We see their hopes, their dreams – and we can only imagine the anguish their parents are feeling right now.

John McCain is demanding ambitious actions:

We have air and sea and satellite capabilities. We have drone capabilities. We should say to the Nigerian government, this is an offense to all human beings. We’re going to act. And we expect you to cooperate with us.

No, that’s not what we should do.

Obviously this is a horrible tragedy. It’s sickening and just very, very upsetting.

The United States is right to try to help. But we cannot become widely involved in the horrors of every barbaric nation where there are atrocities. We certainly cannot get in a position where U.S. prestige and credibility, already deeply harmed by this president, is again on the line.

Because in all likelihood, short of a major operation, these girls cannot be rescued from the dense forest the size of West Virginia where they have been taken.

Michelle NigeriaThese are not, in fact “our girls.” Our girls are here in the United States, and we have to follow policies designed to protect them and ensure their wellbeing.

And I don’t want one single of our girls to be grieving for her dad who was killed in the jungles of Nigeria by one of these animals.

U.S. troops are a precious and increasingly scarce resource to be used only in cases where U.S. national security demands it. As far as I can tell, Boko Haram is an indigenous Nigerian phenomenon of the type that is not at all unfamiliar to that country. And it is, at this point, far too crude an organization to be a worldwide threat.

We are not going to civilize Nigeria. We can offer some limited amount help in this situation. The demands of those who have gotten all spun up about this – most of whom wouldn’t get close to the snake-infested jungles where they’d gladly send the SEALS – must be resisted by Obama.

You’ve got it right, Mr. President. Stay the course.

68 thoughts on “Obama Gets it Right on Boko Haram”

  1. Apparently children are burned alive or slaughtered in Nigeria without anyone noticing until now. Remember the hacked up millions in Rwanda? I am involved with a group in Africa that protects albino children from being dismembered and sold for parts. This is an bad bad world. Maybe if they can find a collection of people by satellite heat signature or something–but no troops, trainers, drones (which tend to vaporize those nearby, too). Still, this hashtag stuff is pretty pathetic.

        1. In so many instances, I believe it is good to give individually, to keep the circumstances out in the open, and to rally private and non profit support.

          Rarely is it a good idea to give taxpayer money to corrupt governments to help them serve an internal problem. Such assistance rarely or almost never makes it to the people. This happens over and over again.

          1. This Zeru group puts the albino children (and some adults) in a house or compound and pays armed guards to keep them safe from being chopped into lucky charms. Yes, it’s a drop in an awful bucket, but I can understand it and fork over a few bucks.

      1. I “get” this effort, tiny though it is. If you want to chop up these people, we will stop you will bullets. Courtesy of the Univ of Wisc and some random donors.

  2. Make no mistake what is happening in Nigeria is horrible.

    But events like this happen on the continent — tribal brutality. There is not much we can do to help, but if we can do something reasonable I am for it. But my expectations of meaningful and good results are low.

    There is no quick fix.

    I am suspect and not hopeful any time this Administration engages over seas.

    1. Why the concern now? Abductions, rape, and forced marriages have been common tactics by muslims for 1400 years! No-one in the Obama administration seemed to have been very worried about kidnappings, FGM, young girls forced to marry old goats, incest and on and on, up to this point. We should all rightly be sickened and horrified, but the West should stay out of it.

      1. Thank you for pointing out the muslim element. There is an organization that encourages the marriage of girls at 12 and boys at 16, which is when Mohammed or someone said that their sexual desires begin. “Our” girls are ripe for marriage and being led away by education from their destiny of serving a husband’s comfort. I am sure this is why they were targeted.

    1. Is there no Governor with a soul in MA ?
      Just who is the scumbag Governor that is allowing this to happen in the first place, and to go on for this long ?

      1. I have been checking daily about Justina………it is just alarming and disgusting. Boston being one the epicenters of our country’s freedom movement during the revolution it amazes me how little is done to obtain Justina’s Freedom. Governor Deval Patrick a joke. If he thinks he has a chance at the WH then he is wrong. Where is the Governor of CT? Where is the President? He had his infamous beer summit regarding a white cop doing his job and a black professor with a chip on shoulder. Where is the ACLU? Where is the DOJ? Where is HHS? Where is common sense ?

        1. Patrick employed Axelrod as his campaign manager, and is a very close friend of Obama. He is made from precisely the same cloth as Obama.

  3. Maybe this will change Obama’s opinion on the radical Muslims in the world,….. yes ?
    Maybe he can invoke the forces of the Muslim Brotherhood to thwart such tragedies from happening henceforth,….yes ?
    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    1. I believe Mooch is in charge of this. She gave the address this morning I believe. And she has been seen with a sign in support of hashtag action on this.

      1. Oh,….beware the power of the Mooch holding a sign.
        Lord help us, the power of the Obama’s has been invoked, and ye will be sorry.

        1. And how is this for hypocrisy. With the full force of the left, Obama’s base, Somai born Ayann Hirsi, is prevented by the rabble from speaking at Brandeis.

          So pardon my skepticism about the Nigerian girls.

        2. I am old. There is something about reducing the abduction of girls to a hashtag that I find greatly offensive. I pray to God and ask that He preserve and protect those little girls. In Jesus name I pray it. Amen.

          1. Thanks for putting that in words. I always end up feeling the cynic, but I can’t help thinking they are exploiting, and not helping, the situation. I felt offended that she always brings in her girls instead of just speaking out for the poor girls who really have been kidnapped.

  4. Agree with everything you said, Keith. Especially about the girls not being ‘our girls’…and not wanting one of ‘our girls’ grieving for her Dad who was killed in the jungles by one of these animals’. Obama is doing it right, for once.

    Susan Collins is heading up a drive for every woman in the Senate to sign a petition for special forces in Nigeria. Every woman has complied, according to reports. I don’t understand where their heads are at. We cannot save the world from savages at the expense more American lives.
    (There was a report recently of 300 Christians being massacred and dragged out of their burning houses by the Boko Haram regime. Where was the outcry then?)

    ***Michelle Obama ought to keep her trap shut! Where was she when her husband agreed to negotiate with the Taliban? Their record on human rights for young girls/women is abominable.
    Treyvon Martin redux:: The 200 Nigerian girls could be Michelle Obama’s daughters. ‘Nuff said. .

    1. ” Every woman has complied,….”
      How many have sons that would be involved in an invasion ?
      Under this regime, who would send their sons or daughters into a combat zone against Muslim terrorists ?

      Susan Collins needs a lesson in recent history.


  5. As with all jihadists and politicians, follow the money…

    U.K. reviews Islamic charity for Boko Haram ties
    September 18, 2012
    Britain’s charity regulator is looking into whether the London-based Al Muntada Trust is the same entity that Nigerian authorities say is funding the radical Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram. At least one member of the House of Lords believes there is evidence to justify the investigation.

    But don’t get your hopes up for positive identification by the Charity Commission—the same entity that whitewashed the links between the British Islamic charity Muslim Aid and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization.

  6. Even the gung-ho military sites are all for sending in the professional mercenaries, a 7 million dollar bounty on the Boko Haram head should make it worth it for them.

    As for hashtag activism and FLOTUS pulling “these girls could be my daughters” schtick again, meh.


    1. Just wondering when Oprah is going to weigh in. Does she still have her school for girls in Johannesburg? A $50M bounty on the head of Boko Haram would be pocket change for her.

    1. He can also build a fence, wall, on the border.

      l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l FENCE
      Thought I would help.
      We go to the moon and people here can not figure out how to protect the border.
      Sorry off topic, you mention Arizona.
      As far as the Vets, what they did was/is disgusting.
      Why aren’t those people hashtagging that as well?

  7. I feel terrible for those girls. We have girls here who are abused in many ways.
    I wonder where all these hashtag people were when people out west a couple of weeks ago were surronded by SNIPERS.
    Yes I know they were not girls, but they were our citizens.
    Girls in Ukraine have now lost the freedom they thought they had before the issue with Putin started.
    Where were all the hashtag people than? Where was O’s intelligent way of handling this, besides a Pen?

  8. This has similarities with the beginning of slavery in the United States. All the LIVs think that white men invaded Africa and stole the people, but it was Muslims who captured and then sold the native animists as slaves. Has anything changed?

    I too feel that we cannot act too riskily in this situation. If anything for the girls’ sake because if anything went awry, we could precipitate a slaughter.

  9. I’ve been gone all day and have just read the thread. I see no one has brought up Hillary Clinton’s refusal to name Boko Haram a terrorist group supposedly with the blessing of her boss Obama. Another reason you don’t want her answering the 3 a.m. calls.

  10. Horrible situation…feel bad…but Hollywood? What has Hollywood and President Talks A Lot ever solved?

    I’m worried all this hype will backfire. Basically they’re saying, the way to get our attention is to kidnap children. This should be approached silently, quickly, such as to leave the terrorists wondering who and how the girls were rescued. BTW, perfectly fine if the terrorists end up having that conversation with Allah.

  11. Wow Keith – You have gone from a flaming liberal (voted for the community organizer) to a conservative – Gee, what prompted this great conversion? Have children? Paying too much taxes? Scared of the free speech suppression? Reached the age of 45? What, pray tell, prompted your conversion?

    1. I can’t speak for Keith, but I too am a former “flaming liberal”. Kinda woke up during the 2008 primaries and the clusterf**k that was the nomination of the most inept candidate in my memory.

      Turns out, we were right. Obama’s not only a failure but quite damaging to our country also. I just hope we can survive to 2016.

    2. You’d be amazed at how many of us “former flaming liberals” are here. It may have taken us a while to figure things out but when we turned on the Dems we turned with a vengeance.

      1. You guys make me feel better. I used to blog on HuffPo, but that’s OK because that’s what started the opening of my eyes. I never realized that Keith had been one too.

    3. One day you wake up and say to yourself, “That uneasy feeling I have about the opinions of some of my friends is justified. They are idealistic, but resolutely unrealistic.”

      Then you have become a conservative.

  12. Don’t confuse cowardice and ineptitude for tactical restraint.

    A great leader would explain why the mission to rescue these girls would not work but we will make an effort to stop these terrorists as a moral imperative.

    A shitty leader gloms onto a hashtag.

  13. This is just grandstanding. Boko Haram has already sold those girls. They will never be returned to their parents.

    Another Obama lie.

  14. I agree completely with you Keith, more involvement in the handling of this by the US is exactly in line with the left’s ‘let big gubmint handle this’ ideology. It would be arrogant, wrong, and would absolutely lead to a disappointing result.

    Keith, the only thing ‘missing’ from your article, in my opinion, was to mention that our involvement would be more likely if those WERE really “our girls”. In that case, I would discard the supposed ‘sovereignty’ of a barbaric nation when considering involvement.

    I consider Obama’s reserved response a (I hate to say it) sign that he may be realizing in this final stretch of his presidency that his administration is not able to do whatever he dreams up in his little commie head. Plus, it would be really difficult to pin the failure of any more direct involvement on the Tea Party.

  15. Kurtz had Africa , all of Africa , right a 100 years ago : ” Exterminate all the Brutes ” Better yet let them do their own work .

  16. What does that expression on Michelle Antoinette’s face mean?

    I am feeling SO serious about this kidnapping.

    I am so HURT that you would be so mean to girls.

    I’m getting ready to change my face to a fake angry look — be careful, I might rehash tag and just do it!

    I never heard of any of these girls before and never spared them a moment’s thought as I planned by next vaycay, but suddenly it seems valuable to claim they are “our’ girls, meaning “my” girls, though my girls will always live like the Princesses Obama that they are.

    Do I appear more compassionate than my arch-rival Oprah?

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